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#review @theLovelyEggs @PorkythePoet @Mousestheband @thecluny 11/02/2018


Lovely Eggs

Seriously though, when you get a band like Mouses opening with songs about cross dressing, Hollywood, Feet and Worm you know you're in for a good night. Anarchic, confident, in-your-face and off-the-stage at one point, Mouses really got the big Cluny crowd going. I've seen them before but they seem to have cranked the madness up to 11. They are like Fraggles on speed. This is not a bad thing. Mouses just seem to be getting better. 



Porky the Poet (Phill Jupitus) started his set with a poems about Beano characters growing up. It was clear to me looking at the age range of the crowd that a large number were influenced to give a punk rock night a go, by the presence of a familiar BBC comedy face. However the balance worked really well. Phill's poem about supporting Madness was a hoot as was the one about fat mods. Relateable poetry presentle with expert comedy timing. 

Strongbow and Poetry Break while amp gets sorted.

The anarchy continued when the Lovely Eggs came on. Technical issues seemed to bother them more than the audience who lapped up People are Twats, Digital Accordion, I Shouldn't Have Said That and Fuck It. The fourth wall had dissolved with the Mouses and one audience memebr was invited to bring his interpretive dancing to the stage. This only fed the mayhem, and I'm sure he'll be telling his grandkids about this in the future. The Lovely Eggs are made up of just two people: Holly Ross and David Blackwell who create something that is way bigger than the sum of themselves. They make use of loop pedals and effects to make massive psychedelic trippy soundscapes at times which do a canny job of massing with one's brain. One thing puzzled me: how do the Lovely Eggs maintain their trim physiques whilst being massive fans of E.A.E.A.E.A.E.A TING? A great night of music and poetry not to be missed. 

Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs
Photos ©jowheretogo and slightly hampered by the big speakers hanging off the stage. Great sound though.

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Fresh from touring with The Amazons, OTHERKIN have announced a new UK tour, ahead of a new live vinyl album which captures the band in all their raw ‘n’ ragged concert glory.

2017 was a landmark year for Otherkin. Having opened for Guns ‘N’ Roses at Slane Castle, rocked Download and Leeds / Reading festivals and toured with punk rock legends The Dead Kennedys, they released their debut album - “OK” - in September. This was immediately followed by an epic, fifty-one gig, ten-thousand kilometre jaunt around seventeen European countries, finishing with a triumphant, sold-out, homecoming show at Dublin’s Button Factory just before Christmas.

Recorded at concerts in Hamburg and Berlin last autumn; “Deutschland K.O.” is a punk-rock Polaroid of a band thriving in their natural element - the sweaty rock ‘n’ roll rooms where hearts are broken like noses, dreams are born, shoes are lost and the mosh-pit rules.

“Deutschland K.O.” will be released on Rubyworks’ vinyl and digital on Friday 6th April. Otherkin fans attending any of the UK tour dates will be able to buy the album at the venue ahead of the official street date.

Otherkin UK tour dates:

“Deutschland K.O.” tracklisting.

Side 1

Bad Advice / Treat Me So Bad / Come On, Hello / Feel It / Enabler / REACT

Side 2

‘89 / Razorhead / Ay Ay / Love’s A Liability / Yeah, I Know / So So




TICKETS ON SALE 9AM (affiliate seetickets)


Listen to the album here - Spotify / iTunes / Buy

‘A slew of fast and furious hit singles in the making’ – Sunday Express

‘Subtle, sophisticated songwriting’ – Evening Standard

‘A self-performed album of lushly simple songs that are hummable and uplifting’ – Mail on Sunday

 “Oh My God I can’t believe it, I’m going on tour” - NICK

This was never the plan when Nick left Kaiser Chiefs in 2012. The plan was to stay at home writing and producing for other people. After five years of  writing songs with everyone from Shirley Bassey to Rat Boy via Mark Ronson and John Newman, the plan changed.

His solo album Tell Your Friends came out on 26th Jan 2018 to great acclaim: album of the week in the Sunday Express, 4* in the Evening Standard and Dork Magazine (‘Hodgson’s innate genius shines brighter than ever before’), whilst The Sunday Times revelled in ‘this lovely album’s artless, low-fi approach’ and Q Magazine noted that Hodgson’s ‘ear for a winning melody remains acute’. 

