Panto Just Keeps Getting Bigger!
The Theatre Royal is renowned for its lavish pantomimes and this year is no exception. Extravagant costumes and amazing special effects combine to give a wow factor but it is the sheer hard work of the cast and crew that ensured everyone, old and young, was entertained.

Returning for their ninth season, Danny Adams (playing Jack Trott) and Clive Webb (playing Farmer Trott) are joined by Chris Hayward who asserts control as the Dame. A combination of slapstick and panto friendly jokes weave through the story. They made each performance feel unique and special. Tonight they were nearly upstaged by a 5 year old called Daisy who assisted them with a musical routine.

The acid test is whether or not the younger members of the audience enjoyed it. Our 10 year old loved it and said it was the best pantomime he had ever been to. The children helped with the attack on the giant and with the many interactive parts of the show. During the 3D sections of the show the children seemed to react positively to everything that happened. The beanstalk and the various giants were all on a suitably huge scale.
Michael Harrison has directed another hit that struck the funny bone.