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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Review: The Little Kicks at The Head of Steam 31/05/2014

The Little Kicks have a talent for creating really, really good songs. The kind of quality pop that really gets in your head, pulls up a chair tells a story and makes itself at home, and claims squatter's rights. The band came down from Aberdeen to help promote their album Put Your Love In Front of Me and proved that the new songs are every bit as good as those on the last CD that's had permanent residence on my car stereo for weeks. A great performance and a sound that would fit nicely on a much bigger stage.
The Little Kicks

Support came from Coquin Migale who have grown in their stage presence since I first saw them, at their earliest gig together. There is a punk energy in their new songs and in the presentation of all of their material. The stage was clearly not big enough for them either as they spent some time off it!

Coquin Migale

Human Sacrifice Club impressed with their pacey songs and complex rhythms, and also some witty banter. I'm wondering if someone in the band has a fondness for "difficult jazz", although the syncopation and rapidly changing songs were really rather pleasing, they were huge fun.

Human Sacrifice Club

The Head of Steam makes for a fairly cost effective venue hire, although the best beer is to be found in the bar upstairs and the toilets are open to abuse from passing trade. My pet hate at the moment  as a photographer, is also those LED lights,energy saving but play havoc with my sensor. 

Words and pictures ©Joanne Oliver for Jowheretogo

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