The April tour will be his first since the arena and festival headline slots with Kaiser Chiefs when Nick played drums and was the principal songwriter. He will be joined by his fabulous new band, including members of Howling Bells and The Dead 60s. Expect to hear the new album alongside a few indie anthems courtesy of his back catalogue.


14th - Dublin, The Grand Social

15th - Birmingham, The Actress and Bishop

17th - London, 100 Club

18th - Manchester, The Deaf Institute

19th - Newcastle, The Cluny

20th - Glasgow, King Tut’s

21st - Leeds, The Wardrobe

Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 9th February and are available from gigsandtours.com, seetickets.com and local ticket vendors.

Tell Your Friends is Out Now

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#review @Erasureinfo and @Brightlightx2 @CityH4ll 04/02/2018

Review: Fabulous Electro Pop, 
New and Classic from Erasure
At Newcastle City Hall
With Bright Bright Light

Rod of Bright Light Bright Light

We were bathed in red light as we entered Newcastle's iconic music venue. The PA was playing the best-known 80s electronic hits.
Since our last visit venue has a new security firm which seems more customer focussed and drinks are now allowed in the venue itself. The bar and toilets have been altered and refurished.  Whilst the ladies appears to be much bigger the queues were still in evidence at the interval. At least it was a step in the right direction. Taking out the dividing walls creates a bigger bar drinking area and it feels more like a modern club rather than a strange basement affair.

Bright Light Bright Light were the  support. The lead singer Rod Thomas was clothed in a magnificent fluorescent rainbow suit. He has a strong mellow voice reminiscent of Paul Young. Bright Light Bright Light is a 3-piece made up of drummer, keyboards and sax and electronic effects pads from Rod. The first song was a joyous number with Jamaican steel drum sound on the keyboards. The third song Symmetry Between 2 Hearts had a big 80s style sound. For Little Bit. Rod got his sax out for the intro. This South Wales band would not look out of place at Colognes Amphi Festival. The last song was Running Back To You. This song, originally recorded with Elton John really builds up into a big power ballad. Bright Light x2 were are superb support act for Erasure. The new album: Choreography certainly seems worth a listen.

Erasure  came on with the glamorous backing singers in silhouette to the theme from Tales of the Unexpected. Andy Bell at on a chair for the first song Oh l'Amour but the whole venue was up dancing. Between songs, Andy kept up the witty remarks and self-effacing humour which added to the jovial atmosphere. Ship of Fools was another big sing-along song.

New songs such as Just a Little Love from the new album World Be Gone fit in seamlessly with classic hits. No worries about his voice after laryngitis earlier in tour. I personally felt Andy sounded better live on this track than on the album version of the song. He's still vocally, as powerful as ever.
Vince Clarke stayed at the top of the set in an "engine room" for most of the show. Whereas some 80s stars say very little in their set, here we get emotional interludes between the songs as Andy interacts with the loving audience 

It is always a balancing act between promoting the new material and giving the audience the greatest hits. It is knowing when to slot in that up tempo classic to restore the energy in the room. I Love Saturdays sat happily next to Who Needs Love Like That? Blue Savannah was a song I forgot I'd liked and it had the audience singing along. A surprise cover  was Blondie's Atomic. And the hits kept coming with Stop and the perfect set closer Sometimes. Vince came down with his guitar for the uplifting encore Respect. An Erasure fan couldn't have asked for much more. Nice work lads!

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Review: Wilson and Wakeman At Arts Centre Washington 01/02/2018

Review: Wilson and Wakeman/Wakeman and Wilson..depends which one you ask!
At Arts Centre Washington 01/02/2018

I didn’t know what to expect from this show and I wasn’t the only one, judging from other audience members at half time.  Adam Wakeman, the versatile keyboard player oft hidden behind a curtain at Black Sabbath gigs or onstage with Ozzy Osbourne as keyboard player and rhythm guitarist has a pretty epic musical career already. He’s worked with Annie Lennox, written with Ozzy, Atomic Kitten and been involved in prog projects with and without his dad Rick.  Damian Wilson, as well as working with Adam Wakeman in Headspace has been involved on over 70 studio albums both as a solo artist and collaborator. You can read my interview with Adam and Damian here.

There was therefore a host of material to choose from for the setlist. There were three setlists on the stage and none of them were adhered to. It being the first night and some time since the pair had met up to discuss the proceedings, the night took a very meandering route through the repertoires of the pair but was all the more entertaining for it. With the onstage banter and the fourth wall being firmly kicked down by Damian Wilson as he stretched the mic cable to its limit to talk to individuals in the audience.

