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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Good Looking Boy at Arts Centre Washington

Box Clever Theatre take their hit Edinburgh show ‘Time for the Good Looking Boy’ to Arts Centre Washington on Thursday 28 November.

This hard-hitting play for young adults tracks the challenges of youth in the face of adulthood.

Following The Boy as he talks about his memories and emotions, this compelling, witty and intimate play explores the harsh realities of growing up, independence and the consequences of a night when your life changes forever.

An urban ghost story, The Boy tells his tale of love and loss in rhyming couplets with an original and haunting soundtrack.

This is an account of an extraordinary night in the life of an ordinary young man and a journey which will change his life forever. Wherever that journey takes him, we are asked to be part of it, to share it with the living and the dead. 

Using the rhythms and gestures of rap, often backed by composer Jon Nicholls's score, he tells us about the love between him and this girl who thought him 'not bad-looking,' of her concern about what will happen when she goes off to university. He talks about the way his father left him and his mother when he was a little boy. He describes his hurt refusal to respond to a dad he really loved when he came home to patch things up, realising only much later that his Jamaican mother would have taken her husband back if it had not been for his behaviour.

The script, and director Iqbal Khan’s production, gives the piece a variety of pace to match the way the boy moves from one aspect of life to another, through memories and emotions that will be shared by all. When romantic idyll turns into tragedy the audience finds it knows more than he does to give the plot added poignancy.

An original play for young people it was written by Michael Wicherek, directed by Iqbal Khan (BROKENGLASS STARRING ANTHONY SHER, WEST END), starring Lloyd Thomas (BBC RADIO, SEVEN DAYS OF SUMMER), and presented by Box Clever (DIRTY KISSING, SIXTEEN UP).

Time for the Good Looking Boy comes to Arts Centre Washington on Thursday 28 November, 7.30pm.  Tickets are £8.50 / £6 (conc) and are available from or by calling 0191 219 3455. 

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