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Friday, 27 October 2017

#review @_blancmange_ at @Boilershopncl with #Transfigure in support 26/10/17

Review: Blancmange at the Boiler Shop, Newcastle

A suitable support act for Blancmange came in the form of electro pop trio Transfigure. First on stage were guitarist Alex Greenup and Lewis Norvid on synths with minimal electro beats and simple riffs, until joined on stage by Grace Blamire who added ethereal vocals enhanced by the church-like acoustics of the boiler shop interior. As a trio they work perfectly with upbeat electro with a dark edge not common here but with a following on the continent. I was reminded of electro pop band Parralox and also another local band who made it big, Dubstar. We felt this band would be very at home at a German festival like Amphifest. 

Blancmange started their set on the Abba cover The Day Before You Came which in my opinion is the better version as it is gentle, deep and pulls at the heartstrings even more. The band did not rest on their laurels, and went straight into the title track from their new album Unfurnished Rooms. We Are The Chemicals struck a chord with the audience and the chemistry continued through Dark Door and Last Night I Dreamt I Had a Job. The new material stands up really well and we decided to buy the album at the end of the show. That said, the intro to Living On The Ceiling was like a cork popping with the audience really getting into the show.

Singer Neil Arthur really seemed to be enjoying the gig as he launched into Feel Me and finished with Blind Vision. He really is a good character on stage and breaks down the fourth wall with ease. The audience demanded an encore and were treated to the highly danceable Don’t Tell Me. A really great way to spend  school night. 

A word about the venue: unlike a lot of music venues there is a lot of attention to detail at the Boiler Shop. The toilets are sparkling and modern, the sound is great and there’s an area for wheelchair users to have a raised view of the stage. This was our first visit to the Boiler Shop and we look forward to the next. Music fans deserve this! 

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