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Friday, 4 October 2013

Ouseburn Clean Up Day...get active be useful!

Ouseburn Valley clean-up days - Tuesday 8th & Saturday 19th Oct .
The Ouseburn Trust are out and about and keeping the area shipshape. 
The summer has left its mark on the valley! Some of the brambles and buddleia have been determined to encroach on the path ways.
There’s to be another 'clean-up day' on Tuesday 8th when it’s hoped to gather up much of the litter left from the summer holiday, with a follow up day on Saturday 19th.
It’s also planned to have a go at some of that vegetation, especially on "the steps to nowhere" on Lime Street and possibly even sow grass seed along some of the paths under the bridges.
Meet at Ouseburn Farm at 10:30am, lunch will be provided. Check out the Ouseburn Trust Website for other events.

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