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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Live review@OxjamNewcSund Fundraiser at @theCluny 29/08/2014

Oxjam Sunderland and Newcastle Fundraiser, The Cluny 29/08/2014
The night brought together an eclectic lineup to raise some money to help get the local  Oxjam Festival off the ground. The crowd was much smaller than hoped, Friday night gigs are a real hit and miss affair at the moment, although I would argue your money is better spent on a couple of pints and a few bands, than a few pints and a headache.
The first act to grace the stage was Greg Genre, with his Geordie take on acoustically driven hip-hop. At times he has a touch of the Jack Johnson about him, a wee bit Coldplay in the vocal delivery at times. His songs are honest and lyrically interesting, and I’d be happy to see him again.

Gingersnap and the Style Pile filled the stage with their various brass and stringed instruments and filled the Cluny 2 with funky jazzy and occasionally reggaefied goodness. Joanne Robson has a great distinctive voice that I think really shines live, and fits the music perfectly.

Good Friend impressed with their Therapy?-esque Irish flavoured punk. A larger crowd would have been bouncing, and I shall be seeking out opportunities to see them.

Finally, at the End..Appropriately enough for a band that definitely takes a nod in the direction of the Doors, The Agency took dark possession of the stage in the Cluny 2. The Agency (not a very Googleable name lads) have a new album out on the 29th September. If this gig is anything to go by Of Ghosts will be an epic if doomy film-noir affair, there was one song that had quite singalong chorus! The Agency do draw you into their world when they play their powerful and actually rather beautiful montage. Do make time to see them.

Back to the subject of Oxjam Sunderland/Newcastle – the event is on the 4th and 5th of October so keep your diaries clear for it..there’s a host of great acts all putting in a shift in aid of Oxfam, all they need is for you to turn up and bring your friends. It’s an opportunity to see all of the amazing acts on the website, and stay tuned..well, keep reading this blog because I'll be sharing more news about the spiffing festival very soon.….

Joanne Oliver writes live  reviews for The Crack magazine, NE Volume and NEMM. She is the CEO of Jowheretogo PR, providing PR and social media services to the creative industry. Joanne is also the A&R  Director for Music Panther and Sync Panther...artist management and music licensing services. Live photography provided at competitive rates or included as part of a PR campaign.

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