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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Act Positive for A Change For The Better in the Workplace

Using Drama to Solve All Those Workplace.....Dramas!

Your office, your shop, your lab, or call centre at times can be a little fraught. Maybe there's an atmosphere you just can't put your finger on. Whatever it is it is affecting your colleagues' performance. Some people may be unduly stressed, a bit fed up with their jobs, or even depressed.

In-house training can help. Staff training can be dull, let's face it. Being told the obvious by people who don't know you or your workplace environment. There is another way.

Act Positive works with you to find exactly to right kind of training. A bespoke package that deals with the issues in your particular workplace. Using fiction and drama with professional actors, behaviours that damage the working environment can be challenged without pointing the finger at real people. Watching a situation unfold helps people question their own behaviours and their reactions to other people's behaviours. At the same time staff feel entertained. These are really good actors and the situations are well-written.

Also available are specially constructed videos to help with whatever problems are occuring within your workforce. Read more about Act Positive on their website and don't hesitate to get in touch.

A little investment in this kind of training can pay dividends in productivity, and let's face it no one likes working in a miserable workplace. Small changes and learning a bit of emotional intelligence can make a lot of difference. We spend so much time at work, lets make it as pleasant as possible, to get the best out of the workforce.

Here's a little video about choosing training for your workplace. VIDEO

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