As well as some lush acoustic numbers from Wilson and Wakeman’s The Weir Keeper’s Tale there was a chance for Damian to revisit Bring Him Home from Les Misérables. This was a passionate and emotional performance in the context that Damian gave us with his anecdotes. Bowie’s Life On Mars was met with appreciation but the skill with which Adam can work with piano was demonstrated both in his performance of Tapestries, from the eponymous album made with his father, and a fabulously jazzy version of Sabbath’s Iron Man

Damian’s description of life on a boat had me wishing for a simpler existence , but I’d miss out the part where the boat sinks with all your possessions.

Audience participation was encouraged in Home Grown, Iron Maiden’s The Evil That Men Do (a lovely ballad version) and The Trooper. Finishing with Feel Like Going Home and an encore of Twilight Hour, they left the audience feeling like they had definitely got their money’s worth from the evening.

It was a night of great musicianship, and vocal skills that were enviable. With the vast amount of music Wilson and Wakeman have in their repertoire I can imagine no two nights will be the same on this tour. The friendship between the two and the stories they have to share, added to the great music make this a night not to be missed. 

A short example of the "serious" way that Wakeman and Wilson work on stage:

Here are the rest of the dates:

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#Interview with @TheLovelyEggs on #ThisIsEggland , marriage, being the band, #vegancheese #punk Playing @TheCluny Saturday 10/2

Interview with The Lovely Eggs 
ahead of their gig

Hot on the heels of their rammed and raucous Autumn tour, Northern psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs announce their next series of live dates for February ahead of their forthcoming album This Is Eggland (out 23 February on Egg Records). The Lovely Eggs are one of the most unique, innovative and genuine bands on the British Underground music scene. Setting themselves apart from the mainstream, they’ve built up a cult following which is due to blow wide open with their mild-melting new album,produced by  Flaming Lips/ Mercury Rev producer, Dave Fridmann. You can sample what’s in store with their brand new single, “I Shouldn’t Have Said That“, which is out now. They will be supported by comedian Phill Jupitus (in his guise as Porky the Poet) on all dates.

The Northeast Music Guide's Joanne Oliver spoke to Holly Ross and David Blackwell, the fantastically unconventional married couple behind the psychedelic punk mashup that is the Lovely Eggs.

JO: Thanks for talking to us. The last time we saw you was a few years back at Head of Steam in Newcastle. Then you disappeared for a bit to make a baby. I know breeding changed me, I had a much more “Fuck It” outlook than I did when I was all about my career. Did it have some impact on your musical style as well as how you viewed your music career?

H&D: No not at all. In fact we we determined to carry on as normal. If anything our sound got heavier in retaliation against all the kid and cbeebies shit we had to endure. I suppose our Fuck It philosophy came into play a bit more. We have to let go a lot and just go with the flow. But that's life you know you have to embrace it and all its imperfections!

JO: Do you feel in something of a privileged position as a married couple who ARE the band rather than a couple IN a band? It seems to me you have developed together in a really magical way and so has the music. 

H&D:Well that's the joyousness of it. We don't have all the usual band bickering and stuff. It's just dead easy to decide what we want to do and what we don't. We are usually on the same wavelength about things so that really does make being in a band easy. Stuff is certainly magical. That's life. I think the big secret to it all is just going along with whatever happens and making the best of it.

JO: Great that you are on tour, looking forward to seeing you at the Cluny. How is touring different to when you started out back in 2006 ish?

H&D: Well there a fuck lot more people there for starters!! And we've got a baby with us now! SO no more mammoth hangovers and being sick in carrier bags on the way to soundcheck. But to be honest, apart from more people being at our gigs these days absolutely nothing has changed. The spirit of what we were trying to do in 2006 (which essentially revolved around having a party) is still valid 10 years on. We're still doing it and it is just amazing to have so many people at our gigs joining in.

JO: Is real life in Lancaster still a big influence on your music or has your upcoming album “This Is Eggland” drawing more ideas from the wider global scene which is, of course  a rich  chum-bucket of ingredients to draw from? 

