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#Newcastle's #Elvana fuses #Elvis and #Nirvana in support of @wearetragedy (heavy metal BeeGees) @thecluny Mar 5

"We Love Elvis, We Utterly Love Nirvana"
 : What's Not To Like?

"Basically we love Elvis," enthuses Danny Cobain, vocalist in Elvana, "and we utterly love Nirvana and we hit upon the idea of combining the two"
Elvana are a local Elvis fronted tribute to Nirvana, they've been playing their trade in Newcastle for 2 years and in that time they've done many awesome shows including headlining the Academy.

"Some people don’t quite know what to expect at first," explains Danny, when asked about what the crowd thought, "after one song people get it and then they really enjoy it!"

Elvana's next gig is a bit of an interesting one.  They are playing the Cluny on Saturday 5th of March with Tragedy : A Heavy Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees.

"You can expect to be covered in glitter and not be able to stop smiling for days," promises guitarist Royce from Tragedy, "You may hate disco. You may hate metal. It doesn’t matter. Tragedy will have you hearing music and seeing life in a whole new light."

Originally set up as a Metal tribute to Bee Gees for a joke for a charity concert, Tragedy have toured the world, including headline shows on the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock and are regulars to Newcastle - "Old friends can expect even bigger bulges than they remembered."

They've expanded beyond Bee Gees covers now and their set includes many disco classics including 'It's Raining Men' (which they mash up with Slayer track 'Raining Blood') whilst making Neil Diamond sound like King Diamond on their take of 'Sweet Caroline' and as for their version of 'You're the One that I want'... well...

There's a third band on the bill also - an aptly titled The Bill - a tribute to the Police.  Another great local collection as they take on classics from the band of local hero, Sting.

All in all, it's a show that must be seen to be believed.

Tickets are available from priced at £10 plus booking fee. Entry is £13 on the door on the night.

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Friday, 26 February 2016

Heat 1 of the #metal2themasses @bloodstockfest comp with @rftkpromotions a mini #review in #Photos

A Night of Rocking Tunes and Also, Lovely Hair!

The bands and audience gathered at Trillians for the first heat of the competition to get the chance to play Bloodstock Festival. It was a superb night of diverse styles of rock and metal, with every band giving an outstanding performance. 

My personal marks out of 10 for the competing bands:

Shards of Ruin….dramatic guitar and falsetto vocals reminiscent of Helloween. Great looking band. 7.5

Guilt City….fast guitars, volume up to 11. Harmonising riffs and aggressive tones. Still somehow manage to be catchy and worth putting on in the car. 8.5

Black Nevada have evolved and  polished their sound and have a danceable hard rock style in the same musical continent as Papa Roach. They have really grown musically since I last saw them.8

Dogsflesh… tuneful thrash,  had me thinking it's years since I listened to that Nuclear Assault album… House of Cards was a pleasing Psychobilly Thrash which was a nice change. 7

Hellion Rising are a polished heavy rock outfit with a presence on stage that seems festival-ready. A very professional team. And gorgeous hair I could watch for hours! 8.51 (!)

More RFTK Promotions gigs coming up...

The second heat of Metal2TheMasses is on 31st March at Trillians, with more great bands.

But first: 

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Friday, 19 February 2016

Kev of @RFTKpromotions : THE ROAD @Bloodstockfest STARTS HERE


We are just days away from the very first Newcastle leg of the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition.

Metal 2 the Masses is an annual, regional, competition where the winner of each region goes on to play at Bloodstock Festival on their New Blood Stage.
This has proven to be a big opportunity for many bands, with bands such as Evile, Bloodshot Dawn and Saturnian signing major deals or going on world wide tours.

A total of 25 bands will pit their way through the rounds aiming to make it to the final and then on to Bloodstock.

The final takes place in The Cluny on June 17th, but before that, bands have to navigate some tricky heats and semi finals.
Black Nevada

"Some of these groups are going to be really tough," enthuses Kev Morris, of RFTK Promotions, who are organising the events for this region, "But in being tough, it's going to be exciting as fans are sure to get a night of good quality bands - and bands are going to have to bring their A-Game to get through"
Hellion Rising

The first heat takes place at Trillians Rock Bar on Thursday, 25th February.

The bands for this round are Hellion Rising, Dogflesh, Black Nevada, Guilt City and Shard of Ruin.

Despite being local and unsigned bands, a lot of these bands have played headline shows at the Academy, Hellion Rising are one of many bands in this contest who made it to the national finals for Hard Rock Hell - so there's a lot of quality on offer.
Shard of Ruin
Other rounds also offer little respite as hard hitters such as Arcite, Druganaut and Rusted Hero are amongst the rounds, alongside promising newcomers such as A New Nowhere, Enversa and Juratory.

"One thing also great about these bills is the diversity," continues Kev, "You've got established local bands vs promising new bands.  There are also a massive mixture of music from old school metal, punk, industrial, grunge, thrash, alternative rock.   It's bills you'd normally not get away with - but I think it will be a good experience for the fans : and there's a well stocked bar if a band comes on you're not keen on"

The nights will be a rapid fire of bands, for each of the heats the doors open at 7pm, with a first band hitting the stage at 7.15pm - each band doing 25 minutes and the two bands to progress being announced at 10.30pm.  The 2 bands then go into Semi Finals to take place in May.
Bands will be scored by both a panal of judges and by crowd reactions - 50/50 for the heats, so anyone coming through the door really is helping the bands they like (or go on to like).

The price is being kept down to try to entice people down, Kev explains, "We wanted to keep it cheap, so managed to get it £3 for the heats, rising to just £5 for the final.  The heats are on a Thursday night, we know there's a lot of choice for events in Newcastle at the moment - so keeping the price down to as low as feasible means people can have a great night out, see some favourite bands, be introduced to some bands that they don't know and have a great night, without breaking the bank"

Following on from the February 25th heat, there's a further 4 heats on March 31st, April 7th, 14th and 28th - all in Trillians - 2 bands from each going through to Semi Finals in May.

"There's some really good bands playing, we hope everyone enjoys it"

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