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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New Album and Tour from @_BlancMange_ ..@BoilerShopNCL on 26.10


‘Blancmange has been part of the soundtrack to my life ever since Happy Families was released.’ - JOHN GRANT

'Listening to Blancmange obsessively. Probably the most under-rated electronic act of all time.' - MOBY 

On 29th September, Blancmange are set to release a new album of 10 songs written and recorded by Neil Arthur and co-produced by Benge (Wrangler/John Foxx & The Maths and Gazelle Twin co-producer). It’s been a fantastically creative period for both of them, releasing their debut album as a new electronic duo – Fader’s First Light - in June 2017 and then the final sessions for Unfurnished Rooms followed immediately in the summer. For the new Blancmange album, all the songs were written by Arthur while Benge added percussion and layers of analogue synth, with the pair then mixing the record together in the latter’s Memetune studios in Cornwall.

Unfurnished Rooms opens with the echoing, playful title track, a search for something that always feels just out of reach and incomplete. Like many tracks on the album there’s a feeling of being lost in a dream - a house where rooms are unfurnished/unfinished, doors lead to private, empty apartments and images flicker. The reality is, as Arthur sings on the opener, ‘no amount of online shopping will cover for the loss.’ 

Listen to 'What's The Time' from 'Unfurnished Rooms' - Here

Arthur plays the scratchy, almost Cardigans-esq indie guitars on the first song and it’s also his strummed riff that forms the basis for ‘We Are The Chemicals’. An air of mystery and threat hangs over the track, as the ‘chemical spillage on a trading estate in Altrincham’ proves not to be an isolated incident but also occurs ‘in a garden shed 80 miles due south’ and ‘in the boot of a hire car.’ Sparse and atmospheric with a rich vocal from Arthur, it’s a hypnotic song and an early highlight. Vague ‘70s glam rock echoes filter through ‘We Are The Chemicals’ and the same can be said of ‘What’s The Time?’s percussion and riff. Essentially a spoken word piece, it’s both funny and sad – a conversation with a friend in a pub, or with the family on a car journey, for all its humour the track has the melancholy pull of time having passed rather than just something to pass the time. In between those two songs is the airy, groove-led psychedelia of ‘Share It Out’ where feelings are uncorked and Arthur gently sings, ‘I could be your ocean wave.’  

‘Wiping The Chair’ re-works a familiar Blancmange theme about friends meeting again after a long absence. As ever Arthur’s lyrics are passionate and lonesome and full of little details – ‘you always wiped your chair before you sat down’. Glam – infact hints of Ziggy – come back from another age as ‘the subconscious subtitles’ roll over the scene. ‘Anna Dine’ signals a change into Cure-like moodiness but the sense of threat in ‘We Are The Chemicals’ is reprised again without anything really defined. Once again there’s imagery of strange rooms – in fact a ‘bad news room’ – and walking through dreamlike doors into other times and places. It’s a covert track haunted by the sound of dripping taps and echoes low in the mix. The icy atmosphere crystallises on ‘In December’, a slow-mo, almost shoegaze-y lament with another great set of visual lyrics – ‘January don’t piss me off/you’re just June in a mask.’

‘Old Friends’ channels The Beatles and even ELO but with a more aggressive edge which then cuts deeper with ‘Gratitude’, one of the heaviest tracks Blancmange have ever recorded, though you can hear its roots in the twitchy intensity of ‘I Can’t Explain’ from their debut album Happy Families. Long-standing Blancmange collaborator David Rhodes (best known for his work with Scott Walker, Talk Talk, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush) rips into the song on guitar while Arthur screams ‘a part of me feels I should be grateful . . . why?’ Benge’s Moog Modular forms a NIN-like pattern underneath the rage as the music builds to a climax. And then into ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ which features John Grant on piano and backing vocals. At over eight minutes it’s the longest track on the album and pulls together some of the threads on previous songs – images of secret rooms, hints of Aladdin Sane and Ziggy Stardust and friends meeting again. Once again self knowledge is hiding as Arthur sings with dry detachment – ‘you look so well . . . in your online profile.’