H&D: I think we still take a lot from Lancaster. It's hard to write about stuff you don't know or isn't in your own experience. But yeah the increasing fucked-upness of our planet and the insanity of modern day living has certainly had a bearing on the new album. And we can draw on that from a local, very personal level in songs which can also have a wider and more general philosophical meaning. A lot of the songs on our album have a double meaning. One very specific one for us and something more general and metaphoric that everyone can relate to.

JO: What colour is the tour van? I’m imagining something a bit Scooby Doo. Are there unusual things you simply cannot leave at home? 

H&D: White. Like all vans are!! We try not to leave our 4 year old boy at home! So that's probably the biggest thing. That and porridge pots.

JO: I usually ask what people’s favourite cheese is. It can reveal a lot. I know you two are vegetarian, but have you taken it a step further to veganism? If not, what is your favourite cheese? If you are, has anyone managed to make decent vegan “cheese”? 

H&D: Not vegan yet but edging more and more towards it. So as cheese eaters, I reckon it would be a toss up between Garstang blue and Shorock's Tasty Lancashire Chilli Bomb. We just sent a load of Vegan cheese to our mate Sally from a place called Tyne Chease in Newcastle!! She said it was fantastic so we'll have to make sure we get some on our rider fer the Cluny!


The Lovely Eggs are playing The Cluny on 10th February 2018. They will be supported by Porky the Poet (Phill Jupitus) and tickets are available from our affiliate Seetickets here.

Joanne Oliver runs Jowheretogo: Press, social media and photography

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Support announced for Erasure 2018 Tour @BrightLightx2 BRIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT #choreography album out now.




BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT's album 'Choreography' has taken him on a whirlwind ride in the last year or so, and the journey gets even more exciting as Rod Thomas (aka BLBL) tours Europe, including the UK and Ireland, opening for his musical heroes ERASURE from January 29th to March 9th.

Having previously remixed BLBL’s 'Running Back To You', Vince Clarke is a friend of Rod’s, and with Erasure being one of his biggest influences, plus Rod signing to Mute Song last year, both acts hitting the road together makes perfect sense, and will undoubtedly be a great tour to start 2018 in fine style. Speaking about the upcoming tour Rod Thomas says:

"My love of Erasure and how important I think they are both to the LGBT community and to music in general has been well documented. Being able to do a full tour opening for them is a TOTAL joy. The teenage me can't believe what's happening and the current me isn't much calmer either really! Vince and Andy are legends and also happen to be two of the nicest people I've met, so all in all, this double bill is a dream."

With a penchant for "drama" like Erasure, BLBL’s song 'Little Bit' from the acclaimed album captures his most euphoric and over the top loving side: a song about wanting to show someone the extent of your love orchestrated by pounding drums, gorgeous synths and saxophone. It's accompanied by a club-friendly, deeper electronic mix by NYC's John "J-C" Carr who gives effortless cool to the track. Listen here

Bright Bright Bright Bright is the alias of Welsh synth pop artist Rod Thomas. With numerous nu-disco flecked releases to his name including the critically acclaimed albums ‘Make Me Believe in Hope’, ‘Life Is Easy’ and most recently ‘Choreography’ Rod has seen success both sides of the pond, with the latter two records both cutting the UK Independent Albums chart top 20. Throughout his fascinating career, Bright Light Bright Light has collaborated with everyone from Scissor Sisters to Elton John to Alan Cumming; he’s performed on Graham Norton’s chat show; been nominated for the Welsh Music Prize; and last year even managed to make an appearance as an extra in one of his favourite TV shows: The League of Gentlemen. 

An always intriguing and exuberant artist who continues to surprise, don’t miss Bright Light Bright Light as he supports Erasure on their UK & Ireland tour.


29-31 Dublin Olympia


2 - Dundee Caird Hall,
3 - Edinburgh Ulster Hall,
4 - Newcastle City Hall,
6 - Liverpool Philharmonic,
7 - Hull City Hall,
8 - Manchester Apollo,
10 - Cambridge Corn Exchange,
11 - Birmingham Academy,
12 - Nottingham Royal Concert Hall,
14 - Ipswich Regent,
15 - Southampton Guildhall,
16 - Cardiff St David's Hall,
18 - Aylesbury Waterside Theatre,
19 - Brighton Dome,
20 - Guildford G Live,
22 - Norwich UEA,
23 / 24 - London Eventim Apollo

'Little Bit' Digital Single is released on January 26th

'Choreography' Album - Out Now



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THE BELLRAYS ON TOUR #tickets http://bit.ly/BellraysTour



Punk. Funk. Rock. Soul. The main ingredients in a potent witch’s brew that the Bellrays have been mixing for a long time now. Returning with their first full new album since the release of ‘Black Lightning’ in 2010, ‘Punk Funk Rock Soul Volume 2’ follows the release of ‘Volume One’, the four-track taster EP released in 2017 as an appetiser for the main feast. ‘Volume Two’ arrives February 2nd via Cargo Record UK.

