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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Live Review: Static Soul EP Launch at Warehouse 34, Hoult’s Yard 29/06/2013

Getting the happy on at Warehouse 34

Local electro-pop crew Static Soul launched their new EP entitled “C8H11NO2”  (that’s dopamine. The brain’s “happy chemical”). There was plenty of dopamine sloshing around the brains of the occupants of warehouse 34 last night.

First on stage were Hati – the rebranded Hatti Murdoch band, showing every sign of a move towards an edgier, darker electronic style, but with Hattie’s bluesy rock vocals keeping it all real. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Hati and hearing the new music.

Next up were the, frankly bonkers, Big Beat Bronson. With a massive sound and an approach to stagecraft channelling the Beastie Boys, Black Eyed Peas and Gwar. They were excellent.
Static Soul claimed the stage with a style familiar to all their fans, they do live pop music so well. Singer Jane has an outstanding voice that can carry a song to a much higher level than your average X-factor finalist. Jaimie on second vocals has a producing talent that, along with Jane’s vocals and a great live band creates a great pop package that works live and as a recording. The room was bouncing by the end of the gig and a few fans joined the band on stage for some cutting of rug.

All photos ©Jowheretogo Photography


  1. Was a corking gig, was a pleasure to have been lucky enough to be there!

  2. Certainly was. Thanks for commenting.


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