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Friday, 8 August 2014

Bunnypoo Salad: The Movie Needs You!


Described as a "genitally fixated zero budget sketch comedy series", The YouTube -based comedy sketch show Bunnypoo Salad is aiming for the big screen. After 8 episodes of variously random, abstract, downright rude, very silly and chuckelworthy sketches, the Bunnypoo team want to create two whole hours of this madness, watch the trailer:

With the claim (that I doubt would stand up in court) :“Be an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER for just $50!! (37 euro) Extensive scientific studies have PROVEN that having an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit on your résumé will increase your chances of banging your fellow human by a whopping 759%. Get SMART!! Get CREDIT!! Get LAID!!” , The Bunnypoo Salad team have launched an Indiegogo campaigne to get this masterpiece made.

 If you are  obsessed Monty Python, The Goodies, and the likes of The Goon Show, you should perhaps get out more. This is comic anarchy for the err..”teenies” (have we decided what to call this decade yet?).

Become an executive producer and help make this thing happen by going to Indiegogo and pledging some money...I might even consider it myself. Maybe.

Bunnypoo Salad Episode 1: enjoy.

Lame attempts at filmic comedy like the Harry Hill film get the funding and famous backup they need, just to disappoint us at the cinema. It’s just not fair *stomps feet* that creative people like Duncan Skinner, Steve Revel, Seán James Sutton, Joel Soetendorp, Mark Scrimshaw and Jerry Christofilis have to beg you, yes BEG you for your help. Watch some more of their creations, and consider being part of this. Like these people thought possibly they might:

“The best reason I can think of for reading a book.”
 Horse & Cabbage Magazine
“Get that microphone out of my damn face!!”
 Wilberforce Clooney
“Erm, I’m sorry, I’m only here to clean the windows.”
 Scabby McKnobcake
“Almost brilliant!! Not quite sensational!!”
 The Lord God Almighty
“I was actually looking for a salad recipe.”

 Dot Chlamydia

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