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Friday, 15 May 2015

@RFTKpromotions bring @AlterRed and @BeMyEnemy to #Newcastle 13/6 #NEfollower #synths #metal #rock @theCLUNY

Be My Enemy/Alterred
 Double Headed Beast Coming To Newcastle 
In June

Two great bands (and likely a third act to be added) AlterRed and Be My Enemy on a co-headline tour - hitting up The Cluny 2 on June 13th

Tickets only £6 in advance available from Reflex Records and RFTK ticket shop at

Be My Enemy

Phil Barry of Cubanate is back doing what he does best: heavy guitar riffs, banging beats and squelching acidic synth basslines. With the added twist, this time around, of Phil himself taking on the vocal duties,welcome to Phil Barry’s new band,  Be My Enemy.

Be My Enemy’s debut album “This Is The New Wave”, was 10 tracks of techno-metal every bit as brutal as the riot-gear-clad police that adorn the cover. Analogue rave synth lines and break beats battle with chunky metal guitars to evoke the finest moments of other British dance/rock crossover acts like Pitchshifter and Prodigy: all topped with the sneering Lydon-esque vocal delivery of Barry.

This is punk, rave, metal all put through the blender and spat out with unadulterated venom. In the Spring of 2014 Be My Enemy released their second album titled ‘The Enemy Within’ as well as playing shows in the UK, US, and Europe, as The New Wave is well underway!


With an array of recognizable influences from Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Jane’s Addiction and IAMX, the end result is a unique melting-pot of sound and imagery. AlterRed have made a dramatic and impressive impact on a wide variety of audiences with their flamboyant live shows. Self medicated madness is their remit. Love, lust, lunacy and loss are their tales to tell. "Music to lose your mind to!”

In The Land Of The Blind is due for release this autumn.

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