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Thursday, 26 October 2017

New single from @LahaynaBand in aid of @PAPYRUS_tweets #youngsuicideprevention

Lahayna present new single 

In advance of their long awaited debut album, Lahayna release their second single ‘House of Cards’ and B-side ‘Sign of the Times’ on Monday November 20th 2017 via Snakehand Records.  All proceeds from the sale of the single will be donated to PAPYRUS, the national charity for the prevention of young suicide ( Please read the attached open letter from songwriter Matt explaining why this is so important to him personally and the background to the song.

About us - Prevention of young suicide UK | PAPYRUS

PAPYRUS is the national UK charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide.

The band achieved UK chart history in 2007 when their debut single, ‘In the City’, reached #33 in the Official UK Singles Chart, despite no radio airplay or industry support. Lahayna were swept along on a wave of exhilarating live performances and guerrilla marketing. They built a dedicated following around the UK by taking their music direct to the people, hitting the streets armed only with iPods to play their songs to the unsuspecting public. Following the success of ‘In the City’, Lahayna locked themselves away at The Way studio, Hackney, to record their hotly anticipated debut album. Fate would however intervene and the album was effectively lost, but now Lahayna are back! Their great lost album has been resurrected and will finally be released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their ground breaking chart success.

Live favourite ‘House of Cards’, the lead single from their self-titled debut album, is perhaps the most obvious example of the band’s signature sound, mixing gritty British indie and Americana influences to create “…epic..” (A Lachrymal Cloud and Commusings blog), Motown influenced soundscapes. A sound described enthusiastically by Fearne Cotton, on the Radio 1 Chart Show, as a”...weird collation of lots of different bands.” ‘House of Cards’ builds from minimal opening guitar and vocals into powerful, haunting exploration of life and loss. B-side ‘Sign of the Times’ is a rollicking burst of punk energy, recorded only a few months after the band was formed. It was included on their early demos and helped win over a loyal fan base. An exhilarating live experience, ‘Sign of the Times’ was often used as a set closer, leading to wild scenes. Despite the songs’ uplifting qualities, as with all of Lahayna’s best work, it deals with deeper social issues such as disaffected youth and alienation.

The artwork for the release is by Brazilian photographer Lorenzo Scavone.  In a strange twist of fate Lorenzo is the current owner of the Fender Stratocaster, which was the main guitar used on the album. Guitarist Matt sold the guitar to Lorenzo through his dad in London in order to finance his travels to learn Spanish.  He met Lorenzo in person when he later spent time living in Brazil and hanging out at Lorenzo’s place in the mountains on the outskirts of São Paulo

To celebrate the release of ‘House of Cards’ the band will be giving away a free mp3 of 'Red Light' via their Bandcamp page. The track was recorded live at Alchemea College, London and features original member Mems on rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

Lahayna’s self-titled debut album will be released on 20th November 2017.


“It’s kind of a weird collation of lots of different bands…really nice sound to it.” – Fearne Cotton, Radio 1 Chart Show [18/11/2007]

“Really like this...they’ve come out of nowhere, they’re unsigned, they’ve made it to 33 in this week’s chart and the tracks called ‘In the City’.” – Reggie Yates, Radio 1 Chart Show [18/11/2007]

 “Unsigned band Lahayna is set for the Top 20 this weekend after taking to the streets of London to sell their debut single.” – The Sun

“...thrilling...” – Alex Fletcher, Digital Spy

“...a distinctive Motown influence that means groovy bass and soulful and melodic tunes...” - Royal Holloway University Magazine

“...epic...” – Alexander Segall, Commusings Blog

“...epic” – Saul Williams, A Lachrymal Cloud

“They’ve managed to take the melodic, soulful elements of the Motown sound and blend it with the swagger and stage presence of the Rolling Stones. They they’ve got that youthful exuberance and social relevance that reminds me of when bands like The Jam and The Libertines first broke into the mainstream.  That’s when you know a band have something special.” - DJ Wylie

“…a place in the history of UK chart breakers.” – Urban Planet

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