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@LilVik reviews the @SmooveTurrell and @CCFunkandSoul pre Xmas gig at @RiversideNCL

A Smoove and Funky Start to Christmas

The last weekend before Christmas and what better way to let your hair down, especially if you are one of the lucky ones who is now off until 2015.

DJ Tom McVicar warmed up the crowd with some soulful funky beats before local lads Smoove and Turrell took to the stage.

And when S&T took their places the whole venue was packed to the rafters. It was definitely a party vibe at The Riverside and got down to business straight away with Don’t Go.  Front man, John Turrell even mentioned the derby day score of the football but this crowd was all about the music. Hands were going up throughout and people just kept dancing. It’s actually quite surprising to know that they were actually playing their fourth straight night with no break, as their energy was 110%.  They played Glasgow and then two sell out nights at Newcastle’s Hoochie Coochie before taking to The Riverside.

Some, like me, are very new to the sounds of Smoove and Turrell.  One stand out is definitely keyboardist Mike Porter.  Seriously, do you know of any other keyboard player that can play with their feet and still hit the keys on time to the beat?  And also took to jumping into the crowd! Turrell and Smoove interacted with the crowd as if they were your best mate and it was reciprocated, especially with their biggest hits Will You Be Mine and Beggarman.

Each member was given a chance to shine with solos with maybe the biggest one going to guitarist Athol Cassidy, as this was to be his last S&T show.  The crowd applauded and rightly so.  He normally is hidden just behind Porter but his sound always stands up front.  In fact of the few times I have seen S&T not one band member shines above the rest and with SEVEN strong members sometimes this can be a hard feat.  So, lets not forget the rhythm of Lloyd Croft on the drums, the bass slapping skills of Andy Champion and Dave Wilde who tinkered on his flute and lit up his saxophone in true Christmas spirit.

Riverside went wild when S&T finished their set and luckily for them headliner Craig Charles was running late due to a flat tyre. And the crowd got their much wanted encore complete with a sock thrown on stage for Mr Porter ;p

As we awaited if the main act would make it on time it was down to the amazing Tim McVicar to keep the crowd entertained and he did not disappoint in keeping the Sunday crowd in house.

Now a personal admission from myself.

I am a huge fan of BBC Radio 6 on a Saturday.  First you have Gilles Peterson on at 3pm then 6pm it’s the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show.  With the head bopping and feet stomping show it is no surprise it had to hit the road.  From the first tune spinned he had the crowd in frenzy. It was hard for me to know whether I should be taking photos or getting down to the tunes. 

Mr Charles definitely brings a show to his DJ sets.  He is singing along and dancing to every tune as if there was no spinning desk in front of him.  And then there’s the light show that comes with it.  The crowd was half and half. Some were simply in awe of watching this man do his stuff and others were bopping the night away.

Christmas spirit or not, there was definitely a lot of soul felt on Sunday with the punters bodies and feet.  Yes, the show ran a little late but this group of funk-soul hipsters from McVicar to Smoove and Turrell and then Craig Charles made sure that each and every ticket payer got their money’s worth.  There have been stories of crowds being let down when artists run late with shows but I can guarantee there was not one person under that roof that left disappointed.

Words and pictures © Victoria Ling of 137 Imaging 

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Another guest review from @LilVik for @BeverleyKnight at @Sage_Gateshead 's 10th Birthday

The Sage Celebrates its 10th Birthday with a Knockout Performance from Beverley Knight

Unless you been hiding under a rock, this week is the 10th Birthday of The Sage  and what a way to celebrate a birthday, by inviting the funk-soul sister Beverley Knight to sing.

Ms Knight burst onto the stage with much loved numbers Made It Back  and Greatest Day then into a few number from the Soul UK album, which was the last time she had performed at The Sage.  One of the biggest interactions with the crowd was when Apparently Nothing was performed as 90% of the crowd had their mobiles out shining their ‘little lights’.

Hit after hit came from slow songs to funky sounds. Then to honour the 10th birthday of The Sage, hundreds of school children, came onto the stage to perform. These children were also in their 10th year!  What a brilliant addition to the set.  They sang their hearts out and signed a lot of the words to Shoulda Woulda Coulda, Baby Come Home and Keep This Fire Burning.  And a much deserved standing ovation followed.

