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Friday, 22 November 2013

Electronic music with roots in the past, the present and the future.

RoutineZero releases debut EP

New Electronica artist debuts 4 track EP & music videos

 Release details -
“The Clock Hands Fall”
Release date 9th Dec
Free on Google/Spotify
Also in ITunes


RoutineZero writes and performs electronica based music – but it’s more than that:-
            Weaned on early-on electronic music, progressing through disco, hi-energy, new-wave, synth-pop, & rave – and now more into trance & dub-step: Mark’s influences all contribute in the make-up of his own BIG sound.
            RoutineZero combines hard-hitting beats – 4 on the floor but with influences from drum & bass, dub-step and trap. Deep bass and engaging melodies bolster the soundstage, and his vocals, that never shy away from real life situations poetically narrate his messages with undertones of gothic melancholy: sexual passion, love, drug abuse, bullying, anxieties and life observations.

“RoutineZero is phat basses, expansive synths and heavy beats fused with evocative lyrics. To me, it's his hallmark and that’s exactly what he gives you in the shape of his new EP. 4 epic songs with powerful lyrics that translate his experiences with depth, creating the mood and atmosphere to immerse you in his music. This is a significant 1st release!"

 Gav Lee – Rossi Noise / Base HQ Studios

Look out for new videos on Mark's Youtube channel. Coming Soon!


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