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Friday, 20 June 2014

EP Review (no I don't do EP reviews) Great Man Theory "The Horse"

No, reviewing EP's is not what I do, so don't ask me. I run a PR company (well, two now: Jowheretogo PR and Panther PR) and so my job is to get other people to review music. However. I rather like Great Man Theory, not just because they are collection of not unattractive young men. They produce music that takes me back to my hard rock youth, and the the guitars, bass and harmonised vocals all combine to give the kind of growling rock that can awaken that darker side of the mind, in a good way.

There are 4 tracks on the EP. What is Mine is a pacey/aggressive rock song still with the characteristic blues edge that lifts Great Man Theory out of pure hammering rock and into something way more interesting.  Riverblind is an insistent rolling dirty, bassy blues rock grind with vocal harmonies that do not lighten the mood but keep it dark. Cage Rights makes me think of a song used on the XBox game Forza Racing. This is not a bad thing, this is head noddingly good stuff. The eponymous track on the EP  The Horse begins with guitar sliding atmospherically in then shifting around the A flat minor 7 sort of area in a way that is a real departure from the band's usual style. This is a dramatic piece that could find its way onto a suitable drama on the big screen, it evolves in an alomost classical style. I really recommend seeing this band live. I have heard some of their older songs live and they are great, but I'm looking forward to hearing them belting these out. With Gallery Circus getting some attention at the moment, I think an ideal support band would be Great Man Theory.

Photo ©Jowheretogo

Check out the Facebook Page for news on gigs and festival dates. You can obtain this outstanding EP from the Great Man Theory website.

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