Sunday, 31 December 2017

Review : Stan and George Shovlin and the Radars at The Cluny 29/12/2017

A Night Of Amazing Musical Talent

I've been following the rise and fall and rise of Stan for over 20 years. I was on the bus with them on their epic trip to the Cavern in Liverpool back in the early 90s. I was pleased to get an invitation to this gig as it also gave me chance to check out local veteran blues star George Shovlin and his band The Radars, as somehow I've missed out on this treat so far.

George and the band opened the gig with what I feel is oustanding contemporary blues. I wasn't drinking and found I didn't need a drink such was the intoxicating nature of the music.George Lamb worked his magic on the lead guitar and Mr Shovlin interspersed the tunes with stories (of varying veracity) of the origin of the songs. I truly enjoyed the show and would recommend catching this band if you get the opportunity.

Stan came on playing Radio Magicola, a great singalong rock tune, and pounded though other gems such as Lies, Get on Me and Looking for Love. They were then joined by singer Teresa Watson (of the Teresa Watson Band) and keyboardist Gordon Hall (of Fickle Lily) for Queen of the Blues, Midnight Angel and Gotta Believe.

Stan have a stonking back catalogue of songs and we got to hear some of the best played with true passion. It's so great to see the band together and they are clearly playing regularly as they were tight as a hamster's earhole.

The audience were mostly long-time fans of Stan and it showed as they sang and danced along to Come On and finally, in the encore, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place when Teresa and Gordan joined the band again with Stu Burlison (of the Radars) This was a proper party-ending for the show and a good time was had by all.

Review by Joanne Oliver.

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