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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Toyah “Love is the Law Tour”
first date Newcastle Legends 18/10/2013

Toyah was supported by Alexa de Strange, a dramatic old-school rock band. Their style was indicated by the name of their new album Tits of Death which was performed with great passion by the 4 piece from Yorkshire. Alexa certainly has an impressive set of lungs on her, belting out those songs like a the pro she is.

Toyah is on tour to reanimate the 1983 album Love is The Law, and this she did. She expressed in her interview with me on NE1fm this week, her love for the album, and the fact it represents one of the best years of her life. She said this again tonight.




Toyah is a natural performer. Decades of acting, performing music, voiceover work, interviews and taking whatever the showbiz world threw at her has given her an amazing ability to present these songs in the way only she could. Her voice has, if anything, become stronger, more resonant and quite beautiful. She looks utterly at home still being the Toyah we remember. She had a great band and she had us all dancing to It’s a Mystery, Thunder in the Mountains, I Want to Be Free and gripped by her performance of those songs which some of us were less familiar with such as Neon Womb and The Vow. A fabulous adrenaline-charged gig from an artist with a whole lot more left in the tank. Another great gig from RFTK Promotions.



My interview with Toyah on NE1fm is on Mixcloud 

All photos by Jo Oliver for Jowheretogo

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