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Friday, 4 October 2013

Delve into some Alphabetti Spaghetti in Brolly Season!

Delve into Alphabetti Spaghetti and the Brolly Season

This summer, Delve, an acoustic two-piece made up of the poignantly bearded Jack Cox and the intriguingly bespectacled Andy Vyse, is embarking on a tour of the British Isles, aiming to play 250 gigs in 250 days. They are just about 2/3 through this odyssey.

The Food and Fuel Tour will see the boys, described as ‘ones to watch’ by Bestival, taking to the highways and byways of Britain, playing pubs, clubs, bars and pretty much any venue that will have them. The West Country boys aren’t asking for much, all they want is for each venue they play to give them a meal and enough money to buy the fuel that will get them to the next gig, hence the name of the tour. 

Jack and Andy have played in various bands together and various bands apart, but it’s as Delve that they’ve found their musical home. Influenced by acts such as Bon Iver, City & Colour and Nick Drake, Delve’s music is wistful, progressive and ethereal and has already garnered an impressive following. So far Delve have played a number of illustrious festivals and venues, including Beach Break Live, Proud Camden, Club Fandango, 93 Feet East and of course, Bestival. However, the Food and Fuel Tour is sure to have them performing at many, many more in the future. 

The boys, unsigned as of yet, worked their knuckleheads to the bone in the cutthroat world of telesales for over a year in order to fund their vast tour. Finally, in March 2013, they quit their jobs and put about getting things in order. They bought a crap old camper van and called her Bev, but she died in a hail of engine oil and spare parts. So now, with a new van called Toni, the journey is underway and Jack and Andy are on the road. I love people who name vehicles!

Aside from being a great adventure, the tour has an actual purpose – Jack and Andy are touring their new self-titled three track EP that includes the songs Kelsey, Lakes and Seas and The Dripping Green. It was recorded at the legendary Metropolis Studios in Chiswick, so, you know, it sounds great. The EP is available from Bandcamp now, and you can pay whatever you like for it, just click here

Throughout the tour, Delve will be blogging, tweeting filming and generally documenting the heck out of everything they do. The video diary is already on its third episode, so be sure to check out their Facebook
Jack and Andy are only starting out, but the Food and Fuel Tour is a step in the right direction to getting the boys noticed as the musical talents they are. You’d be an absolute fool not to check the band’s SoundcloudFacebook, Twitter (@DelveBand) and Wordpress right now, so what are you waiting for? 

You can see them at The Dog and Parrot on Monday 14th October as the opening act of the Alphabetti Spaghetti Brolly Season. The Dog and Parrot will be hosting 13 theatre productions, 2 of them by the resident Alphabetti Spagehetti crew, music gigs, a poetry jam, and the regular Tuesday night comedy club and Saturday gig night.

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