 If music is food for the soul, then the Bellrays are thanksgiving and they know how to cook. The Bellrays strip down to the meat of what music means to them.  Growing up in SoCal, they thrived on radio channels that broadcast more than once one kind of music. It was a party. ‘Punk Funk Rock Soul’ is their party with their songs and friends.
“We take our ear where our heart lives in simple song writing, making ourselves and hopefully all who hear it feel good,” explains singer Lisa Kekaula. “We are proud of its simplicity and love how the new songs sound like old friends. This release is a collection of songs that illustrates why we do what we do. We are not 20 year olds and that’s okay.  We are proud of our mileage and journey and PUNK FUNK ROCK SOUL validates our comfort in what music means to us. Viability, trend and meaning are up to the eye of the beholder…we like to rock.”

With each song, the BellRays play with the formula. The dynamics shift and change from straight ahead rockers like “Bad Reaction” “Junior High” and “Never Let a Woman” to more rock/pop songs like “I Can’t Hide” and “Brand New Day”.  “Man Enough” features tornado drumming and Caravanesque guitar solos. How do you make the dark sound light? Listen to “Perfect”, which is heavy while singing about finding that rhythm together. “Now” spreads out with a simple melody and message of being in the moment.  “Every Chance I Get” gets to the blues with its plaintive resolution to use time as wisely as possible. “Love and Hard Times” closes the album with an easy, R&B tinged lyric reminiscent of Levon Helm and The Band. Throughout PUNK FUNK ROCK SOUL, The BellRays slide from song to song, changing the dynamics but not the dynamism. In the studio or on stage, the BellRays equals energy.  E=BR(P+F+R+S).

Catch the band live at the following dates in March 2018

Thurs 1 - Ramsgate - Ramsgate Music Hall
Sat 3 - Middlesbrough - Westgarth Social Club
Sun 4 - Edinburgh - Opium
Tues 6 - Glasgow - Broadcast
Wed 7 - Newcastle - The Cluny
Thrs 8 - Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
Fri 9 - Manchester - The Soup Kitchen
Sat 10 - Newport - Le Pub
Tues 13 - Southampton - Talking Heads
Wed 14 - Bristol - The Lantern 
Thurs 15 - Brighton - The Albert
Fri 16 - Norwich - NAC
Sat 17 - London -  The Camden Assembly

Watch The BellRays performing Black Lightning - 

* * * * *


Name: The BellRays

DOB: Started in 1990.
Origin: Riverside, Ca.

Members: Lisa Kekaula – vocals, percussion, inspiration

Robert Vennum – guitar, bass, vocals

Career Objective: To bring Live, High energy Rock and Soul Music to anywhere in the world we can get to.

 Work Experience: 28 years of independently writing and performing music in a wide variety of situations, including, but not limited to: festivals, night clubs, parties, television shows, community events, radio shows,
Countries: United States, Canada, Brazil, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Australia, New Zealand

Genres: The BellRays is an all-original, high energy, Punk, Funk, Rock and Soul band.

Compared to:The BellRays is frequently compared to/described as “The Stooges meet Aretha Franklin”.” Tina Turner and the MC5″, “James Brown being kicked in the balls by the Who”

Influences: The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Cream

Motivation: We do it because we must. Who else is gonna do it?

Career Goal: For audience to be involved and responsive.

Inspiration: Always do something that matters.

Landmarks: Surviving the first tour. Playing Redding Festival. My first TV performance (Canal Plus, Paris FR) 

Sucesses: Having been able to perform for a living for the last 18 years.

 Music Description: The BellRays is a high energy, Rock and Roll band. Come and see us and form your own opinions.
Why do it: Good at it. Love doing it. People keep coming to shows. 

Target: Our audience is anyone of any age, race, or gender who loves music. They love interaction with a band on stage. They like the fact that what we do is real and honest.



