Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Jowheretogo Show Goes Official! on @ne1fmofficial

The Jowheretogo Show Goes Official!

After a few weeks of slotting in where there was a spare hour, NE1fm have now kindly allowed me a regular    slot! The Jowheretogo Show will now be broadcasting every Monday at 12pm starting the 28th January 2013, on 102.5 fm. I will still be playing music from bands who are doing gigs in the local area, and other music with a link, however tenuous to the other events going on. I'm very new to presenting but I hope to provide you with an entertaining show where I am providing you information about events you perhaps didn't know about, and places you've never visited. Also in the pipeline is a Jowheretogo  website, with information about bands, artists, venues, comics, theatre and days out. I hope to make this interesting and engaging, not just a listings website, the things I promote are the ones that really catch my eye, and I want you to share!
A development has been my new involvment with RIISE Music Management, in the promotion of its artist's careers. If you don't already know him check out Junior Turner and his music. I'll be bringing you news about RIISE in addition to my other promotional activities.

I'm sitting here looking out at the snowy landscape getting a wee bit nervous about the prospects of getting anything constructive done. I'm one of the many parents with a child snowed out of school. I've convinced him (now he's exhausted the novelty of playing in the snow) that now would be a great time to make a  much better job of his homework. Meanwhile I can do mine!

Today, I'll start with comedy..


Monday 28th January

"The Grape and the Grain" with James Dowdeswell who has performed sell out versions of his Wine Show in th UK and Australia. He'll be spouting humorously about wine and Vladimir McTavish will be coming along to add to the convivial atmosphere with a jolly set about whiskey. And this alcoholic extravaganza will be taking place at The Stand on High Bridge.

Wednesday 30th January

At The Stand is the regular Red Raw night with new and established comics trying out new material, and only 2 quid for a night out. Can't say fairer than that!

Friday 1st February

The Grinning Idiot comedy club is back after a short break on Fridays 1st February at the Grand Hotel Tynemouth, with Mick Ferry, Phil Nicol, support and MC John Smith.
Mick Ferry..always well turned out

Saturday 2nd February

The Grinning Idiot is at The Live Theatre on Broad Chare with a line up including Phil Nichol, Sean Percival and John Smith as MC. Really nice venue for comedy and for theatre.

Sunday 3rd January

The very funny Gavin Webster is at The Stand with his "Northumbrian Assembly" an excellent value comedy night with more laughs for your pound than most. I really like this fella...always puts a smile on my face with his quirky northeast spin on observational comedy, and some downright random but hilarious stuff. With guests, sketches and all sorts of silly stuff. Get your tickets here.


Monday 28th January

The Vieux Carre Jazzmen are bringing swinging old time jazz blues to the Cornerhouse. I had a wee listen and it sounds like you'll be in for a very chilled out smooth evening..nice.

Tuesday 29th January

Rita Ora is at the O2 Academy.

Shatner's Bassoon are at the Cluny..this is jazz on a very different level to the Vieux Varre Jazzmen. Very avant garde, someone who knows nothing about this genre I'll leave it there. If you like crazy mixed up jazz...this is for you!

Wednesday 30th January

"School of Rock and Pop Showcase" at the O2 Academy... looks interesting, getting young people into bands and the performing arts. Little Mix, meanwhile in the other room at the O2.

Danny and Ben from Thunder are at the Sage Gateshead. British rock with feeling!

Newcastle rap hip hop combo Militantz are at the Cluny. Really, really growing on me this, northeast England homegrown poetry and hard grooves. I really do like a bit of everything ye knaa! Loving the accent in the rap! Really emotional stuff.

Thursday 31st January

The Old  Tire Swingers and the Kentucky Cowtippers are at the Live Theatre. Brand new and original bluegrass, country and americana.

The very lovely Paloma Faith is at the O2 Academy.

The East Park Reggae Collective is at the Cluny  They are probably excellent, but I can't get onto their website right now to find out. Do check their facebook page though.

Friday 1st February

Plan B, Labrinth and Rudimental are on at the Metro Radio Arena. A large venue required to fit the size of these stars. Plan B had a top 3 album with "Ill Manors" last year and he was nominated for 2 Brit Awards after a very successful and innovative Twitter based marketing campaign for the album release.

Pictish Trail (very nice website with videos, have a listen) at the Cluny.

Saturday 2nd February

Modestep at the O2 Academy.

The Longsands are at the Ship Inn, Benton. Homegrown indie rock.