It’s a fantastic closing track on a record which explores some solitary, introspective thoughts but always with humour, compassion and, let’s face it, real sonic power. Unfurnished Rooms is full of haunted passion - edgy, pared down and personal. The album follows the release of the first three Blancmange records – Happy Families (1982), Mange Tout (1984) and Believe You Me (1985) – as deluxe 3CD editions this summer. Despite breaking up in 1986, those records weren’t quite the end for Neil and original Blancmange partner Stephen Luscombe as they came back to great acclaim in 2011 with their fourth studio album, Blanc Burn –  ‘new sounds and renewed enthusiasm’ (The Guardian). 

Semi Detached (darker but still pop-savvy) followed in 2015, the first of several new albums written and recorded by Neil Arthur without the input of Luscombe due to illness. Blancmange’s first ever instrumental album, Nil By Mouth (ambient, new sense of freedom) came out in 2015 and Commuter 23 (minimalist, brutalist, raw with moments of hazy Krautrock) arrived in 2016.

UK Tour: 

October 5th Brighton Concorde 2; 

6th London 229; 

19th Southend Chinnery’s; 

20th Southampton 1865; 

25th Darwen Library; 

26th Newcastle Boiler Shop; 

27th Edinburgh La Belle Angele; 

28th Glasgow Audio; 

November 2nd Bristol The Fleece; 

4th Nottingham Rescue Rooms.


Big TOUR for @JohnSmithguitar with a stop off at @sage_gateshead 17/10


It’s rare these days to find an audience so wrapped up in a performance as this one **** – The Independent

John Smith has captured something special – Acoustic

Far from the connotations his name brings, John Smith is one of a kind – Wonderland

This is the sound of a hugely underrated songwriter revealing more of himself, and it’s resulted in a wonderful record 9/10 -Guitarist

Should see him reach the bigger audience his talents most definitely deserve **** -Total Guitar

The searing thrum of ‘Undone’ is testament to how powerful his music can be – Uncut

Following the release of his rapturously received new album Headlong, acclaimed singer and guitarist JOHN SMITH has announced an extensive forthcoming UK & Euro headline tour for 2017. Full dates listed below.

Produced by Sam Lakeman and featuring Cara Dillon on BVs, Headlong comes dedicated to the memory of John Renbourn and is the follow up to Great Lakes, John’s widely-applauded and Radio 2-supported release of 2013. John will make several festival appearances this summer, including Latitude & End of The Road – full run of dates below.

Headlong is the fifth album in a hard-working, under-the-radar career that has earned the Devon-born Smith a dedicated following and secured the respect and admiration of his peers. The late Renbourn called him “the future of folk music”, and Smith has opened shows for artists as diverse as Iron and Wine, John Martyn, Tinariwen and Gil Scott-Heron. He has also played on sessions for Joan Baez, Cara Dillon and Joe Henry among others, with Lianne La Havas and Lisa Hannigan both recruiting him to play lead guitar in their bands.
And so not by chance is it that John’s new record comes bearing a title implying impulsive, breakneck motion- written as it was, across various touring stints playing guitar for the likes of La Havas and Hannigan (who fittingly lends a co-write to Headlong, on ‘Coming Home’), across the U.S. Having wound up his own successful 2 year stint touring Great Lakes round the UK & across Europe (taking in sold out shows at Union Chapel and The Purcell Rooms), in early 2016 John was finally afforded a chance to come off the road, settle in one place for a while. An opportunity which, for better or worse, Smith elected to decline. Says John; “When I finished touring Great Lakes I felt like I had time on my hands, and I thought rather than go home and try to write where it just didn’t feel natural, I wanted to keep on touring. It felt right”.

And so- in stark contrast to the agonising 24 month period of writer’s block which frustrated the arrival of Great Lakes – the songs that would eventually become Headlong came together at nimble pace, during woodshedding in the isolated lulls afforded to touring musicians.

