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Friday, 5 September 2014

@NYCFactoryFast release "brand new and retro" compilation of new indie music.

Peculiar Disco Moves : "A New Pop Idiom" and on a New York label's new compilation!

“Don’t be fooled by Pitch-Black Heart’s retro feel, the talent featured is music's future” – Scouseland Sound.

Factory Fast Records has taken a cosmic trip to indie rock's outer ring, and the result is a new compilation titled “Pitch-Black Heart”, a seven-song showcase featuring a crew of up-and-coming musicians.

This new release is very unique – all the songs are original, but they all carry something vaguely familiar. The Angeles Project (LA) opens with a catchy ‘80s pop homage, and are followed by more ambient-angling rock from The Spase (Halton, UK). The mystical balladry of Carroll's Sword (Manchester, UK) is put in the mix, as is a scintillating groove presented by Halle Day (Den Haag, NL). The saucy retro-ness of The Hotelles (London) precedes Newcastle, UK’s Peculiar Disco Moves (who have practically invented a new pop idiom). Lastly, The Everglows of London close out it out with a hearty dose of psychedelic mod-ness. 

Pitch-Black Heart is like an indie rock "survival guide" for 2014 and will be available soon on Amazon and #VirtualVinyl digial. Audio highlights from the release are at SoundCloud at

NYC-based Factory Fast Records releases original music in addition to compilations. The label specializes in indie and blues-influenced rock, but works with artists and bands from many genres. Unique to Factory Fast Records are its #VirtualVinyl digital releases which are sold exclusively by the label and mimic the feel of listening to a record. 

DJs, Bloggers and other members of the press are invited to e-mail to receive a promotional digital copy of the release. 

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