The BellRays (1990)

In the Light of the Sun (1993)

Let It Blast (1998)

Grand Fury (2000)

Meet the BellRays (2002)

Raw Collection (2003)

The Red, White and Black (2003)

Raw Collection, vol 2 (2005)

Have a Little Faith (2006)

Hard Sweet and Sticky (2008)

Merry Xmas (2009)

Black Lightning (2010)

Covers (2016)


Wall of Soul 7″ (1995)

A Vital Gesture Xmas (1996)

Punk, Rock & Soul w/Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (1999)

Good Thing/ Half a Mind 7″ (1998)

Bellrays/Fireballs of Freedom 7″ (1999)

Bellrays/ Adam West 7″ (1999)

Suicide Baby 7″ (2000)

Fire on the Moon tester (2002)

They Glued Your Head On Upside-Down tester (2002)

Get It Right/ Chain on You 7″ (2003)

Smash the Hits 8″ (2003)

Warhead/ Swingin’ the Blade 7″ (2003)

Lion’s Den 7″ (2003)

Le Cornichones 7″ (2006)

Tell the Lie 7″ (2006)

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CATHOLIC ACTION have announced a fourteen-date UK headline tour next year that will see them bring their raucous live show to venues across the country




Watch ‘Black & White’ video on YouTube | Vevo 

In Memory Of is the sound of Catholic Action setting their sights on success” DIY ****

“… a debut album that fizzes with energy and charm with an immediacy that’ll have them crowned as your new favourite band after the very first play” Dork ****

“… In Memory Of doesn’t disappoint” London In Stereo

Glasgow’s CATHOLIC ACTION have announced a fourteen-date UK headline tour next year that will see them bring their raucous live show to venues across the country, including London’s Birthdays on 23rd February.

 Frontman Chris McCrory says: 
In Memory Of has been a long time coming for us, and it wouldn’t have happened were it not for you. It’s a record we’re incredibly proud of and we hope you are too. So, we’re thrilled to be heading out on a headline tour of the UK to perform tracks from In Memory Of and more for the people that made it happen. Thank you! And see you in February."

Following the release of their acclaimed debut album In Memory Of, Catholic Action toured with alt. rock trio Kagoule this November which included a stop at the iconic 100 Club. The band have also just been confirmed for SXSW in 2018 alongside other British rising stars including The Magic Gang, Nadia Rose and Shame, firmly cementing their place as one of the most exciting ones-to-watch for 2018.

In Memory Of offers 11 shining examples of modern guitar pop, and its confident, future facing sound attracted rave reviews as well as praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, who featured In Memory Of on his It’s Album Time segment.

Catholic Action also recently shared the video for their latest single ‘Black & White’. One of In Memory Of’s standout tracks, the track was written by frontman Chris McCrory, as a reaction to finding out about the death of David Bowie.  

Catholic Action 2018 Tour – tickets available here

20th Feb Newcastle, Underground

21st Feb Oxford, The Cellar

22nd Feb Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge

23rd Feb London, Birthdays

27th Feb Bristol, Crofters Rights

28th Feb Leeds, Oporto

1st Mar Sheffield, Record Junkee

2nd Mar Bedford, Esquires

3rd Mar Liverpool, Shipping Forecast

4th Mar York, Fulford Arms

20th Mar Southampton, Heartbreakers

21st Mar Brighton, The Hope

22nd Mar Guildford, Boileroom

23rd Mar Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Catholic Action were formed in 2014 by McCrory alongside Jamie Dubber on bass and Ryan Clark on drums. Andrew Macpherson later joined as lead guitarist to add extra sparkle to the group's own brand of glam noise rock. The band are a product of Glasgow’s famously fertile music scene but have won fans across the UK thanks to their peerless pop masterpieces. The four-piece band are centred around the singular talents of vocalist and guitarist Chris McCrory – already known among key taste-makers as the drummer in Casual Sex, another of Glasgow’s leading musical lights. 

Debut album In Memory Of is was released by the Modern Sky label in 2017. A vivid collection of smart guitar-pop anthems, the record is as rewarding as it is challenging and features BBC Radio 1 favourites ‘L.U.V.’ and ‘Propaganda’. The record garnered critical praise from the likes of DIY and Dork magazines, both of whom gave the album 4* reviews, whilst the album also featured on ‘It’s Album Time’ on Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1 show.  Produced by McCrory and Margo Broom, the record combines a youthful energy with an innate songwriting prowess and shines with a rarely seen confidence. Despite having nods toward guitar pop from the past and present, the album has its gaze truly fixed in the future. 

