Wednesday, 25 May 2016

#LiveReview @Magnumonline with @VegaOfficial @O2Academynewc 22/05/2016

Magnum: Still Rocking With the Same Spirit

The show opened with tight harmonies from 6 piece band Vega and a cracking tune called Explode. The band were keen to get the audience on board with the second song Kiss of  Life, from their first album. A new song from the latest album Every Little Monster made us think of AOR legends Honeymoon Suite.

The band understand the protocols of one foot on the monitor singalong AOR big numbers that get an audience's fists in the air. All Or Nothing has a passing resemblance to Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me and the band acknowledged this by chucking in a line from the song. This song however was better for not containing some rather weak rap. The new album Wherever We Are has some great driving music like White Flag that wouldn't be out of place on a Top Gear compilation. Saving Grace. This was great AOR and the band never put a foot wrong, or indeed on a monitor. Nick Workman has an enviable vocal style perfect for these songs. He got the audience singing along with this final chorus, something not often seen with support bands.

Magnum opened their set with Soldier Of The Line, and followed this with On A Storyteller's Night, getting those audience arms waving. These songs are so beloved of real Magnum fans. The band's devotion to their craft after so long surely has to be respected.

Bob Catley is still the gameshow host of rock and Tony Clarkin is still firing shards of virtuoso guitar, and Mark Stanway creates the melodic glue from his banks of keyboards. The formula of this music is so popular with Magnum's fans so why change it? Bob Catley is a unique frontman who always tries to make the audience feel special. He and the band have been hugely underrated over the years but retained a loyal following, who keep turning up for the tours.

Bob's voice did sound as though the touring is taking its toll, however with all the hay fever and colds around, it could have just been a sore throat giving it that slightly gravelly quality. I've seen Magnum a few times, although the last time was about ten years ago and the vocals definitely sounded different at this gig. The new rhythm section have settled in well, creating the great big sound Magnum fans love.

A few new songs deflated the atmosphere somewhat, this is not an unusual occurrence at gigs but Bob didn't introduce these songs which is not like him at all. His voice coped better with the ballads like the amazing Your Dreams Won't Die and then the audience were back in the party with the line "they are the victims of the night..." and we were all singing along to How Far Jerusalem and Bob took the opportunity during the guitar solo to get a drink and tend to his hair, we could see you Bob!
Les Morts Dansant and All England's Eyes were clear audience favourites. Magnum embody the classic rock ideal with songs that speak to the soul and everyone in the band is darned good at what they do. It may not be your cup of tea but a room full of people went away very content from this gig.

This review was written by Stephen Oliver at the gig, embellished by Joanne Oliver of Jowheretogo PR

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

@wearejames and @slowreadersclub didn't allow much sitting down at @cityh4ll #newcastle

James and Slow Readers Club, 
Newcastle City Hall 17/5/2016

The typically bar-obsessed City Hall audience was a bit sparse while Slow Readers Club brought ethereal lyrics and jolly Smiths-esque guitars to the stage. This didn't make their reception to the support band any less warm There could be some Echo and The Bunnymen/ Electrafixion influence with this band but the sound is very stand-out in the current market. One More Minute and Days Like This Will Break Your Heart bode well for the contents of the new EP. The unsigned band from Manchester have been doing fabulously on Youtube with the highly memorable I Saw A Ghost and this was performed beautifully with Aaron Starkie’s wonderfully resonant vocals the star on the Christmas tree. They are a very tight live band and show real love for their work. This band have such a great package of songs to deliver, I'll definitely have to buy the album and see them again. 

James are back with a new album (Girl At The End Of The World) which, judging from this gig, is again full of infectious, anthemic numbers with singalong parts we rapidly learned. Nothing But Love released a couple of months ago is full of joyous philosophy. Walk Like You warns against just being like your mum and dad and comes from 2014’s Le Petit Mort album.
So many songs were played that I haven’t got space to list them. I won’t mention the obvious missing song from the set. But suffice to say there wasn’t a lot of motivation to Sit Down at this gig. At two points the fourth wall was kicked down and Tim strode into the audience climbing over seats and dancing amongst us. In addition the brass player spent some time playing from amongst the crowd in the balcony. This was a truly amazing gig and a very happy crowd. Tim is still an uninhibited dancer which was great to see. The energy was contagious and they even got me dancing!

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Kev of @RFTKPromotions : @BLOODSTOCKfest #METAL2THEMASSES Semi Finals are coming to #Newcastle! #metal #rock @weareTHINKTANK

Over the past few weeks, 25 great bands have graced the stage in the first ever Newcastle round of the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses.
The Newcastle winner will go on to play Bloodstock Festival in August.

There have been some high quality and extremely tight battles in the heat stages, but now only 10 bands remain.

"I knew there was a lot of talent in Newcastle," says promoter Kev Morris of RFTK Promotions, "Though I hadn't expected some of the heats to be so tight."
"I'm genuinely gutted for some of the bands that didn't go through - but - that only goes to show the bands we've got to be all the better"

There are two semi finals which will reduce the field from 10 down to 5.   The semi finals take place in Think Tank on Time Square on May 15th and May 29th.

This Sunday, 5 bands battle it out - they are;

Hellion Rising - local Groove metal
Arcite - Melodic Metal

Guardian - hardcore from Northumberland

Rusted Hero - Modern Rock, Blues and Grunge

Devil's Night - Grunge newcomers

Entry is just £4 with doors opening around 6.45pm and first band at 7.15pm.  At the time of writing the running order is to be decided, but coming down anytime is a sure fire way to see some excellent local talent.

"Fans have got behind the competition, which has really pleased me," enthuses Kev, "I'd like to hope at the very worst every band picks up some new fans.  Certainly a lot of new friends have been made and I'd like to hope this helps the local scene a little"
"This region has a lot to offer musically - and I'm really excited.  If the bands are on top form the semi finals are going to be really tight..."

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Video created for Troy Slater by Jowheretogo PR. Music by Joanne Oliver

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

@rftkpromotions and @SSDconcerts bringing some great music to the #northeast !

Shows coming up from RFTK Promotions:

*May 3rd - Milk Teeth + Black Foxxes + Eat Me @ Think Tank
Milk Teeth (by Justin Worden)

*May 5th - Chameleons Vox @ Think Tank

Chamelians Vox 

*May 14th - Chasity Belt + Tuff Love + Slurs @ Think Tank

May 15th - Bloodstock Metal 2 Masses Semi-Final 1 @ Think Tank

May 23rd - Mortiis + Seraph Sin + deadfilmstar @ Cluny

May 27th - Dorje + Four Colour Ghosts @ Independent (Sunderland)

May 29th - Bloodstock Metal 2 Masses Semi-Final 2 @ Think Tank

May 30th - Cold in Berlin @ Head of Steam

June 9th - Ayria + Inertia + EurasianeyeS @ Think Tank

June 17th - Bloodstock Metal 2 Masses Final @ Cluny

June 29th - Combchrist + Filter + Rabia Sorda @ Riverside

October 5th - The Birthday Massacre @ Think Tank

Tickets for all are available from , , Reflex Records.  Cluny shows are available from the bar.
Bloodstock M2M Tickets coming soon.

*Shows organised by SSD Concerts, RFTK are helping to promote these.

Need help publicising your live events? Get in touch with Jowheretogo PR We also provide live photography and studio photography as Carliol Photography . Email for details.

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