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Friday, 6 November 2015

@CherieCurrie3 Chats to Jo about her tour and the gig at @GlobeNewcastle in 14th Nov with @LGDreamers and @RFTKPromotions

Cherie Currie Chats To Jo
About Her First Tour In 20 Years

Cherie Currie is famous for her time as the lead singer in The Runaways in the mid to late 70’s. She’s had success as a solo artist, actress, wood carver and author since, and she’s heading to Newcastle on tour,  on 14th November. 

JO: First of all thanks for taking time out to talk to us at NE Volume/Jowheretogo. I'm sure you are very busy or just craving some nap time between all this travelling?

CC: Well, the heat here in LA has sidelined me from carving.  Thank God for the kindness and patience of my clients who are willing to wait until I return from the UK.

JO: How's the tour so far? Good band to work with?

CC: The guys are great.  Alexx Michael put together a great band for this tour and he worked so hard to make sure the fans are thrilled with the shows. 

JO: It's interesting tour in that you have chosen some really down-to-earth venues. For example the Globe pub in Newcastle, a really intimate venue. Is this you wanting to get closer to your fans on your first solo tour?

CC: I have always wanted to be close to the fans.  If it were not for them, this wouldn't be happening.  I am so appreciative that they never forgot me or The Runaways.  They kept us alive for 40 years!

JO: UK crowds...versus US crowds (we've calmed down since punk), who is best to play for, or an unfair comparison to make?

CC: I won't know that until I play but I have no doubt it will be a great reunion!

JO: We are talking 40 years since the Runaways were put together, and yet you still seem to ooze rock and roll cool. Have you any advice for young rockers (male and female) to keep their careers and themselves alive? 

CC: My only advice is, don't ask anyone’s opinion nor advice.  Everyone has their path that is their own.  You can't ask anyone to relate to what is burning inside you, what drives you.  They have their path and you have yours.  Stick to your path and never let anyone sway your conviction.  It never ends well.

JO: Do you think if some of the more traumatic events in your early career hadn't happened, you may not have been the artist you are today? Did it all make you more resilient?

CC: Yes.  It led me, each experience, to where I am now.  I don't blame anyone.  I except full responsibility for my good and bad choices.  That alone is empowering.

JO: Reverie...your first album since the 80s, how would you describe it? And will it be on sale at the gigs?
Yes it will be available at the shows.  I am blessed that it happened, that my son Jake got to work with Kim Fowley before he died and how this record brought me full circle.  It was important. 

Two fan questions: 

Gemma M Anderson asks: What do you love more...singing or chainsaw carving?

CC: I love both.  I was born to do them both and will continue to do what I'm passionate about.  As everyone should.  We were all put here for a reason and only we know what that is.  I'm blessed that I didn't let fear or others “opinions” stop me.  If I have learned anything in my 56 years, it's that lesson.

Jim Darmody asked:  Do you have any memorable moments from the first time you played Newcastle?

CC: To be honest, that tour was a whirlwind.  It was like being on another planet with the punk movement.  I look so forward to playing there now where it won't be such a blur.

Cherie is playing the Globe Pub on Railway Street, Newcastle NE4 7AD
Ticket link:

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