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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Album review: This Ground Moves - You Are Not The End Of The World

This album has earned a regular place on my car stereo..

I don't usually do album reviews but there's a first time for everything. The thing about this collection of songs is the fact they have been played to death on my journeys to and from the Jowheretogo office. But until now they have been in a different order. I got hold of the Pledge Music version several months ago. This means I am used to the (slightly ominous when you're driving) Car Crash starting the album. A really stonking tune, with a wonderful blend of instrumentation that started the album off really well. The new version of the album starts with the equally catchy Feed Me to The Dogs. I'm not entirely sure about the way it fades into the excellent Turned On but that's a personal taste thing.

The Waitress struck a chord with me. The story of a partnership strained by one partner's aspirations and dreams and the difficulties that can arise around risk-taking and change. I'm lucky to have such a very supportive family unit that has total belief in my ability to run a business and I have never been criticised for giving up a government science job in favour of working in the increasingly difficult music business...other than by my ever critical self. This song did prompt a few emotional tears on the way to work at times!

The orchestral sounds of Light Up Life are itching to be synched to a film, in fact Shoulders Of Fortune was chosen to be synched to a scene on CSI New York. The anthemic End Of The World ( love the deep-bass start) ended the album that  I'm familiar with but on this one Wage closes the long-player. An acoustic number with strings and a little nod to some of the slower Oasis numbers. It's a philosophical piece about life, the world and everything, and it works really well as a final song. For This Ground Moves though, is this the final song of an album, or the final song for them as a band? I hope not. But as individuals they have so much musically to offer that we will benefit from their talents in the future I'm sure.

You can get the album from iTunes 

Micky Cochrane has a good voice and carries all the tunes with an individual style that I like. You will catch him these days in various theatre and improvisational comedy productions. I saw him in the very daft Suggestibles Christmas Pantso and look forward to seeing him again.

I feel lucky to have seen This Ground Moves twice at Corbridge Festival, first in the little tent, then on the big stage. The more dancey Become The Sunshine appropriately heralded a break in the clouds. The festival is a great showcase for local music as well as bringing big names to the area. Do check for updates to the website and  for lineup details.
This Ground Moves at Corbridge Festival 2013 Photo ©Jowheretogo

Words: Joanne Oliver

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