As some will know, Beverley Knight has been doing West End theatre for a few years now. First there was her role in The Bodyguard and now she is currently in Memphis. So, naturally a number from each show came and blew the roof off the venue. She ended her set with Roachford’s Cuddly Toy leaving the crowd on their feet and wanting more…but that will have to wait til she is next back to the North East.

If I am honest it was a pretty subdued crowd for the first few numbers but Ms Knight gave her all and her crowd interaction was spot on and like any Beverley Knight show she soon got those who normally like to sit and watch a show put on their dancing feet.

HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY, THE SAGE. Here’s to more and more Beverley Knight celebrations.

WORDS AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Victoria Ling – 137 Imaging





Thursday, 11 December 2014

@MW_Schenker rocks the @O2Academynew #livereview

Michael Schenker: Bridge the Gap tour at the O2 Academy, Newcastle

The good-sized audience at the O2 was treated to some dirty rock and roll from support act, Western Sand. The band played music reminiscent of 90’s band Circus of Power. Fresh from supporting (Filthy) Phil Campbell of Motorhead, they gave a headbanging-inducing performance, with songs such as Black Water Resolution, from their current EP Cut You Down To Size. I’d like to hear more from these lads, the twin-Gibson attack the fast fretboard solos (popular with this crowd) and the small overworked drumkit with almost tribal rhythms, all hit the spot nicely.

Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock are out touring their new album: Bridge The Gap, with a set of shiny new songs to play. Older ones were revisited, however, the proggy sounding How Long and the instrumental From Coast To Coast gave Herr Schenker (UFO, Scorpions) an opportunity to display his guitar virtuosity. I particularly liked the ode to Ronny James Dio, Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, which gave Doogie White an opportunity to show off his vocal range. I really took a shine to amiable Scotsman Doogie White, he is a great frontman, and along with everyone else in the band, really loved interacting with the audience, and kept that 4th wall permanently open.

Lord of the Lost and Lonely was one of my favourites of the evening: a rocking, drinking sea shanty. The audience (including me) enthusiastically joined in for the Scorpions anthem Rock You Like A Hurricane..such a simple chorus but somehow so good! The main set was finished with Rock Bottom, another chance for Schenker to really show what he can do with a guitar in a cataclysmic solo. The encore was Lights Out which sounded somewhat better sound-wise than earlier songs that suffered from an overuse of volume and reverb. This wasn’t the band’s fault and they played their hearts out. Every one of them a star, this band are not prepared to come along for the ride, Herman (The German) Rarebell on drums provided the perfect rhythmic scaffolding for the monster that is Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock. Multi-instrumentalist Wayne Findlay not only played a mean 7 string guitar but provided the essential keyboard support this rock needs. He also has very beautiful hair. The skills of bassist Francis Buchholz did not go unnoticed and he is every bit as active on the stage as he ever has been. This band still recognise the importance of the fans, and fully deserve the career longevity they have achieved. A great first night of the tour. 

Words Stephen and Joanne Oliver, and photos by Joanne Oliver for Jowheretogo

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Guest writer @LilVik reviews @FleetwoodMac in #SanJose

Fleetwood Mac in San Jose

Tuesday 25th November 2015, the first time I have specifically travelled out of the UK to see my favourite band.

In 2013, I unfortunately missed out on Fleetwood Mac tickets in the UK as I was travelling Australia. Then they announced the gigs over there, only to be cancelled due to John McVie’s cancer scare!  I swore then that the next tour I was going to be there wherever it was. Bring on San Jose, California.

As predicted the venue, SAP Arena, was bigger than those in most UK cities. We were perched on the side from stage up in the high tiers which was perfect except every now and then the staging would revolve and get in the way. Luckily this was not too often.

The usual ‘sounds’ of the Mac taking to the stage were played and the crowd erupted.  They opened with a frenzied performance of Chain. Immediately I was envious of those that could fork out money for the front floor tickets, especially as my area of seating was somewhat subdued!

After the opening, Christine took to the mic to say ‘Hello, San Jose’. A few cheers came, and then Stevie repeated this and the crowd went crazy. This made me feel for Christine a bit but I believe the crowd were definitely excited to have their main girl back, as Ms Nicks was a student down the road at the University and San Jose is where it really began for THIS particular line-up of Fleetwood Mac, as we would be told throughout.

But as soon as Christine took to the lead of You Make Loving Fun it wasn’t long until San Jose took full approval.

