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Monday, 4 August 2014

#quickreview @GiggleBeats comedy quiz at @standnewcastle

We were the Fringe leftovers
Lee Kyle with the ice cube tray I won.

A small but eager crowd of quizgoers came to see Lee Kyle host this month's comedy quiz. There are so few teams, in fact, that everyone was a winner! This was a side effect of the Edinburgh Fringe draining most of the comic talent and the usual comedy-savvy teams. this meant we, the Loon Band, were in with a chance of winning. But, no, we were so poor we were second to the bottom, so we didn't even get the coveted wooden spoon. However, my amazing effort at the caption competition won me some DVD's, a Ron Burgundy wobbly head man and moustache ice cube tray, and other bits and bobs, which  I will find very useful...I was very chuffed!

A comedy spot was filled by the sweetly intimidating (if you are right at the front) Nicola Jane Mantalios-Lovett.. change your name to Nickie Lovett and it will make life so much easier for introductions etc. I decided not to take a picture of the delightful Nicola as she was already a bit in my face, and I didn't want to excacerbate the situation. Nicola is very funny as she quizzes audience members about their views and turns them round, creating some mildly awkward situations. One audience member  tested Nicola with his random interjections, I think she came out of it quite could have gone a lot worse!

Lee Kyle was a relaxed and amusing quizmaster, a likeable bloke with a gift for the funnies. He gave me the change out his pocket as our team was the only one that didn't win a quiz prize...not awkward at all!

You can win some pretty great prizes in this quiz and have a laugh in the process. Comedy night tickets for Josie Long, Tony Law and Craig Campbell, a three course meal for two and comedy merchandise from Baby Cow Productions were given out this month. It's only £3 to get in the quiz, and The Stand can provide tasty bar food. check out for details of all their comedy events. 

Words and picture ©Joanne Oliver

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