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Thursday, 7 May 2015

@RFTKPromotions bring @HANZELUNDGRETYL to #newcastle #BlackForest #Metal the #Satanic #Germanic tour @thecluny 15th #October

TOUR 2015!!

Hanzel und Gretyl, America’s metalized answer to the Grimm
Brothers’ infamous fairy tale, return to “light the forest and set you
free” in Europe and the U.K. this Oktober!!

With the release of “Black Forest Metal” in 2014 and “Satanik
Germanik” slated for Fall 2015, HuG invite you to join them in
their dark ritualistic quest for better living through satanism and
Oktoberfest-inspired bier drinking madness!!! 

Kaizer von Loopy
(aka Kyzrwölf) and Vas Kallas take the form of a possessed
Hansel and Gretel to deliver you from temptation right to the front
porch of evil!! Abandon hope all ye who enter but don’t forget your
lederhosen!! GRIMM SHIZA AWAITS!!! PROST!!! 

10/08 Logo- Hamburg, DE!
10/10 K17- Berlin, DE!
10/13 Bannermans- Edinburgh, UK!
10/14 Audio- Glasgow, UK!
15/10 Cluny- Newcastle, UK!
10/16 Corporation- Sheffield, UK!
10/17 Electrowerkz - London, UK!
10/18 Little Devil- Tilburg, NL!
10/19 Le Glazart - Paris, FR!
10/21 Backstage- Munich, DE!
10/22 Viper Room- Vienna, AU!
10/30 Death Disco- Athens, Greece!
10/31 Eight Ball- Thessaloniki, Greece!

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