Many of the songs here are inspired by John’s wife and newborn baby- together they form a magnetic north of sorts for Headlong. His wife is the source of the redemptive, unconditional love to which ‘Save My Life’ is indebted – she’s also the ‘Joanna’ of the track that bears the same title, spurring Smith through the humdrum niggles which invariably pepper lengthy stints on the road, from clearance issues on the Oregon country border to inter-band squabbles. Yet for all that Headlong is informed in part by separation, it is also an album full of hope and trembling promise for the future. “Open the door into my time,” John sings on the joyously surging “Threshold”, inspired by the rite of passage of becoming a father for the first time

Headlong also bears the indelible loss of John’s close friend Renbourn. The death of the Pentangle legend took a particularly strong toll; “His death really hit me hard” says Smith; “He was so much more to me than someone I’d played with, and who had encouraged me. He was a friend as well, so I wanted to reference him on this album- that’s why I’ve dedicated it to his memory”.

Renbourn’s presence is particularly palpable in Smith’s equally sparing and striking electric guitar work, which weaves through Headlong, marking a break of sorts from the lush string orchestration that characterised Great Lakes. “I learnt a lot about guitars on those big U.S. tours” says John, “Finding the best tone, getting a big guitar sound for a big room. Bringing that back to my studio, and playing that kind of electric guitar on my songs, felt really good.” And so the remit for John and producer Sam Lakeman (brother of Seth & Sean) – when they eventually repaired to Lakeman’s Somerset studios – became aligning the glistening Petty and Clapton guitar lines of which Smith was so in awe, with the paired-back world inhabited by Headlong.

The success of this distillation is borne out in spades- particularly on the freewheeling outro to ‘Joanna’, galvanised by sparing blasts of Smith’s telecaster & the silken backing vocals of Cara Dillon (who also lends vocals to John’s homage to belt-tightening, ‘Living In Disgrace’). John and Lakeman’s labours were smoothed by the easy creative shorthand the two friends enjoy; “We’re really direct with each other, but it actually makes for a friendly working relationship. If we disagree, we can have a raging argument about it, but 5 minutes later we’ll be recording again and everything’s fine. For Headlong I really wanted someone who could challenge me, dare me to chop out that part of a song, or add in an extra chorus.”

Whilst John Smith has stood still just long enough to commit this new album to record, there’s yet little danger of moss gathering. With a 24 date UK & European tour beginning next month, Smith has also been tapped to play guitar on the forthcoming album from Joan Baez (with an appearance on the forthcoming Martin Simpson album also in the works), alongside his Great Lakes’ collaborator, Joe Henry.


Tour dates for 2017:

14 Sept Limerick, IE Dolan’s, upstairs

15 Sept Galway, IE Roisin Dubh
17 Sept Dublin, IE Whelans
18 Sept Belfast, UK Black Box
20 Sept Clonakilty, IE Folk Alliance International & Clonakilty International Guitar Festival
21 Sept Clonakilty, IE International Guitar Festival
30 Sept Cork, IE Coughlan’s Live Music Festival 2017 (SOLD OUT)
01 Oct Amsterdam, NL 7 Layers Festival
05 Oct Elgin, UK The Drouthy Cobbler
07 Oct Inverness, UK Eden Court
08 Oct Ullapool, UK Guitar Festival
16 Oct Edinburgh, UK The Caves
17 Oct Gateshead, UK Sage Gateshead
18 Oct Kendal, UK Brewery Arts Centre
19 Oct Manchester, UK Gorilla
21 Oct Cardiff, UK SWN Festival
22 Oct Kingskerswell, UK Parish Church
29 Oct Stroud, UK The Prince Albert
30 Oct Milton Keynes, UK The Stables
01 Nov Guildford, UK The Keep
08 Nov Folkestone, UK Quarterhouse
09 Nov Brighton, UK The Brunswick
10 Nov Hebden Bridge, UK The Trades Club
11 Nov Liverpool, UK Liverpool Philharmonic
13 Nov Southampton, UK Talking Heads
14 Nov Bristol, UK The Louisiana
15 Nov Shrewsbury, UK Henry Tudor House
16 Nov Oxford, UK St. Barnabas Church
17 Nov Weston-Super-Mare, UK Loves Cafe
20 Nov Sheffield, UK The Greystones (SOLD OUT)
21 Nov Sheffield, UK The Greystones
22 Nov Norwich, UK Waterfront Studio
23 Nov London, UK Cecil Sharp House
25 Nov Leeds High and Lonesome Festival
07 Dec Copenhagen, DK VEGA – Ideal Bar
08 Dec Brienz, CH Reusser Guitars
09 Dec Z├╝rich, CH Papiersaal
10 Dec Hamburg, DE Nochtwache
11 Dec Berlin, DE Privatclub
13 Dec Munich, DE Unter Deck
14 Dec Cologne, DE Studio 672
19 Dec Vienna, AT B72