A lot of people that have been to a Mac show always say that it seems to be a Buckingham-Nicks show but considering that they have more movement on stage to ‘get to the crowd’ it is no wonder. And with the ever story telling role of Stevie, she had the crowd and myself in her grasp.

Lindsay’s guitar playing is forever outstanding and he took every chance to get his solos in.  As ever they were mesmerizing and probably was the biggest crowd pleaser throughout.

If anyone knows me they know that I am a very big Stevie Nicks fan I must admit I was more in awe of the return of Christine McVie. It was so nice to see the place of the keyboard player back to an original Mac member and hearing the classics that were missing due to McVie’s vocals.  Though the past few tours Stevie has done wonders on Christine’s parts on Don't Stop but it was nice to hear the original back on there.

As Fleetwood Mac have announced their European tour dates including many UK ones I will not spoil the set list but if you have ever been to a Mac show you will not be disappointed.  All the classics are there. Three numbers had me on the verge of tears as I never thought I would live to see the day they would be sang live before my very eyes and ears.

There were a few surprises in vocals acrobatics in Stevie’s solos that I have never witnessed in the shows.  Mick gets  his drumming solo in and makes work of the stage and the crowd. And as always, John takes the quiet role but his bass playing surely makes up for it.

The graphics on the screens were also something else. I have been to many Mac shows and never seen the screen come alive so much.  As Mick says at the end, “the Mac is back!” is no understatement and without echoing other reviews too much, it is true to say that Fleetwood Mac, after a 16-year absence of Christine, is now more complete than ever.  And being a true Mac fan the way the show ends will grab you by heart.

I look forward to my shows in London and Manchester when the Mac return to the UK and I know you will not be disappointed if you have your tickets. It’s one of the must sees of 2015 and definitely a highlight of 2014.

Words and photography : Victoria Ling 

Monday, 1 December 2014

@PamelaVardy opening up her house for some festive nibbles..#art makes a great #XmasPressie!

Pam Vardy: Art by a roaring fire and nibbles, lovely!

Sunday 7th and Sunday 14th December, 11a.m. – 6 p.m.Mulled wine and mince pies in front of a log fire in the atmospheric setting of a medieval pele tower.

Pam’s paintings, prints, cards and gift vouchers for paintings; workshops.Pele House (The Old Vicarage), Middle Rd., Shilbottle, Nr. Alnwick, NE66 2XS(located between St. James Church and Village Farm fitness centre)Tel: 01665 575017 Mob: 07503724848  email: A donation from sales to the National Society for Phenylketonuria (pku).

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

@Hazel_OConnor @HughCornwell in double headliner gigs at the @Sage_Gateshead and @arcstockton Thurs/Fri

Double Headliner Gig at the Sage Gateshead and the Arc Stockton
 Hazel O'Connor and Hugh Cornwell

Hazel will perform songs from her stunning back catalogue and her critically acclaimed recent material whilst Hugh’s electric performance will include a mix of solo and classic Stranglers catalogue.
Coinciding with the the 2014 release of the new album, Here She Comes, award-winning singer- songwriter Hazel O'Connor teams up with legendary performers - saxophonist Clare Hirst (Bellestars, Communards, David Bowie) and Sarah Fisher (Eurythmics) on keyboards. The superb blend of the three voices and musicianship adds a touch of class to their vibrant performance. Her unforgettable songs from the iconic film Breaking Glass including Eighth Day, Will You, Big Brother and If Only seem even more relevant in our present times.

“They were absolutely fantastic, bringing the entire audience roaring to its feet.”  - DAILY TELEGRAPH

Hugh Cornwell is one of the UK's finest songwriting talents and accomplished live performers.
As the original guitarist, singer and main songwriter in the British rock band The Stranglers, he's enjoyed massive success with 10 hit albums and 21 Top Forty singles, etching himself into Europe and the USA's musical psyche with classic songs, including Peaches, No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Always the Sun and Duchess.
Cornwell's latest studio album TOTEM AND TABOO was released to rave reviews. Recorded at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, the album was engineered and mixed by the legendary Steve Albini.

"His gnarliest record in over 30 years" – MOJO
"Ten songs, ten distinct sentiments, ten atmospheres, all unmistakably Cornwell and really, all pretty damn good"  - YOUR FLESH  
"He sounds more engaged and intense than he has in years" – CLASSIC ROCK
"Cornwell provides the goods In Spades" – VIVE LE ROCK    

@MW_Schenker is coming to the @o2academynewc on 10th December ..perfect #Xmasgift!

