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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

@petrapearls : who is this mystery woman?

Petra pearls has been going Viral!

It's over a year since Petra Pearls began to whisper sweet somethings on Twitter; her humour, astute take on life and charm have won the interest of many followers. Petra's stories from the office strike a knowing chord and heartfelt response from followers; Sick Note Suzy, a sickly twenty something misfit reliant on Petra's pearls of wisdom, Mike who scares everyone in the office and the Vandwich man who creates a new sandwich filling each week and insists Petra be the first to try.

Emotionally engaging virtual connection with people works, Petra Pearls draws in an audience and spends time listening to the tweets of others, she's connected with the cultural buzz of todays complex world so that she can be involved and offer her thoughts. There is one fundamental factor in the style and quality of Petra's thoughts - they are focussed on emotional intelligence. Petra demonstrates self awareness, she knows how she wants to feel but often doesn't quite manage it - she is sensitive to the moods and feelings of others and tries to exercise patience and understanding but sometimes her emotions run away with her. Petra has some insight and vision about the good she wants to achieve but everyday things get in the way.
Petra serves as a role model for the power of emotional intelligence and a placating reminder of what it is to be human. 

Despite the feeling of reality, Petra is a fictitious character, she exists in the imaginations of the creators, Act Positive and in the minds and hearts of followers. Petra was created to demonstrate the power of fiction in effective learning and to share the concepts and practise of emotional intelligence; she guides with good intentions, yet struggles with reality of day to day life.
Act Positive are successful attitude and behaviour change specialists; they use drama to engage audiences in common place issues. they are no strangers to building fictional characters in close to reality situations. Twitter serves as another platform for offering a story that has a point - Petra Pearls and her emotionally intelligent tweets.

Katharine Roff of Act Positive is part of the Emotional Intelligence Network  and from March 10th until March 15th there will a free online conference with 85 webinars from over 15 countries. Find out how your workplace can make positive changes that really help your people and your business. Join us, it's free.

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