Thursday, 10 August 2017

An #interview with @NikKershaw about #pop stardom, #songwriting and his upcoming #tour.

Interview with Nik Kershaw

Following the success of his 2014 "Me, Myself and I" tour, Nik Kershaw returns with more solo shows. An intimate evening of songs and stories in the company of one of the UK's most respected songwriters. Nik chatted to Jo about the tour, music and what it’s like being a former popstar and one of the UK’s most acclaimed songwriters.

J Are you all ready for the tour?

N Ahh, nope!

J Ha ha!

N That’s kinda what I’m doing now, basically the frantic last few weeks trying to get my stuff together. You think “It's just a bloke on a stage with an acoustic guitar, how much is there to prepare”? But I’m using three video screens, I’ve got to get that all together and get all the video and media to trigger correctly. I got 4 or 5 songs I’ve never performed before, that need rehearsing, and all the nonsense and stories I chat between songs..it can’t be the same as three years ago!

J You’ve quite a varied range of events you’re playing on the tour, 80’s revival festivals etc. But at The Sage it will be an intimate evening of songs and stories. 

N That’s it, yeah I did a similar thing at the same venue about three years ago but you have to mix it up with new stories, different songs.

J I saw you back in 2012 do something like that at The Cluny and we did see a different side to you from the one we saw in the 80’s- funny, kind of relaxed.

N Yes you do find that back in the day it was very much like a mirror. You never really got to mix with the people who were buying your records. So being on stage with just a few hundred people, in that kind of close proximity, I took questions last time, I might do that again. It is more intimate, you feel almost you can have a conversation with the audience. Instead of me just entertaining with the big wall between me and the audience, I don’t want that.

J  I remember you had a bit of a fight with the loop pedal back at The Cluny!

N  Story of my life! I have a love/hate relationship with my loop pedal!

J I guess you have a different perspective now, as a parent, as a songwriter, looking back at the pop star era. The song The Sky’s The Limit, I believe was inspired by your daughter.  As your life changes it must bring more inspiration for your music?

Nik, 1984
N Yeah having kids is a huge event and it does change your perspective on life. Looking back, it all seemed so desperately important. All “Me” and “My songs” and when you look back as a parent it all looks kinda ridiculous. Why be so stressed and obsessed by all that? There are more important things to think about.

J Arguably your period as a songwriter for other people was even more successful than the pop star period although it was less visible. 

N Yeah I could always write songs but had to learn how to write for other people. After about nine years it got a bit frustrating so I ended up releasing my own albums again. 
J. Yes I noticed the resurgence of you releasing albums again. Where did the album name Ei8ght come from? 

N Ha ha, nothing exciting about that one! I just couldn’t think what to call it. Nothing leapt out as an album title from the lyrics. It was the 8th studio album that’s as exciting as it gets.

J You got to play The Sky’s The Limit to 62,000 people in Hyde Park?

N  That number just keeps going up! I mean how many people can you fit in Hyde Park? It was for the 2012 Olympics, I didn’t realise quite the size of it all. We set up behind these big video screens and then they parted and we expected a couple of thousand people on picnic blankets! It was huge. At the time I didn’t expect to be playing to a crowd that size, that was great.

