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#quickreview @thestaggdo movie by @fnafilms #premiere at @O2AcademyNewc 26/06/2014

The Stagg Do

5 years in the making, written by an American (James DeMarco) , about Geordies, starring Geordies, with Geordie music and with a premiere screened on Westgate Road at the O2 Academy, this was truly a local affair. The story, about a camping trip involving a groom, his best man and his mates takes a turn for the uncomfortable when the father-in-law to be joins the group. Staggy, played by Andrew Stagg is being chaperoned by his fiancee's (Charlotte, played by Therase Neve) father, "The Judge". Daddy-in-law to be, is played by Bill Fellows, a familiar face on many TV series and films. This scuppers the plans of best-man Pob, and pals Si (Simon Buglass) and Radgy (Craig Conway), who really wanted the trip to evolve into a "beer and titties" extravaganza.

Much silliness, drug references, the funny things that can happen, in the dark, in the Northumberland countryside add up to an enjoyable romp enhanced greatly by a fabulous soundtrack provided entirely by Northeast artists. The actors gave the film an authentic Northeast  feeling, and were all likeable characters. The use of animation broke up the live action nicely and was very amusing!

I hope they release the soundtrack CD, I'll definitely be wanting one. The premiere had an excellent turnout. Academy 2 was packed before we all went out into the balcony seating. After a rapturous applause we went back into Academy 2 for a Q and A session with the production team and entertainment was provided by the excellent So What Robot, and a raffle!  This film could be a slow-burner. It needs to get to as many venues as possible, although the production team are reluctant to use actual cinemas. Producer Zahra Zomorrodian is clearly very passionate about this film as, with the rest of the crew she's been through so much to get this far. Without a jot of government funding, little media support, and a budget of around £10k, this film will provide laughs for many years to come. I hope, the team get the recognition they deserve

Find out more on the Stagg Do Website and watch the trailer.

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  1. I totally agree Jo. A brilliant premier (it's the only one I've ever been to TBH) but never the less an outstanding night watching an unforgettable film.


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