Michael Schenker 

Coming to the O2 Newcastle

On the 10th December

The award-winning, legendary guitarist Michael Schenker will embark on a nationwide UK tour at the Newcastle O2 Academy from 10th December. Tickets are available from the 24 hour box office 0844 478 0898 or from Even better...walk to the box office at the O2, pay cash and avoid those pesky booking and credit card fees!
photo by Diana Fabbricatore
Schenker will perform tracks from his current studio album "Bridge The Gap" which features the new single "Lord Of The Lost And Lonely".
Four days before his UK tour kicks off, Schenker will headline Planet Rockstock Festival at Trecco Bay in South Wales on Saturday 6th December

Bridge The Gap features Schenker’s Temple of Rock band, comprising ex-Scorpions Herman Rarebell (drums) and Francis Buchholz (bass), ex-Rainbow vocalist Doogie White and Wayne Findlay (guitar, keyboards).

The new LP includes thirteen adrenalin-fuelled melodic rock’n’roll songs that showcase Schenker’s distinctive and explosive guitar playing, valiantly underpinned by the ferocious rhythm section of Rarebell and Buchholz, marking the first time Schenker, Rarebell and Buchholz have appeared on the same album since the Scorpions’ 1979 Lovedrive. 
Photo by Steve Brinkman

Vocalist Doogie White, who co-wrote the album with Schenker, soars across every song, and stamps his enthusiastic personality with every note.  Wayne Findlay adds another dimension to the dynamic, classic Schenker sound with his Dean 7 string guitar and keyboard orchestrations.

Bridge the Gap is a thunderous, explosive collection of brand new songs steeped in shades of dark and light.  Musically and lyrically, the new album shows a re-energised guitarist at the top of his game, surrounded by top drawer musicians.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Two ambitious gigs : @DiscoMoves #WhenYourMotherGoesHome VS @LadyGaga #ArtRave

Two Gigs on Two Consecutive Nights:
Peculiar Disco Moves: The "When Your Mother Goes Home" Launch
Lady Gaga : the ArtRave Tour


Peculiar Disco Moves: Not one but 2 venues consisting of the historic Castle Keep and the almost as historic Bridge Hotel, both across the cobbled road from each other in Newcastle. The beautiful vaulted high ceiling and sandstone block walls with all the little stairways and room made for a very niche venue. The Bridge Hotel has a cosy upstairs room with delicious, reasonable priced beer. Simple lighting, mic stands and the usual stage furniture.

Lady Gaga: only one venue, the Metro Radio Arena no less, with a capacity of of over 10,000 and most of those seats taken. Beer expensive and bland, soft drinks equally as expensive, and the food follows suit. The stage was extended into undulating runways into the crowd, some runways went over the heads of the standing audience. The lighting was sophisticated and everywhere. The speakers were huge and the stage set was from the imagination of someone who has seen too much Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. 


Peculiar Disco Moves: Well-crafted pop songs.

Lady Gaga: Well-crafted pop songs.

Support bands:

Peculiar Disco Moves had: themselves playing mother-themed covers in the Castle Keep, followed by the feisty, very talented and triply vocalising Iceni.

Lady Gaga had: Breedlove, who I thought at first was a parody act with his ridiculous song about wanting to meet us at "Sex O'clock". He grew on me, and some of his songs were catchy numbers. Breedlove was in retrospect really rather good once we had to sit through the loops of Lady Starlight. I'm not sure why she was there at all, twiddling knobs, turning loops up and down. She got irritating, and irritated by the crowd losing interest in her by the end.

Ticket Price:

Peculiar Disco Moves £3

Lady Gaga £35-100+ and additional inexplicably high booking and credit card fees. We bought direct from the box office, the day before the gig, paying cash. Often big gig tickets become available in the last week of sales.


Lady Gaga: We contacted her management months ago, but as we could see at the gig, there was no way a DSLR was getting anywhere near her. My phone camera sucks, badly. So Blogger has turned the poor photo into this:

Peculiar Disco Moves: 

Peculiar Disco Moves

The Gigs:

Lady Gaga: there is no doubt this was an enjoyable spectacle. The penultimate gig of the tour it held some "special" moments as Ms Germanotta shared anecdotes and her love of the LGBT community. Apparently a gay person designed the set. She can dance, and sing, backing tracks did help out at times, but lip syncing was not an issue. It was a fabulous show, great songs, big wigs, crazy dancing troupes, a Lady Gaga sideboob moment, cannons firing stuff into the audience and that paper confetti stuff they pump out. There were numerous costume changes. One noteable feature was the effect whenever Lady Gaga had a lying down moment on the runway. People would throw soft toys, letter, clothing, dildos, until she was just prostrate in  what looked like landfill contents.