J As my final question, is there another studio album planned?

N Well, yeah it’s in constant progress, I don’t wanna repeat myself! I spend a lot of time half recording things, I thow a lot of stuff away. It’s like one step forward, two steps back, but I’m getting there! Hopefully sometime next year there’ll be a release of some description.

J Great, thanks for talking to us and I’m sure the gig at The Sage on the 17th September will be great, have a great tour! 

N Great talking to you!

Read the "About Nik" section on his website! Most amusing. Jo



Wednesday, 9 August 2017

An evening of music and stories with @nikkershaw at @sage_gateshead Sun 17/9

Nik Kershaw At The Sage
Sunday 17th September

Following the success of his 2014 "Me, Myself and I" tour, Nik Kershaw returns with more solo shows. An intimate evening of songs and stories in the company of one of the UK's most respected songwriters.

Photo by Lawrence Harvey

Nik  spent his formative years in Ipswich and he signed to MCA Records in 1983, in September releasing  the single "I Won't Let The Sun Go Down" for the first time, reaching a respectable No.47 in the UK charts. It got to a more respectable No.2 when re-released in summer 1984.  Wouldn’t It Be Good brok Nik worldwide in January 1984. The seminal “Human Racing” album was released in March and achieved platinum sales in many territories. He managed to squeeze in two European tours, four more hit singles and another platinum album, “The Riddle”, before the end of the year.

1985 saw three more hit singles,  a world tour and an appearance at "Live Aid". He recorded  two more albums with MCA, “Radio Musicola” and “The Works” before leaving the spotlight in 1989 to focus on songwriting and production.

During the 90s Nik worked with the likes of Cliff Richard, Bonnie Tyler, Lulu, Ronan Keating, Jason Donovan, Nick Carter, Connah Reeves, Colin Blunstone, Petula Clark, Gary Barlow, The Hollies, Let Loose and Imogen Heap. Most notably, he penned and co-produced the ubiquitous “The One and Only” for Chesney Hawkes.

His sabbatical was briefly interrupted to work with Tony Banks (Genesis), and to record a self penned duet with Elton John for the great man’s “Duets” album. He returned to making his own records in 1998 with his fifth studio album “15 Minutes”, on Eagle Records. This was followed by the equally well-received “To Be Frank” (2001), “You’ve Got To Laugh” (2006) and the solo acoustic “No Frills” (2009).
Nik’s most recent album “Ei8ht” was released in 2012 and produced the singles ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ and ‘You’re The Best’. 

In 2014 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his first chart success, Nik  toured the UK with his  "Me, myself and I tour", an intimate,  solo retrospective.  Accompanied by just his guitar and flanked by three large screens, Nik entertained audiences with  songs and  light-hearted tales from his impressive career, in addition to taking questions from the audiences. 

Throughout his career, Kershaw has attracted praise from such legends as Eric Clapton and Miles Davis and has been nominated for four Brit Awards.  Elton John famously described him as being “the best songwriter of his generation”.

He continues to write and record, both for his own projects and for film and TV and performs his songs, old and new to his faithful following all over the world.

Look out for an interview with Nik by Jo of Jowheretogo.

Monday, 17 July 2017

#2468Motorway #Anniversary tour for @Freshnet and #TRBand ..@RiversideNCL



To mark the 40th anniversary of 2-4-6-8 Motorway in October 2017, TOM ROBINSON pays tribute to the original Tom Robinson Band by performing his entire 'Power In The Darkness' album at select venues across the country. 

Taking in 15 dates in total, the tour will also see Tom back at London's legendary 100 Club for a 3 night residency with a classic four piece lineup. His incendiary live quartet features Faithless drummer Andy Treacey, Richard Ashcroft guitarist Adam Phillips and keyboard virtuoso Jim Simmons plus Tom himself on bass and lead vocals. Full dates listed below.

