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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Radikal Words at Northern Stage

Radikal Words at Northern Stage

Maxwell Golden

A spoken word night was a new experience to us as a family. We believe in exposing our son to inspiring individuals even if there is the occasional adult word. After all, the playground banter he hears is much worse…and not at all rhythmic or poetic.

Hosted by Jeff Price, Radikal Words curator, the night was a largely performance poetry night with musical interludes from folkstress Ditte Elly. Ditte has the most wonderful warm vocal style and accompanies herself on guitar. Her songs mull over relationships and feelings in a way that is touching, not cloying.

Local poet Ann Porro read her Mum of Four and a Letter from an Unknown Dog, poems ranging from gently humourous to a bit indignant. Her book was duly acquired.

Miles Salter, poetic, writer, musician, performed a selection of pieces from his Animals book which is kid-friendly and funny. Sometimes seeing things from an animal’s viewpoint, when they are put into a human situation.

Kate Fox, whom I have seen before at The Stand Comedy Club and was the poet in Residence for the Great North Run, started with a comic short from that time. Her poetry borders on stand-up comedy and she rightly highlighted the inequality in the comedy scene. Women are massively outnumbered in the comedy festivals and the clubs. She proved that women have a place on the comedy stage…as if that needs proving. Clearly some people think so.

Northeast favourite Scott Tyrell was very funny indeed. His retelling of the Angel of the North story is not to be missed. Any parent (in a healthy loving relationship) would recognise the cringeworthiness of Coitus Interruptus. Our son insisted on buying his book Grown Up which has a wide range of life’s little adventures examined within its covers.

Max Golden was by his own admission “bookless” but proceeded to engage the whole audience in his poetry and freestyling. He used the random objects people carry in their pockets and handbags to inspire an improvised rap. The audience joined in with repeated themes in the poems. His work is both deep and light hearted. Max has a real talent for keeping the crowd onside, a very likeable lad.

The night was well-balanced, and great fun, and left at least two of our party inspired to do a bit of writing. If you can catch another Radikal Words night, do. The plan is to get a larger venue as tonight was a sell-out. Great to see performance poetry doing so well!


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