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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Review: Burning Condors with "Dirty Girl Blues"

 Burning Condors "Dirty Girl Blues"

London art punk four piece Burning Condors' return with a new single ‘Dirty Girl Blues’, released on 15th July 2013 through Snakehand Records. The b-side is the twisted Beach Boys inspired ‘What Your Mama Said’.


So what do I think of it? Mucky. That's the word. The production is reminiscent of a pub in Hull circa 1987 (I know, I was there). Mucky, but in a pleasant way. I was drawn into a world of permissiveness, not a great thing to happen when you're at your desk, but the slide guitar, the muddy bass, and the pleading vocals can do that to an old girl. I love it. It's naughty. And I can't wait until the Condors make their way up north again.
"Your Mama Said" is great fun, a rollercoaster of rock and roll, with a hint of the Rocky Horror at its filthiest. If these boys clean up their music it's all over.
Burning Condors’ debut album ‘Round Our Way’ is due to be released in September 2013.  ‘Round Our Way’ was recorded at Stainless Sound Studios, Nashville and features a guest performance from Dave Roe, double bassist for Johnny Cash’s band Tennessee Three.
The cover art for ‘Dirty Girl Blues’ was produced by Danny O’Connor (aka DOC) who has exhibited alongside some of the world’s leading urban artists including Banksy and Adam Neate. DOC often leaves paintings on the street for people to discover and take home.
Burning Condors will play three UK shows in July, Old Brown Jug (Newcastle-under-Lyme) on 24th,  Milo (Leeds) on 25th and Buffalo Bar (London) on the 27th.
Hopefully they'll be up north  again soon, if I keep asking.

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