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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Review: @Blamed4Nothing @Destructo9000 and @BLKATOMMOVEMENT at @WeAreThinktank 20/11/2015

Black Atom Movement are a highly skilled duo. They manage to blend Iommi-like guitar, Grohl-like drums and Kilmister-like vocals in a blues metal mix to create a massive sound with just two instruments. I particularly enjoyed The Sheriff,a very bluesy number. A wireless connection for the guitar might be advisable, as vocalist and guitarist Aaron is very twisty turny on stage and kep pulling the lead out. Set yourself free Aaron!

Andrew O'Neil performed a stand-up set, which was a pleasant change. This was a veritable variety evening!Mr O'Neil entertained with stories and improvised songs from the satirical to the surreal. He's an appealing character onstage and this continued into the Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing set, as he is the guitarist and second on vocals.

The Men who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing specialise in songs telling tales of the Victorian era. The music itself, however, ranges from political punk like Doing it For The Whigs, to folk, to the waltzing lament of  How I Became an Orphan: Victorian diseases could rob one of ones family and friends.

The Men Who...are highly entertaining as a live band, they've cornered the market in Victorian subject matter. Songs about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and Charles Darwin are not something you find often.
The show is anything but Victorian in its volume however, shredding of guitar and pounding of drum was interspersed with bow-played carpentry saw. Frontman Gerhard "Andy" Heintz struck a striking figure in his long dress coat and top hat and can be mildly menacing in a good way.The band got the crowd moving and joining in with choruses to make it a splendid, all round night of entertainment.

I got all the way through the review without once mentioning steampunk...

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