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Friday, 6 December 2013

Review: The Vinyls, Thomas McConnell and Coquin Migale at The Dog and Parrot

Proper artists, proper songs, a proper good night

The Dog And Parrot upstairs room, stripped of its tables and chairs makes for a perfect small venue with a reasonable bar.

Coquin Migale took to the stage for what was only their second gig as a band together and the 4-piece from Newcastle didn't fail to impress the small crowd with their music. Their songs touch on the ethereal trend that dominates some of the new music radio programmes, but then move into much more interesting territory, jumping from one musical "room" to another while keeping the theme of a song. Their Yellow Room EP is definitely worth getting hold of and can be downloaded for £0 from their Bandcamp Page. I predict great things for this band, all four of them have talent beyond their years and a youthful enthusiasm I hope they don't lose for a long time!

Thomas McConnell, is only 20 and already a very accomplished songwriter and performer. The influence of Lennon and McCartney cannot be denied, in fact Girl by the Beatles was faithfully covered by Mr McConnell during the set. His own songs including Penelope Definitely and Hello grab your attention in the way only truly great songs do. He is a skilled performer both on keyboard and guitar. I expect to hear at least some of these songs used on the TV or in film. They have that quality. Have a listen to him on his Soundcloud.

The Vinyls just ooze (yes ooze) quality as a band, with a stage presence that swelled out from the small Dog and Parrot stage like a muffin-top over tight jeans. In common with Thomas McConnell they did have a retro feel to their music and performance that worked in their favour. Their effervescent demeanour onstage and the great positivity-inducing songs shook the last scraps of workday gloom out of my head and put a smile on a lot of people's faces. The Vinyls are a complete package of talent, personality and great songs that is in need of just a little push to make them a household name.

This was a very enjoyable evening with great bands and in a very pleasant venue. Check out who else is coming in Alphabetti Spaghetti's "Brolly Season" on their website.

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