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Monday, 20 January 2014

Review: Avenues at The Dog And Parrot 17/01/2014

In the cosy surroundings of the Dog and Parrot the gigs was opened by the female-fronted and largely acoustically driven King's Collection. The audience participation bit came from This House, This Home, with syncopated clappy bits.The five-piece don't shy away from rock fuelled drama, however, as demonstrated in Drunk. They have an EP coming out soon, keep an eye on their website.
The King's Collection Photo ©Jowheretogo

Next up were new indie rockers Coquin Migale. They were kindly giving away their new EP Yellow Room and you can still get hold of it on their Bandcamp Page. They specialise in songs that move from the ethereal, with ringing guitars and angelic vocals(I'm sure he'll hate that description) from Alex Soper, to dramatic . My current favourite of theirs is Icarus with its shifts and turns and catchy guitars and chorus. Like King's Collection before them, though, Coquin were plagued by poor sound. This sometimes cannot be helped. I know the music well enough to know the band played well. Catch them this coming Friday again at the Dog and Parrot with Cairns and Back Into The Wild.

Then there was a stark contrast as the stage was taken by the Dirty Berkshire Gentlemen's Club. Anarchy and a genuine punk sound and attitude drove the performance with a grungey edge which is a welcome sound to my old ears. Definitely go see this band if you like fast moving rock and a fun night and don't mind the risk of being hit by stage kit.
The Dirty Berkshire Gentlemen's Club ©

Avenues took the stage to promote their new single My Days, My Afternoons which you can have a listen to on their Soundcloud. Avenues demonstrate quality songwriting, with emotive twists and turns and an incredibly tight live performance. Songs of love and youthful tribulations were performed brilliantly with the sound finally falling into place. Avenues sound a lot further on in their career than they actually are and should be taking their rightful place on the airwaves within the next year. We can hope.
Avenues Photo ©Jowheretogo

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