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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Review: Morgana le Fey at Northern Stage

The Crick Crack Club return to Northern Stage
 with the story of Arthur's legendary big sister.
The stage was set with a giant chess board, a set of draughts, a harp and a number of other props and instruments when Nick Hennessey started a gentle lullaby.  Xanthe Gresham then walks on stage wearing an extremely long blonde wig. The show has begun.
Over the next hour and a quarter we a given a real storytelling treat. The playful interaction between the two storytellers adds to the irreverent nature of a tale of old. We are all aware of the tales of King Arthur but we now find the spotlight turns to Morgana Le Fey. Xanthe muses on her status in the legend. Was she a goddess or simply a fairy who deserved a better billing?
The talented Nick weaves lush music around the story that Xanthe lays down with crystal clarity. A greater understanding develops of the lead character through a poignant narrative. Rewriting the rules becomes necessary to understand her battle against the misogyny of the time.
A refreshing take on a classic tale of Avalon.

words: Steve Oliver

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