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Friday, 8 August 2014

So what HAS been happening at @AmazingRadio ? Well..

Amazing Radio and U.S.

I blogged about Amazing Radio a couple of years ago, trying to explain to artists how it works for them. Since then, Amazing Radio disappeared from DAB, then reappeared in London and Dublin, much to the disappointment of us fans in the wrong regions. I knew things were happening stateside as I watch with interest the Twitter feeds of people such as Paul Campbell the Amazing Radio founder and CEO.

It's all been a bit of a mystery, however what has been happening. So I got in touch with Ian Winter: Product Manager for Amazing Media..the mother company of Amazing Radio:

"There have been a lot of changes for Amazing Media in 2014, most importantly we've acquired a company in the USA called OurStage.  We also have a new board in place featuring the likes of John Pearson (ex Shazam), Sting, and more.  All details of general Amazing Media news can be found at

Amazing Instore is building at a massive rate, providing new and emerging music to the likes of Maplin, Goldsmiths, Roadchef, British Red Cross and more in 2014.  You can keep up to date with all things instore at  Artists are regularly getting in touch with positive feedback after hearing their tunes in stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

Amazing Radio is also growing, with DAB in London and Dublin, online around the world, and our very own AmazingRadioNYC based in New York and featuring the newest and best talent from New York. is growing every day with around 150 new tunes uploaded daily, and 100s of new artist accounts being created every week.  There is a list of new features that will be coming very soon that will enhance the way you use the site and interact with fans.

The Twitter feeds are gathering pace, although have been actively on a more than daily basis, however here are the handles if you wish to keep up to date with our tweets:
  • @amazingradio
  • @amazingradionyc
  • @amazingtunes
  • @amazinginstore
  • @ourstage"
So, things have moved on somewhat. I "sold" Amazing Tunes to artists as a means to get on Amazing Radio, which sometimes led to a BBC 6Music play. Nothing in music radio plugging is guaranteed, whatever the mechanism. Amazing Radio started as a democratic system led by the listenership on I wonder how many people now listen to the Amazing Tunes website, and indeed, Amazing Radio online and the couple of DAB patches in the UK? Then there's America, new presenters from the US swelling the ranks of Amazing Radio staff off-site. Ourstage seems to have a massive 45k following on Twitter. It's a big new music discovery platform.

If you don't already know Amazing Instore provides music playing systems to commercial premises so that artists are paid for their music being played in shops...outside of the usual PPL system. Royalties were higher per play than those collected by PPL, I'm not sure if this is still the case. This system seems to be working, if it is showing good growth, and seems to be the major source of revenue for  Amazing Radio, with no advertising to provide income.

Where is this all going? Is it an effort to mirror or compete with the big labels for the loyalty of the music masses? What does this all mean to an independent unsigned band in northeast England, which, despite Amazing Radio's global outreach, is its home. And why is it I still meet artists who have never heard of the station? More so now there is no DAB for us here. And, finally, can there be a Jowheretogo Show on Amazing Radio? Too parochial? Two hours of gig news in the UK? A live show, why not? Had to come back to me eventually, sorry.

I am sure more news is about to come out about the station, and the Amazing Tunes platform. Watch their website for information:

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