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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Jowheretogo PR, the story so far, and the clients..

So What's Been Happening?

Since this blog was launched there have been a lot of changes. The Jowheretogo Show is an established part of the NE1fm schedule and Jowheretogo PR has had its first clients through the books.

This blog serves to publicise events in the Northeast and review those that have just happened. There have been theatre, music and comedy events on here and photos from the gigs we go to.

The old listings format is long gone, with bigger features for events more favoured now. There's going to be features on Jowheretogo clients and people who get in touch to be featured on the Jowheretogo Show on NE1fm on Mondays 12noon until 1pm (subject to schedule changes, updates will be posted on here).

For now though, a brief intro to the people who are using Jowheretogo PR. These are bands and an artist who are simply brilliant and need to be seen and heard by as many people as possible.

Denature and their label Riise Music

The first Jowheretogo mission....

Their fabulous video for Time created by video artist Chris Lavelle was publicised by Jowheretogo on Twitter and on Facebook, the video has, deservedly had over 16k views. You can see it here. Denature are playing a live gig at HMV Newcastle this coming Saturday. Check out their Facebook page.

Peculiar Disco Moves


This post-Britpop bundle of talent is on the search for the right label, the right management and a chance to break into the consciousness of the British public. Jowheretogo is throwing management contacts their way and searching for a label that will see the value of the songwriting and live performance package we have here. The upcoming single is set to be pinged all over the UK and "Chris" their previous single got put onto rotation on Rocker's Dive radio in America after Jowheretogo pushed it their way. America need this British eccentricity for its sanity! They played Corbridge Festival and a canny  review in The Crack magazine. Check out their website, lots of links to music and a press release there.

So What Robot

A new client for Jowheretogo PR, an eagerly awaited single is coming soon. These "agit pop" "electro-geek punks" (this is a Jo term, the description is subject to change) have made a video, and we can't wait to share it! They also rocked Corbridge Festival, like Peculiar Disco Moves after some badgering of the organisers by Jowheretogo.
Troy Slater

Troy is a musician, playing in more than one band, more of that to come. However the talent that Jowheretogo is promoting right now is his visual art. Having shared a corner of Troy's studio for a few weeks, Jo recognised how great his work is and Troy employed Jowheretogo for his PR work. Troy can create anything you want for your venue, or your home. Have a look at his Facebook gallery. He does landscapes, portraits and murals. He can work for councils, nightclubs....anyone who needs him.
Music Marketing
There are a number of new clients in the pipeline. But musicians need to be aware that the marketing process needs to start long (a couple or 3 months) before a release to make use of national press. Get in touch if you need music marketing help, sooner rather than later. Radio plugging is available as a standalone service. The number of stations on the database is growing all the time.
All the photos on this page are by Jowheretogo Photography (except for young Troy's selfie). Gig photography is available, just get in touch. Also if you want your gig photos turning into something, like a canvas for your mum's wall....get in touch, we'll work out a price! The main service though is to produce great live pics that show you in action on stage. We are picky which pictures are used, some things in our view, are just not good enough on gig photos, and yet they are seen so often!
The Jowheretogo Show
On NE1fm 102.5 and on You can hear Jo live every Monday 12 noon until 1pm,talking about what's on in the Newcastle/Gateshead area. Music is played right through the show, from the bands playing in the area and occasionally some that just fit the theme of a theatre event, perhaps. Interviewees on the show have included local grime artist Absorb, Dennis Greaves of Nine Below Zero, Steve Hackett of Genesis, coming up next month is an interview with 80's punk pop legend Hazel O'Connor and later in the year Jo may be speaking to prog rock flute maestro Ian Anderson. NE1fm is a valuable asset to Newcastle. Presenters are all volunteers and music gets played on there that doesn't get heard elsewhere because of the restrictive playlists on major radio stations. Do support the station. While sponsorship from businesses are a great help, this money must be match-funded with donations. We try our best to help this but with your help the station could be even better. You can donate on the station website here:

Jowheretogo PR is now based in Studio 14, Brighton Road Studios, Brighton Road, Gateshead. NE8 1XS. You can call Jowheretogo PR on 07928078810. The website is

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