Catholic Action: In Memory Of is out now on Modern Sky Records. 
Available – https://catholicaction.tmstor.es/


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Review: To Kill a King, Fours and Soham De "All Killer, no Filler" @TheCluny 15/01/2018

Review: To Kill a King, Fours and Soham De
All Killer, no Filler
The Cluny 15/01/2018

The respectably-sized crowd at The Cluny were treated to a rare thing at this gig. All three acts were outstanding. Soham De opened with his thoughtful songs with beautiful minimalist guitar and his soulful voice. I get the impression he will go far and still has more to give as a songwriter and performer. He says he doesn’t tend to name songs however his website https://www.sohamde.com/ is coming along nicely and look out for his upcoming single Brave.

 Fours consists of a frontwoman, Edith Violet and three amazing blokes providing the live backing, drums and bass in addition to sparkly synth loops that life the indie to indie pop in a rather magical way. They could be compared to Florence and the Machine but I’m just not fussed with FATM and Fours did something more to get the audience dancing: they moved them emotionally.They play with enthusiasm that’s infectious and they are musically, visually and personality-wise a superb pop package. They have a clear songwriting talent behind them too and their new single  Sweet Reality is out soon. Their music can be found on Spotify via their website : https://foursband.com/.

To Kill A King have somehow passed me by up to now. I’m not sure how they are not all over the airwaves with the stunning set of songs they have at their disposal. Songs of the modern world and its loss of its soul like Spiritual Dark Age and Good Old Days somehow manage to move from quiet and impassioned pieces to massive anthemic numbers in a heartbeat. They manage to go through an entire set without a single musical turkey. It’s just all so good.

Lead vocalist Ralph Pelleymounter has a versatile vocal range that moves between a deep cross between George Ezra and Louis Armstrong up to expressive high pitched singing, when required. The whole band seem to contribute to the vocal harmonies with keyboard player Ben Jackson adding other-worldly and choral effects that just add to the musical soundscape. It was fantastic to see a band so together and fully invested in the sound. Joshua Taffel on drums, was extraordinary in his passionate playing. The sound was completed with James Ball on bass and Grant McNeil on guitar. Everyone in the band never missed a beat. The audience danced and sang through songs like My God and Your God, and Fictional State: they were definitely fans.  We were so impressed we bought a copy of the new album Spiritual Dark Age and a T Shirt. Definitely a gig to remember. I don’t like overuse of superlatives in reviews but as a live band, To Kill a King are an absolute triumph. See them, as soon as you can. Visite their website: https://to-kill-a-king.tmstor.es/

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#buddyholly tribute Marc Robinson ‘A LEGEND REBORN’ at @thecustomshouse #southshields


Relive the rockin’ 1950s music scene at The Customs House this month.
The UK’s number one Buddy Holly tribute act, Marc Robinson, stars as the musician who changed the face of rock ‘n’ roll.
Clutching a Fender Stratocaster, sporting a pair of heavy-rimmed glasses and sounding exactly like Buddy in his heyday, a legend is reborn.
Buddy Holly: A Legend Reborn is an all-new production celebrating an artist who shot straight into the limelight as soon as That’ll Be The Day hit the radio. 
Though his career was short, this one-man powerhouse gave the world a stack of hits that will never be forgotten, including Peggy Sue, Oh Boy, Heartbeat, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Words of Love, It’s So Easy and Rave On.

Marc fell in love with Buddy Holly’s music at the age of eight and donned his first pair of Buddy-style specs in his early 20s, when he and a few friends started performing as a tribute rock ‘n’ roll band.
He hit the limelight himself after taking part in the original series of TV show Stars in their Eyes, which proved to be a real turning point for him and sent his professional music career into orbit.
Ever since, he has spent his time travelling the length and breadth of the UK, as well as overseas, taking his tribute act to all types of venues and even appearing on the same bill as Buddy’s original band, The Crickets.

Ray Spencer, Executive Director of The Customs House, said: “We’ve had Marc perform here before and he really is the real deal. You won’t be disappointed.”
Buddy Holly: A Legend Reborn comes to The Customs House on Sunday, January 21, at 7.30pm. Tickets, priced from £21, are available from the box office on (0191) 454 1234 or online at www.customshouse.co.uk.

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