The Milk are at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, well there you go, I didn't know they did gigs there. Had a listen and I like "Chip the Kids". Funky.

Sunday 3rd February

Jumpin Hot Club has Otis Gibbs at the Cluny. American singer-songwriter with a really warm rock sound and social comment. Have a listen to "Detroit Steel" on his website.
Otis Gibbs

Mark Morriss of the Bluetones is at Hoult's Yard. I really love the Bluetones, ever since I heard their CD playing in RPM records. Mark is now devoting his talents to a solo career, and planning an album release through crowdfunding on Pledge him out.

Hey, I'd better dash on to..


Save the Last Dance For Me is at the Theatre Royal from the 28th January until the 2nd February.
Save The Last Dance For Me
The Oh F**k Moment at Northern Stage "You should probably see this if you've ever stood on a rake. Or accidentally made your party cocktails with bleach. Or locked yourself in a shed. Or been caught cheating."
I think the missing letters are "ol"

Northern Stage is situated behind the new Newcastle University building (Kings Gate) on Barras Bridge.
A great way to see brilliant theatre at a reasonable price...especially if you take advantage of the multibuy deal. Buy several tickets in advance (thereby investing in many future nights out) and save significantly on the price of each ticket. I've done this...really recommended.
A lot of great theatre coming to Northern Stage in the next month., check their website and grab the good seats while you can!
 More theatre coming up later in the month, but that's it for this week. Listen to the show on Monday 28th January at 12pm on NE1FM 102.5 or online at
Me looking a bit creepy at the mic!

Monday, 14 January 2013

@jowheretego 23rd - 31st January 2013..What's on in Newcastle and Gateshead

Get out there..defeat the S.A.D. !!

No need to be sad at the end of January, too much going on for that. Put your sorrows in a box, kick them to the back of your mind and get on with enjoying some music, comedy and theatre in our wonderfully vibrant area...despite the cuts. Support local music and entertainment, it needs your help and you need it.

Some great music on this week..


Wednesday 23rd January

The GoGo Midgets are at The Cluny have a listen...they sound like they'll be great live, good solid rock tunes with decent lyrics. Liking this a lot.
The Go Go Midgets: matchboxes in picture actual size

Thursday 24th January

Mad Hatter Thursday at The Bridge Hotel. The really excellent Hattie Murdoch (made for a much bigger audience) have a listen to her music on Amazing Tunes (the source of music for Amazing Radio..all new original music) right here. Support from Nick Gladdish, Simon Chester and some special guests.

Tanita Tikarem at The Sage Gateshead. Showcasing her new album: "Can't Go Back". Have a listen to her latest single "Dust on My Shoes". Tanita came to fame back in 1988 with "Good Tradition" from her debut album "Twist in my Sobriety". She stood out then, remains to be seen if she still does. Go and see her. Find out. She certainly looks good!

Saturday 26th January

J D McPherson at Gateshead Old Town Hall. J D McPherson specialises in old school rock and roll. The Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Elvis kind. I first heard him on Amazing Radio and was struck by the contrast to what is playing on mainstream radio most of the day. Brighten your week and go and see him. He is being supported by Sean Rowe with haunting melodies pulled together by an amazing voice.
J D Mcpherson: Rock and Roll is hard work

However, This Ground Moves are playing at The Cluny with support from Ian Courtney, Roger Emerson and Revelator. So you may have a bit of a dilemma. I love a bit of This Ground Moves, me! Have a listen to their latest single "Shoulders of Fortune".

Sunday 27th January

Russ Tippins, The Bandits and the Mojo Hand Band in a 21st Birthday Bash at The Cluny get yourself a night of blues rock and excellent real ale at what is becoming one of my favourite live music venues in Newcastle.

At the Queen Victoria in Gosforth (I barmaided there back in the day!) is an Open Mic Night hosted by Driven Serious...Have a listen ...lovely folky rock with an edge...think I need to see them soon! Oh, and free beer if you "do a turn"!

Monday 28th January

The Vieux Carre Jazzmen are at the Cornerhouse bringing the jive alive.

Tuesday 29th January

Rita Ora is on her Radioactive Tour at the O2 Academy. The adorable 22 year old is bringing her poppy Kosovan style to the Toon. Ok, I had to check out her tunes before writing this....clearly she is loved by hoards of fans. Her video for "Shine Ya Light" had over 5 million views when I wrote this. I've forgotten the song already! Sometimes music just doesn't float my boat, this is one of them.
Rita Ora: a very shiny star

Wednesday 30th January

Little Mix at the O2 Academy  signed to Syco, on their debut tour. Will they be remembered in 20 years? Who cares, enjoy them now.
Little Mix: just eye candy or so much more?
The Militanz are at the Cluny if you want some original and new poetical political hip hop rap fusion.
The Militantz: wanna buy a gas mask?

