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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

51 Shades of Maggie at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Knickerbocker Glory!
51 Shades of Maggie is a colourful mix of comedy and adult relationships. It started life when writer Leesa Harker started put about 500 words online. The positive feedback for 50 Shades of Red, White and Blue (check out the Facebook page) encouraged her to carry on with her story about how Maggie Muff started a relationship with a man she met at the dole office.
Since her start as a Belfast girl, Maggie’s story has now relocated to the East End of London. She is now frequenting the Red Lion with her big best mate Sally Ann, with whom she enjoys cigarettes, White Lightning cider and men. Things change when Maggie agrees to step in to do the Back to Work interview at the dole office for Sally Ann. Her interview is with “Mr Big” and after a chance meeting in B & Q everything quickly starts to move. This is when the differences between the book 50 Shades of Grey and this play become obvious. Maggie is no shy and retiring violet and she says it as it is. 
The one woman show is skilfully navigated by the wonderfully talented Adele Silva, whose comic timing and sassy delivery of the punch lines gave the audience many laugh out loud moments. It is always a delight to see such an appropriately paced one person show. The ability to not just learn a huge script but to also deliver it in such an engaging way is impressive. I, for one, will not be able to look at a cheese grater again without thinking about the parmesan cheese.
The show was, in short, amazeballs!
Please note due to the strong language and themes of an adult nature this show is deemed unsuitable for anyone under the age of 16.
On until 14th September Tuesday-Thursday 7.30pm, Friday 8.30pm Saturday 8pm. Get your tickets (from £15) from the box office at the Theatre Royal Tel 08448  11 21 21 or from their website
Words: Steve Oliver


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