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Thursday, 11 May 2017

An Introduction to @Pete_Beat ..a very versatile talent for #pop #syncabletunes #electronicmusic #eclectica

"I'm always aiming for a certain aesthetic," says North East producer/songwriter Pete Beat. "Every one of those thousands of decisions that goes into making a tune from what note to play, to how much to adjust a setting or the right word in a lyric; I'm judging them all by how pleasing it is to my ear, what I like."

What Pete Beat likes is electronic pop that's undeniably funky. With a background in pure dance music and as vocalist for some obscure Russian trance releases (he's got the Internet to thank for that), Pete’s forthcoming EP sees him turn his talent to guitar-infused electro-pop. "I make tunes whenever the inspiration strikes me," he explains. "It got to the point where I had three tunes I would be happy enough to put out there that felt like a cohesive piece of music together. It's been a couple of years since my last release and I thought it was high time to get something out. My sound has evolved since last time, this is my first release featuring guitars, but still with plenty of synthesizers in there."

Kick-starting his musical adventure on the family Hammond organ, Pete was savvy enough to realise he could fill the roles of an entire band with little more than his hands and feet. After a brief spell with semi-legendary post-Britpop outfit King Monkey (who played one gig but never a second), he's been honing his craft as a one-man hit factory ever since. "Learning theory can't teach you how to make music," he explains. "Music theory is just an analysis of how music has been made in the past. You have to have your own theories and apply them to your music. That's what makes it different to everyone else's."

In a new development, Pete has started playing his songs live, currently just singing with his acoustic guitar. “That’s a whole new experience,” he says, “very scary at first, but I don’t think you can call yourself a complete musician unless you can play live, in whatever form. I think a band will follow at some point.”

A remixer of considerable renown in his native Newcastle, Pete has reworked tracks for the likes of Weird Shapes, Mammal Club, Soul Technique and most recently Twist Helix. "Usually I only start a remix if I have a good idea of what I'm going to do," he reveals. "I wouldn't agree to do it if I didn't. It's fascinating getting all the separate parts and listening in fine detail to how someone else has created a record."

Inspired by his heroes Brian Wilson and Morrissey, Pete Beat is on a mission to instil contemporary British electronica with a sense of artistic authenticity. Far more creative than your average dance producer churning out Clubland-style DJ fodder, Pete is single-handedly lighting the touch paper for Tyneside’s intelligent-electro revolution. "In the future, I'd love to run my own studio," he concludes. "Where I can work with new bands and help them make great records." For Pete, the beat goes on.

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