Born in Cambridge in 1950, Tom Robinson first became known in the late 1970s as a musician and LGBT activist with the Tom Robinson Band (TRB) who were early supporters of Rock Against Racism and Amnesty International. In 1977 their Top 5 debut release 2-4-6-8 Motorway became one of the landmark singles of the UK punk era. Other hits included Glad To Be Gay, Up Against The Wall and the band's debut album Power In The Darkness which went gold in the UK and Japan.

As a solo artist Tom had further solo hits in 1983 with War Baby and Atmospherics: Listen To The Radio, and co-wrote songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John and Dan Hartman.  His 14th studio album Only The Now was released in 2015 featuring guests such as Billy Bragg, John Grant and Ian McKellen. Recent festival dates include Latitude, Green Man and headlining the Left Field stage at Glastonbury 2016.

As a radio broadcaster Tom hosts three shows a week on BBC Radio 6 Music, is a member of the Ivor Novello Awards committee and in 2016 was awarded a fellowship of LIPA to recognition his support for new music artists through BBC Introducing. 


10 - Cardiff, The Globe
11 - Milton Keynes, The Stables
12 - Cambridge, The Portland
13 - Bewdley Festival
14 - Nantwich, Words & Music
17 - Wakefiled, Unity Works
18 - York, The Crescent
19 - Nottingham Rescue Rooms
20 - Sheffield, Leadmill
21 - Manchester Home
24 - London 100 Club
25 - London 100 Club
26 - London 100 Club
28 - Newcastle, Riverside 
29 - Glasgow, King Tut’s


TR homepage: http://tomrobinson.com
TR on Twitter: http://twitter.com/freshnet

TR on YouTube: http://youtube.com/bothways
TR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomrobinsonmusic/  

TR on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freshonthenet/

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The voice of #speardestiny @kirkbrandon #tourdates including oh...wrong Newcastle! Oh well..see him if you can!


“Kirk Brandon is one of the UK’s most underrated songwriters” - Vive le Rock! Magazine

“Kirk Brandon is one of the UK’s best kept secrets” - MOJO

KIRK BRANDON is delighted to announce a series of aKoustik 2017 dates for this August. 

Kirk Brandon is the voice of Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate and Dead Men Walking. With over 15 studio albums and countless single releases, his career now spans well over 30 years. He has enjoyed worldwide success with all three of the above bands and is also a leader in every punk rock poll by being the singer and songwriter in The Pack. 

Over the last 9 years, Kirk has released five solo acoustic studio albums (the “Dutch Masters” series) that have pulled tracks from all era’s of his career, these albums have also featured many of the people Kirk has worked with and collaborated with over the years including Derek Forbes (Simple Minds), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Mike Peters (The Alarm) & Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets).

The latest of these solo acoustic albums entitled “Dutch Masters Volume Five” has become, in it’s first year of release, the best seller in the series. 

“DM5” features two outstanding Theatre of Hate interpretations, a James Bond theme and a Country and Western cover of a Ry Cooder tune !!!

As in 2016, 2017 will see Kirk joined by master cello player Sam Sansbury both in the studio and at live shows. This year has already seen shows take place in Australia and Crewe! In August and September a full UK Tour takes place with a very special trip to the Ukraine thrown in for good measure! Expect some very special shows that will feature all the hits and misses!!! including  ‘Never Take Me Alive’, ‘Do You Believe In The Westworld?’, ‘Worldservice’, ‘ So In Love With You’, ‘Young Men’, ‘Original Sin’.

Kirk Brandon with Sam Sansbury (Cello)

Akoustic Live 2017

23rd August SHEFFIELD Greystones

24th August LEICESTER Duffys Bar

25th August  EAST KILBRIDE Village Inn

26th August BATHGATE Dreadnought

27th August NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYNE The Rigger

28th August LONDON The Islington

31st August WINCHESTER Railway Live

1st September YORK Black Rose Ball

2nd September THORNTON Little Theatre

3rd September BRISTOL Thunderbolt


The BBC’s Jeremy Vine says “@kirkbrandon is one of our greatest musical geniuses”

gettotthefront.co.uk “Brandon’s vocal is fuller, it is more powerful, it is more tuneful. But what impresses me more is his total clarity; not only vocally but his overall performance – he lives, breathes, screams, shakes these songs out of his body. At times he appears to be in the throws of an exorcism, bent double and shuddering rhythmically”