Thursday 31st January

Paloma Faith is at the O2 Academy with support from Josephine. Now, I do like miss Faith. She's got that quirkiness and originality that so often gets rinsed out of pop stars, and she can sing in an individual and soulful style and write a canny tune. Have a listen to Josephine in her video "What a Day". I'm afraid there's a health message before the music video, but very important stuff!


There are some major comedy acts coming a little later in the year, but in January and February comedy is a little thin on the ground.

Saying that, the Grinning Idiot Comedy Club is back in action in February, with Mick Ferry, Phil Nicol, Dougie Dunlop  Sean Percival all making appearances. Check out the Grinning Idiot website for details and follow them on Facebook. The Grinning Idiot has hosted comics as big as Sarah Millican and Michael McKintyre. Comedians, even when they can fill an arena often need to try out material in a smaller, more intimate venue. And that, in my opinion is the best place to see them. I saw Reg D Hunter at the Grinning Idiot, in a small catholic club. He was in the bar queue...he has massive hands (swoon).

The Stand on High Bridge has something on every night, it seems, so you have an endless supply of comedy despite the January relative lack of entertainment. My own personal recommendation is the Wednesday night Red Raw show where new and old comedians try out new never know what, or who you will get for your tiny 2 quid ticket. Check the listings.

The Hyena is very a different comedy experience to the Grinning Idiot and the Stand. It caters for parties of people, with packages including food available. Corporate venue hire is also possible. Have a look at what's on.


Tuesday 22nd until Saturday 26th January

Comedy: The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is at the Theatre Royal starring Jess Robinson as "Little Voice" a shy young woman who spends her time in her room with her Dad's record collection perfecting her impersonations of her favourite stars. She is overheard by a talent scout who wants to mould her into a massive star and a cash cow for himself. But is this the life for her? Beverley Callard (Coronation Street, 2 Pints of Lager and a Bag of Crisps) stars as Little Voice's mum. Contains realistic adult language!

Arsenic and Old Lace is at the Peoples Theatre, with everyone a volunteer, community theatre at its best. 'Look, I probably should have told you this before but you see, insanity doesn't just run in my family - it practically gallops.' A farcical story about crazy old spinsters and their sane nephew. Their desire to "save" their lodgers from the "sorrows of this world" leads to interest from the police and complications in the young man's romantic life.

Wednesday 23rd January

Bright Club at the Black Swan on Westgate Road, is describe as the "thinking persons variety night" with comedy, music, performance, academics, scientists...real variety!

A Great Day Out

Washington Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust is well worth a visit whether its just to have a relaxing walk while looking at and interacting with the various attractive and often comical wetland birds, or to help with your children's understanding of wildlife. I've been taking my son there since he was in a pushchair, he's 9 now and still loves feeding the birds (with the correct food) and seeing them as the different migrant birds come in and out of the centre at different times of year. The plumage right now is gorgeous as the birds are getting ready to attract a mate in the spring. There is an insect garden (insects all asleep right now!) and a "Close Encounters" area with the birds that don't mind you hand feeding them. There are walks around the site. Its a good way to get the stresses out of your mind and feel really in touch with nature. There is a play area with a chance for kids to got messy with water. As they should! We (my son, my husband and me) were there this weekend. I got some really nice pictures...
Close Encounters of the Bird Kind!

Handfeeding Nenes (Hawaiian ducks)..very gentle!

Asian short-clawed otter at feeding time.

That's all for now. I shall now crack on with turning some of this information into a radio show. I've had word from NE1FM that they are happy to make me a regular presenter. We just need to finalise the time slot. So do listen to your local radio station....possibly the only really local one. You can volunteer as a presenter or to help in any of the essential work involved in running a community radio station. Excellent experience and training in a friendly team.

Monday, 7 January 2013

@Jowheretogo in Newcastle/Gateshead 7-22nd January 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had an excellent festive season and you weren't plagued by one of the many varied nasty viruses. Unfortunately the Jowheretogo house was full of the dreaded lurgy but we didn't let it spoil it too much!

