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Monday, 27 January 2014

Early announcement...@BigCountryUK Headline @CorbridgeFest 2014 with @ChrisHelme !

Headlining the Main Stage at Corbridge Festival 2014

Big Country are an Internationally renowned Scottish Rock Band originally formed in 1981 by guitar playing founder members Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson.
 The band broke massively worldwide with the release of the album’s classic singles ‘Fields Of Fire’, ‘Chance’ and their signature song ‘In A Big Country’, which went on to become massive worldwide hits, selling over 2 million copies and driving ‘The Crossing’ to 3 prestigious Grammy nominations in the USA.
 The run of success continued throughout the 1980′s with the release of the anthemic single ‘Wonderland’ and the second album ‘Steeltown’ (1984), which debuted at No1 in the UK. The third album 'The Seer' included the No1 hit 'Look Away'. The band continued their success through the 90’s taking the total record sales to well over five million copies.
 In the summer of 2010, to celebrate 30 years of Big Country, the band reunited and two years of intense and emotional shows followed with the ‘new’ Big Country fuelled by a renewed energy and once again revelling in the dreams and visions that had brought them together in the first place, finding instant and respectful acceptance by fans and critics alike.
 Since then, the band have performed at many of the UK and Europe’s most famous festivals, including Isle Of Wight (Twice), V Festival, T In The Park, creating a new generation of fans and renewing the passion for diehards. The Summer of 2014 will bring Big Country to the Northumberland Countryside where they will headline the 4th Corbridge Festival.

Headlining in The Acoustic Tent

Chris Helme first rose to prominence as the front man of John Squire’s post-Stone Roses band ‘The Seahorses’ released his brand new solo album on the 27th of August 2012. Still rightfully remembered for Britpop classics Love Is The Law and Blinded By The Sun – songs that evoked everything the 90’s stood for, the excitement, the culture and the bands that provided a voice in a period of political and social imbalance.

Chris’ enviable back catalogue, bolstered further by his acclaimed works with The Yards, but it’s The Rookery’s knack for melody and imaginative, intricate, three-way guitar interplay that brings each track to such lush, blossoming, climaxes. Add to this Chris’ keen ear for arranging and those brooding string passages which resonate even more deeply.  Melodies rooted in traditional folk are reimagined on an album of rich variation, testament to his most powerful weapon – his voice.  From the earliest days of his career Chris’ voice has always commanded attention, and The Rookery’s variation is seemingly bound by this one continuous thread. Enjoy!

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