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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Review: Λpex, @_SilentHouses_ and Hyde at Darlington Forum Music Centre 09/08/2014

Λpex, Silent Houses and Hyde at Darlington Forum Music Centre 09/08/2014

A Right Fruit Salad of a Gig!
Three completely different local bands on one bill, but all of the best quality. The Forum Music Centre in Darlington is a superb facility with a good sized venue and a stage of a scale you don’t often get to experience when you are at the early stages of your musical career.
Hyde were on first and they had a grasp of gritty alternative rock that belied their youth. They did throw in some covers but not obvious choices and their own songwriting proved to be of equal calibre. They should stick with their own material..not because they are bad at covers (they are great at them – Hot For Teacher was a gem), but because their own material deserves to be heard.

Silent Houses brought euphoric electronic-based pop to the mix, and the reaction was great. Hayley Mackay is utterly at home as a front-woman and has a crowd in her grasp with a genuine positivity and clear love of the music. The band gave the crowd a preview of their upcoming single One, which is a gorgeous waltz through the dawn of a loving relationship. It leaves you a bit emotional. Chris the guitarist and producer adds an edge to the sound which really brings it to life. A cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill was also very well received. Hayley has an uncannily similar vocal style at times.

­Λpex (Greek letters are not so clever if you want so be searchable online, lads) took to the stage and clearly had brought their fan club. This was lighthearted indie rock, and I witnessed dancing reminiscent of the Housemartins era (now I know this ages me). The jingling guitars and sometimes funky bass along with Harry Brockbanks’ vocals melded into a very appealing combination. A couple of covers were added to the set, from the Black Keys for example, in fitting with the band’s own style of music. The audience were gyrating throughout.

Harry of Apex: great fun.

The interaction between a bands fans and the other bands was very positive, and this shows that mixing genres at a gig can work out. It’s the quality not the pigeon-hole that matters.

Words and pictures by Joanne Oliver of Jowheretogo PR, providing social media management and PR campaigns to the creative industries.

Live performance photography specialists. "NO ONE SHOULD HAVE A MIC IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE!!" Our motto.

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