Peculiar Disco Moves : After a cracking set by the very talented Iceni, PDM took to the stage.  Peculiar Disco Moves are coming on leaps and bounds as a live band. Not only as a group but every member seems to be growing as a performer with their other musical interests. The increased frequency of gigging in the last year has had a real positive impact on the way they gel onstage. The playlist has changed as new songs have been added and some old ones have had to make way. The May 2014 release Lost For Words (Please Don’t Tell Me Please Don’t Say) was rolled out alongside such “classics” as I Don’t Want The World To End On Tuesday and of course the manic Johnny Disco was the finale. The new single is another kitchen-sink comedy but this time an ode to the troublesome mother-in-law to be. When Your Mother Goes Home got the feet tapping and some people tempted into dancing. There was a lot of appreciative talk from the audience at the end and it has to be just a matter of time  before PDM get the recognition they deserve.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

#Newcastle #WhoKnew the #Musical needs musicians, cast, singers #audition details


 the P!nk musical

Coming soon to Newcastle

It's rare a new musical is developed and produced right here in Newcastle but Limelight Theatrical Services have taken the bull by the horns and created this, a family story built around the songs of P!nk. Check out the Facebook page.
Initially set to run from 19-21st February 2015, this production has ideas way beyond the Basement Cafe venue in Carliol Square. Although I've found the venue behind the cafe to be absolutely perfect for this kind of performance and a hidden gem in the Carliol Square crown.
The story is built around a cast of 5 players. We start with a headstrong 14 year old Alecia Hart struggling with the knowledge her parents' marriage is crumbling. We follow her through her life as a troubled teenager than as a young woman with the love of her life Tom, even if the love of Tom's life lies with the motors he works on as a mechanic. There is sadness, joy, a little domestic here and there, and of course love, all glued together by fantastic songs by P!nk.

Of course this musical will not happen without musicians and so David Oliver the company director invites local talent to come along on 28th November to show their mettle:

"We are pleased to announce official auditions for the musical. These will take place on the 28th November from 6pm for production and tech and crew meeting, 7pm for cast, and 8.30pm for band. If you are cast and or band, please bring something to use as your audition material. Auditions. Last no longer than 10mins. We can play back backing tracks and vocals. The venue is listed below. Please confirm attendance as soon as you get this.

David Oliver
Cornerstone Church Newcastle
9-11 Carliol Square
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE1 6UF"

More details as the production develops...we're looking forward to sharing rehearsal pictures.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Almasty Brewery open day! Beer! Sausages! In Shiremoor.

Brewery Open Day at Almasty!

There’s an open day at Almasty Brewery on Saturday 15th November between 12noon and 5pm. The brewery is at Unit 11, Algernon Industrial Estate, New York Road , Shiremoor. NE27 0NB (Near Cobalt Business Park )

There will be Almasty beers on sale plus guests, food from Utter Swine (Local Sausage Company) and coffee from Lola's Coffee (the events side of Flatcaps coffee). There will be a mix of cask and keg beers available to drink on site or purchase to take home.

The Free Trade Inn will be running a bus, leaving at midday and returning at 4:30 for anyone who cannot make it otherwise. For information on this please contact or 07584636656

@DiscoMoves host double-venue single launch for "When Your Mother Goes Home"

Got the mother-in-law coming round this Christmas?

Is your home going to be some kind of festive "Dragon's Den?"

Available on Bandcamp as MP3 or limited edition CD
on 5th December

Forced to face 20 questions by your partner's disapproving mum? Peculiar Disco Moves release When Your Mother Goes Home, an addictive hook-littered pop rollercoaster to provide a light-hearted anecdote to this very situation that has haunted mankind since the dawn of time.

The single will be available to purchase via Peculiar Disco Moves' bandcamp page and will be supported by a special launch event at Newcastle's Castle Keep and the Bridge Hotel on Friday 21st November.

A very appropriate and yet surprising video is being prepared for your enjoyment right now.  We'll be in touch when it's ready to view.