Miff Morris

GoboPhotography Glasgow / New Hellfire Club

Kirk Brandon ‘Skyfall’ from Dutch Masters Volume Five

Kirk Brandon'Do You Believe In The Westworld?' with 

Sam Sansbury

#tourdates including @riversideNCL for @lambchopisaband #LAMBCHOP #newcastle



“FLOTUS is highly processed, highly textured - and yet for the most part, it sounds natural and unforced"
‘Album of the Month’ 4/5 MOJO

“An album which may turn out to be one of their best and most accessible"
'Album of the Month' 8/10 Uncut

LAMBCHOP release news of a UK tour this August. On a run of 11 dates which include London's Islington Assembly Hall, the band will also perform at Green Man Festival.

Having released their latest album, FLOTUS, late last year to critical acclaim including 'Albums of the Year' mentions in publications such as MOJO, Uncut, The Guardian and Sunday Times; Lambchop have also shared a new version of album highlight 'The Hustle' entitled 'The Hustle Unlimited'.

Listen to 'The Disco Hustle' here: https://youtu.be/guFMOpuuBLQ

Speaking of the new version of the track Lambchop's Kurt Wagner said: "Sometimes things can get out of control, an impromptu idea is presented and you take that idea to a logical conclusion to see where it goes. In this case Tony Crow [piano] came up with a rather 'Love Unlimited Orchestra' take on the hustle during a rehearsal with Andy Stack [drums, Wye Oak]. It seemed nuts at the time but being rather nuts ourselves I thought we should try recording it and taking it all the way to full realization. Plus it was a great way to capture Andy's tenure with us in the studio”.

Lambchop's last UK appearance was a sold-out show as a part of The Roundhouse's In The Round series in January and received widespread praise including four star reviews from The Guardian, The Times and the Evening Standard.

'The Hustle Unlimited' along with the previously shared Prince cover 'When You Were Mine’ will be available on a limited edition 12” via City Slang during the tour and officially released on August 11th.

FLOTUS is available here.

Tour dates:

8 Aug - Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club
9 Aug - Glasgow @ Saint Luke's & The Winged Ox
10 Aug - Newcastle @ Riverside
11 Aug - Manchester @ Gorilla
12 Aug - Leamington Spa @ Leamington Assembly
13 Aug - Nottingham @ Rescue Rooms
14 Aug - Norwich @ The Waterfront
16 Aug - Exeter @ Phoenix
17 Aug - Bristol @ Trinity Centre
18 Aug - Bexhill @ The De La Warr Pavilion
19 Aug - Crickhowell @ Green Man Festival
20 Aug - London @ Islington Assembly Hall

Praise for FLOTUS:

“A remarkable case of sonic reinvention" 5/5 The Independent

“FLOTUS is highly processed, highly textured - and yet for the most part, it sounds natural and unforced" ‘Album of the Month’ 4/5 MOJO

“An album which may turn out to be one of their best and most accessible"

‘Album of the Month' 4/5 Uncut

"Extraordinary reinvention - his latest move makes perfect sense"

Sunday Times

“Filled with warmth, nostalgia and soft, autumnal light"

4/5 The Guardian

"FLOTUS is a calm, cumulative album"

4/5 The Observer

"The end result is out on its own"

4/5 Evening Standard

"It is an usual innovation - but the risk pays off"

4/5 FT

“A startling reinvention"

4.5/5 The Sun

“A natural continuation of the Lambchop legacy"

4/5 The Times


4/5 Daily Mirror

“A rather hypnotising experience"

8/10 Loud & Quiet

“Lambchop are just as vital as they’ve ever been"

8/10 Clash

“Frequently spellbinding"

8/10 The Line of Best Fit

“A dozen records deep in their career, we find Lambchop at their most adventurous, and it sounds wonderful"

4/5 The Skinny

“A coherent, pleasurable and hugely relaxing listen"

London in Stereo

'4/5' musicOMH

'8/10' God Is In The TV

'4/5' GIGsoup

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Another year, another great @CorbridgeFest ... we love it!