2013 is set to be an interesting one (in a good way I hope) for Jowheretogo. With a website, under construction, introducing bands, artists, comics, events and theatre in a way that isn't just a listings site, its going to be more personal than that. I love music and entertainment, and I want you to get the best out of your spare time and hard earned cash. You can hear some of the bands I'm suggesting you see on my Jowheretogo Show on NE1FM 102.5...follow @jowheretogo for details.

January is set to be a quieter month. Confidence in people's ability to afford a night out after Christmas is low. However there are some gems out there. Newcastle and Gateshead, we're not just going to stop being a mecca for great music, theatre and comedy just because it's January!

What's on in January then?


Monday 7th January

Vieux Carre Jazzmen at the Cornerhouse, Newcastle. Playing the popular music of the 1920's and 1930's.

Tuesday 8th January

Hellion Rising at the Three Tuns in Gateshead. Free Metal Gig!

Thursday 10th January

Scott Kiers at the Open Mic Night at the Three Mile Inn. Dark and haunting music from the  guitarist and vocalist who fronts Sunderland based alternative country band Redwings.

Friday 11th January

Limehouse Lizzy at the O2 Academy. Popular Thin Lizzy tribute act.

Jake Houlsby at O'Neils. Acoustic melodies from this young artist from Newcastle.

St Os. Fest with Paul Smith of Maximo Park, The Futureheads, Frankie and the Heartstrings, Peter Brewis from Mercury-nominated Field Music, Cornshed Sister Jennie Brewis, Little Comets and Stockon-based The Chapman Family are all confirmed to take part in the event at Newcastle University Student Union. Raising money for northeast charity St Oswalds Hospice.

The Fontains at Mr Lynch A rock. pop and indie 3 piece covers band.

The Tea Larks at Berkely Tavern, Whitley Bay

Saturday 12th January

Whole Lotta Led at O2 Academy. Led Zeppelin covers from this well-thought-of tribute band comprised of outstanding musicians who really love Led Zeppelin!

The Outsider Showcase gig at the Cluny with some amazing local bands. Seriously, this is a really must-see lineup.So What Robot (my son is addicted to their tunes, its scary), Static Soul, James Allen and Co, Peculiar Disco MovesStud Puppy and Alex Burgess.

                                                                  So What Robot

Jen Stevens and one of the Hiccups at Tynemouth Priory 9pm

Sunday 13th January

No Time For Jive at The Tyne. West coast blues band...have a listen on Youtube.

Tuesday 15th January

Kendrick Lamar at O2 Academy

Thusday 16th January

Buskers Night at The Dolly Peel with Jen Stevens and Friends

Wednesday 17th January

Jen Stevens and one of the Hiccups at The Victoria, Whitley Bay.

Friday 18th January

The Watchers at the Cluny. Have a listen to the pot-pourri of intsrumentalism and lush vocals in "Cut the Ribbon" on their website.

Jen Stevens and a Hiccup (singular) at LifeOf Riley, South Shields

                                                            Jen Stevens: All over January!

Saturday 19th January

Renegade Rocks at the Cluny with Def-Con-One, The Karma Heart, Sabbatica, I Am and Siege UK. Enjoy a night of proper heavy rock and metal!

Sunday 20th January

Mojo Hand Band at  The Tyne. Rythm and blues at the Tyne with decent ale. Perfect recipe for a good night out.

Tuesday 22nd January

Amy Holford + The Last Spectacular + Iceni at The Cluny. Goosebump-inducing songs from a very talented singer sonwriter.

Tuesday 8th January and 15th January

Laughing Horse New Act of the Year: Kai Humphreys at the Dog and Parrot, Newcastle

Monday 14th January

The Suggestibles at the Stand Comedy Club, High Bridge

Monday 21st January

Andrew Lawrence (is coming to get you!) at the  Stand Comedy Club. Putting the "grin" in "ginger" by some kind of twisted reasoning.

                                                                     Andrew Lawrence

Aladdin at the Theatre Royal until 19th January (pretty cool effects and a gripping show all the way through.) Sad to see the Theatre change their ice cream from the lovely local Beckleberry's to some generic Italian style stuff. Shame on you! Sorry I just love Beckleberry's. I was looking forward to the interval!

Equally Divided by Ronald Harwood at The Little Theatre in Gateshead. I really must check this little place out! Until 19th January.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice at the Theatre Royal from 22nd January to 26th January.    

Arsenic and Old Lace at the People's Theatre, all done by volunteers, great value theatre at the great venue.

I'll be back with more events later in the week. And listen out to NE1FM for the Jowheretogo show. Enjoy life, its what it's for!

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