When Your Mother Goes Home is simple in sentiment, based on young love struggling to blossom because of a mother's refusal to accept her daughter's foray into the world of relationships. It is a catchy pop narrative that conveys anger at a situation that can prove stifling and challenging, but unravels with Peculiar Disco Moves own indomitable quirky style.

Peculiar Disco Moves have had a successful year, following the release of their last single, Lost For Words, which featured a time machine video with the band revisiting past eras of musical significance. This song was also recently hand picked for inclusion on New York-label Factory Fast Records compilation release Pitch Black Heart. The band carried this momentum into a busy season of Festivals which took them to Manchester, Derbyshire and Yorkshire, as well as a clutch of local appearances including NARC Fest, Oxjam and supporting Voice Of The North choir at The Sage.

Peculiar Disco Moves have had widespread coverage and acclaim from their past releases, notably in the form of Chronicle and Journal Magazine features, BBC Introducing, BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio play, a HMV in-store appearance, and a novelty video made for lead singer Alix's football team Bradford City reaching the Carling Cup Final in 2013, which spawned over 10,000 views on YouTube.

"a cross between Graham Fellows and The Divine Comedy" The Northern Echo

"a quirky mix of danceable pop tunes and colourful tales of British Life." The Northern Line

 "an intriguing listen and at the end of the day, we could all do with a little more positivity in our lives." Tune Army

"Incredibly off the wall and entertaining" The Handsome Press

"intricate and genre-spanning arrangements" The Evening Chronicle

Jo Oliver : Photos and words.

Peculiar Disco Moves

PDM On Facebook

PDM On Twitter

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

@DenatureMusic in the running for an @MMMClass prize...give them your vote for the video for #TIME

In "My Music Masterclass"

 Vote for "Time" Video for Denature by Chris Lavelle.

Denature are asking for your vote so that they can win some crucial new equipment to help them in their next musical project. They've entered their most recent single, "Time" with a video from award winning videographer Chris Lavelle.

Denature are signed to Music Panther and are currently working in Loft Studios on new music. Give this northeast band your support and help us help them to to next level.

Jo Oliver

Jowheretogo PR

MD Music Panther

Monday, 20 October 2014

A review #inpictures @RJThompson at @sage_gateshead 17/10/2014

Review: RJ Thompson 
at the Sage Gateshead

Richard J Thompson has had some success so far, from getting a support slot with Midge Ure to supporting the likes of Jools Holland (shortly to do so again), Gabrielle Aplin, Duke Special, Sandi Thom, The Proclaimers and Deacon Blue, Mr Thompson seems set to grab the attention of the music industry elite shortly.

Tonight was a triple treat as we had a starter of Candi's Dog, a threesome rather like a folk pop, more mature version of Bros with much better songs. I mean, these are really good songs, they have that vaguely familiar feel that makes them part of your mental soundtrack very easily. Harmonies with a touch of the Crowded House/Del Amitri but a bit more here and now. We purchased the EP CD as this is definitely something you want in your car, well I do.

Beth Macari we have up to now only seen at a beer festival singing mainly covers. It was pleasing to hear her singing her own material as it suited her soulful bluesy voice so much more. I was personally very impressed with how Beth has matured and how her songwriting has developed, maybe it's something I missed before? Her new song- out in a few weeks, Heartstrings is a plaintive  and well constructed piece of pop soul. It's really quite beautiful. We wish Beth every success with it.

 RJ Thompson has a great voice and stage presence and always puts on a great show with with what seems to be an ever expanding band. I first  noticed Jonathan Proud from Peculiar Disco Moves in this May's single The Numbers and tonight the band also had an added string section in the form of Rachael McShane (Bellowhead, Tony Bengtsson Band), throwing some fiddle and cello into the right places. 

The result is always a great sound and the new EP coming out soon House Upon The Hill (single video out 21/10/2014) is full of great music if tonight is anything to go by. The audience were brought to their feet at the beginning and end of the gig to boogie along to songs like the very foot-tappingly good The Numbers. 

This is a truly amazing band with a a fabulous frontman and a group of highly skilled and talented musicians who clearly love performing with Richard. This love of the music is infectious and the audience had a great night at the Sage.

