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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Supernatural Spanish #rockandroll #magicmusic from @guadalupeplata #ontour @thecluny 05/06 #Andalucian





“Take rockabilly, flamenco, spaghetti western scores and jazz rhythms. Channel them through howling vocals, slide guitar and feedback. What have you got? Guadalupe Plata, a Spanish trio who sound like Jack White being lassoed by Os Mutantes in a Robert Rodriguez saloon scene” The Guardian

“Culturally rich and instantly identifiable as excellent” - **** Mojo 

“You don't need an extensive Spanish vocabulary to appreciate this boneshaking LP” -  Uncut 

“Frenzied fusing of blues forms and punk attitude” - The Skinny 

“the creaking, visceral noise they create out of the small southern Spanish town is rooted in the universal” -  Loud and Quiet

Don’t be afraid. 

The ghosts and demons of Andalusia are well known. The spirits of long-gone saints and sinners drift through the air, slam doors, rattle chains, and sing their songs to the living.

The romance of España Profunda is legend. This is where the world’s greatest lover, Don Juan, was dragged to hell by the dead father of the girl he seduced.

And the music. There is magic there, too.

The legend of Andalusia must now include GUADALUPE PLATA, three men who create a sound as timeless as flamenco and as potent as rock’n’roll, as haunted as the Mississippi blues, as alluring as forbidden sex, as dangerous as a knife fight. 

The strains of their guitars are dreamlike and electric, three men creating mojo and duende with primitive instruments, summoning the ancient spirits, and conjuring the mystical powers of the Saints.

Their new record GUADALUPE PLATA is a revelation, a testimony: GUADAPLUE PLATA is at once perfect for séances, exorcisms, and all night parties. This is the dangerous sound of seduction.  

The decision to record near their homes in Andalusia, in a recording studio in Seville, where the spirits fill the wind, has helped make this the most enchanting Guadalupe Plata record yet — but this is not a departure, it is a coming home.

Everything that has earned them their reputation as a true force is present on this, their fourth long-laying record — the howling, the crooning, the Spaghetti Western guitars, the irresistible hooks, the sweat and dirty sex of real blues that only comes by playing hundreds of gigs across the years, in churches, in bordellos, in whisky bars, anywhere there are people searching for the unattainable —  but there is still more.

GUADALUPE PLATA opens with the unexpected, a folk ballad that arrives like a voice from another world. Que ha sacado con quererte —  the lamento mapuche by Violeta de Parra, the famed Chilean singer who died by her own hand with a bullet to the head in 1967 — is resurrected with Guadalupe Plata’s famous desert twang, built upon and a hypnotic tribal rhythm, as mind expanding as it is heartbreaking.

From the psychedelic boogie of MIEDO, to the slashing Capt. Beefeheart-like guitars of BORRACHO, Guadalupe Plata seduces the souls of every music lover to be part of their dark and dangerous landscape, to drink and cry, to watch the moon descend and the sun rise.

NAVAJAZZO is a surfadelico retelling of John Coltrane’s A LOVE SUPREMEchanneled through Ennio Morricone. NIDO DE AVISPOS cooks and ALMERIA simmers, but both are pure strains of Andalusian madness and beauty. Across ten songs, Guadalupe Plata resurrect demons, saints, lovers, and libertines. There is nobility, and an edge that cuts like a razor. This is not music for children.

GUADALUPE PLATA have proven once again that Andalucia is a breeding ground for rock’n’roll voodoo as powerful as anywhere in the world. Don’t be afraid - dance. 

2017 UK Tour Dates:

Jun 01  -  Soup Kitchen  -  Manchester, United Kingdom
Jun 02  -  Out To Lunch Festival  -  Snaith, United Kingdom
Jun 03  -  Red Rooster Festival  -  Euston, United Kingdom
Jun 05  -  The Cluny  -  Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Jun 06  -  Sneaky Pete’s  -  Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Jun 07  -  Brudenell Social Club  -  Leeds, United Kingdom
Jun 08  -  The Lexington  -  London, United Kingdom
Jun 09  -  Sticky Mikes Frog Bar  -  Brighton, United Kingdom
Jun 10  -  The Louisiana  -  Bristol, United Kingdom
Jun 11  -  The Phoenix  -  Exeter, United Kingdom

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