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Monday, 2 October 2017

#Review: @InHeaven, @OtherkinOK, @ParisYouthBand @WeAreThinkTank, Newcastle 30/09/2017

Review: In Heaven, Otherkin, Paris Youth Foundation at Think Tank, Newcastle 30/09/2017

It was evident that the PR for In Heaven had done the right thing and attracted the attention of the youth indie crowd. A decent size audience was ready for Paris Youth Foundation whose sound harkens back to Echo and The Bunnymen and the 90’s incarnation, Electrafixion. PYF are a talented bunch of musicians but I found myself wanting some more variety in the sound. I think it will come. They were appreciated by the young crowd which is the important thing.

Otherkin managed to tickle my eardrums enough to make me want the CD. With a bit of a sound of Arctic Monkeys, a punk attitude and some damned catchy tunes their lead vocalist had a bit of the Iggy Pop about him, which was nice. Sorry for all the comparisons, I like to give people a cultural reference. I’ve heard it said they are “not your typical Irish Band”. Having not done an in-depth statistical study of the music of Irish bands I cannot judge as to how near the average Otherkin is, but I like them.

The headliner, InHeaven, were obviously pleased at the well-attended gig which was the first of the tour. Having played the venue before to a more bijou crowd they must have had a warm fuzzy feeling from the very bouncy crowd. InHeaven have a sound that benefits from Nirvana-style guitar riffs, fun melodies and a pop sensibility. Not knowing much about the band I get the impression these guys have played with different styles until they found a musical “sweet spot” of their own. They are great on stage and built on the mosh circle that started with Otherkin. 

Some of the audience were maybe past their bedtime and felt the need to jump on the stage. This isn’t wise, kids. Bands depend on expensive equipment to create that great sound…do your dancing in the crowd. Of course, crowd surfing by the male lead singer is fine, we approve of that. 

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