@ToxicMelons #BusTherapy Album Launch review #inpictures

Review in pictures: 
Toxic Melons "Bus Therapy" Album Launch
Mining Institute, Newcastle
15th Oct 2014

Toxic Melons, which always consists of at least Paul Fairbairn, tonight was augmented by a full band to fully encompass the sound of these compositions. Written on many bus journeys, hence the name, Bus Therapy draws influences from the Beatles, ELO and 90s power pop legends like Jellyfish. 

The Mining Institute lecture theatre was an interesting gig venue. Unfortunately those house lights were not great for photography, especially when turned right down to the level of 10 candles as they were for the first support act Fading Face. Luke Hobson was indeed a "Fading Face" in the darkness so no lovely photos of him. Luke is a purveyor of the psychedelic flavoured 60's style songs driven by personal experience it seems. Despite a possessed plectrum Luke put in a good shift and managed not to be too disturbed by the disembodied voice that at one point chattered through the PA. yes Luke, I heard it too!

Second on were the "inventors of a new pop-idiom" (Factory Fast Records, New York's words) Peculiar Disco Moves. Showing all of the polish they have developed after a summer of multiple festivals and a good number of gigs, they blasted though their repertoire with true aplomb. This was a chance for an airing of the upcoming single. More about that later, but think about the problems that ensue from the female parent of a partner. Mother-inlaw jokes may be ancient history, but these beings still exist and create situations to a greater or lesser degree. 

Talking of greater or lesser, Toxic Melons opened their set with the rousing More or Less and ran through a selection of new and older songs. My favourite Not in Love was, like everything else tonight, played with enthusiasm and skill by the band brought together by Paul. Phil Jamieson on guitar, Alix Shepherd on keys and backing vocals, Jonathan Proud on bass, Dominic Hornsby on drums and Paul Emmett on lead vocals. Paul took the lead for the delightful Getting Old and despite his misgivings about his vocals did a cracking job. Paul, you should sing more. Bus Therapy is an interesting journey and doesn't keep to the usual musical path, which I like. I heartily recommend you get hold of this Kickstarter success and expand your musical horizons. Buy here from Bandcamp.Toxic Melons tonight did not play older favourite, The Dole, prompting some comedic heckling from fans at the back, But, here it is in all its animated glory, click the rather attractive collage to be taken to YouTube.

Toxic Melons need to get out here playing gigs every few months and developing their sound. Paul has created a great sound and a highly original array of tunes that need to get out there. Sync Panther has signed up Toxic Melons recognising the potential for these songs to be used on film and TV. We are looking forward to seeing more of Toxic Melons out in the venues of Newcastle and beyond.

Words and photos by Joanne Oliver for Jowheretogo

@SaxonOfficial are coming to @O2AcademyNewc in December #metal #rock

SAXON Coming to Newcastle!

NWOBM legends Saxon recently announced ‘Warriors of The Road’, a 38 date European Tour celebrating their 35th Anniversary. The set list will feature tracks from what is known to the fans as ‘The Holy Trinity’ – Saxon’s seminal albums Wheels of Steel, Strong Arm of the Law and Denim and Leather. Support will come from HELL and Stormzone.
Starting in Bristol and closing at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire, ‘Warriors of the Road’ will land in the UK on 30th November to delight fans with 12 explosive shows.   The routing has changed slightly and Leeds will now be on 2nd December with Nottingham to follow on 10th December.   ‘Come and see the awesome power of Saxon live!’ – says frontman Biff Byford.  The band is currently working on a live DVD that will be released to coincide with the upcoming tour.     
35 years, 20 albums, countless live shows and still no sign of slowing down: Saxon prove to be a force to be reckoned with and something every rock fan in the world should witness. Come see for yourself and take a dive into metal history.

             09th  November  Newcastle Academy 

We recommend paying CASH IN PERSON AT THE BOX OFFICE! We don't like those booking fees!

Ticket price  £26 (subject to booking fee unless paying cash in person); please refer to .

Saxon are: Biff Byford - vocals; Paul Quinn – guitar; Doug Scarratt – guitar; Nibbs Carter – bass and Nigel Glockler - drums.
Saxon formed in Barnsley, Yorkshire in 1976. To date they have sold over 10 million albums worldwide and released 26 albums including Wheels of Steel, which hit number 5 in 1980.  They have had 8 top 20 UK albums.   They recently released ‘Hidden Treasure’ - St. George’s Day Sacrifice - Live in Manchester a double CD, which was recorded at The Ritz during their Sacrifice World Tour and was mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap.
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