Music Festival of the Northeast Does it Again!
Corbridge Festival Delivers the Goods

Corbridge Festival continues to grow as the family music festival of the Northeast. All visitors are catered for, with a wide range of food offerings, children’s activities, entertainment a fairground and of course world class musical talent. 

I didn’t get to see absolutely everyone perform as there were three stages, but we had a great time. It must have been great to be a punter relaxing at this vibrant event. 

The first band we caught was Coquin Migale. They’ve become more psych rock, less jingly indie. They have a harder edged than their debut here 3 years ago, and we liked it.

Coquin Migale

In the Dragonfly Tent we found Chris Kelly, a talented young fella playing acoustic guitar with lush songs and confident presentation.

Chris Kelly

Amy Ridley has a great voice. She performed a single song set as well on the main stage. Dancing on My Own was dedicated to Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry, tragically lost at the Manchester terror attack this year. Chloe was a good friend of Amy’s and it must have been terrifically difficult to perform, however Amy did a fantastic job.

Amy Ridley

Keston Cobblers Club got the first dancers up with their addictive folk pop. Seasoned festival players, they really got things moving.

Keston Cobblers Club

Back in the Dragonfly tent, Just So entertained the crowd piano driven pop with harmonies and guitar upping the pace and edge. 

Just So

Ellie Sunderland graced the main stage with a charming set performed with real prowess, she should go far.

Ellie Sunderland

Bloxed Beats upped the ante with the audience responding well to familiar hits being given the beatbox treatment. These guys are amazing and seemingly achieve the impossible with their voices! 

Bloxed Beats

Dan Donnelly brought his years of experience playing with bands such as The Levellers and The Wonder Stuff. Using a loop pedal and a guitar he played songs of friendships,  not caring about politics and a cover of Cecilia for his little girl who joined him on stage briefly. The audience managed to get one more song out of him in an encore, such was his appeal.

Dan Donnelly

Haythem Mohamed made amazing sounds from a loop pedal a Macbook and a guitar, again in the Dragonfly Tent.  

Back on the main stage the large crowd was treated to Lucy Spraggan. I found her to be a ballsy songwriter, with great tunes and a grittier performance than we expected.  I’ll be watching out for her.

Lucy Spraggan

The B-Hives, the female-fronted Hives tribute band were absolutely storming on the Dragonfly Stage, definitely a band to watch out for. 


I’ve always been a tad cynical about From the Jam, unfounded cynicism it turns out as they blasted out the Classic Jam tracks faithfully and had the crowd dancing. This should be expected as they are largely “from the Jam”. They are a superb band and I'd be happy to see them again on tour. My 14 year old son is now a firm fan.

From The Jam

The  Selecter brought classic ska to the fore at the festival, it is noticeable that ska goes down really well with this crowd. The energy from the band including frontwoman Pauline Black and MC  Arthur “Gaps” Hendrickson was amazing. They just oozed cool. 

The Selecter

Meanwhile, in the Dragonfly tent, the Baghdaddies were holding court to a big crowd of ska fans too. Skanking was the main dance style in this hour! The ‘daddies are definitely worth seeking out for a fun night of ska. 


Finally, on the main stage, Cast begin playing hits from their classic album All Change but threw in a respectable spattering of lesser known but still equally good tracks. John Power dedicated Fine Time to the spirit of Jeremy Corbyn but had to deal with some political interaction from an audience member. He dedicated Walkaway to his heckler. The thing about festivals is you can get a mixture of political beliefs fuelled by beer. I’m glad this one blew over because the rest of the set was great. Cast are still a great live band and I recommend catching them on tour when you can.

Corbridge Festival for us, is a family favourite. There is plenty to do for children and great music galore. The price is a bargain when you see what bands charge for gigs in the larger venues in town. The weather definitely was the icing on the cake this year!

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