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Sunday, 30 March 2014

James Clarke of @3atSea reviews @Meghannclancy, @DiscoMoves and @SoWhatRobot at the @NEMusicMonthly Fundraiser

Observations from 27/03/2014 At The Cluny
Photos all ©Jowheretogo
Words by James Clarke:

Had to nip along to The Cluny when I heard there was a fundraising band extravaganza for relatively new muso mag NE:MM, ran by Russell Poad, whom I’ve always admired for promoting excellent live shows in the past. Last night’s line-up was another fine example of quality Northeast talent. 

I rocked up around 9pm and caught the end of a set by a duo named “what we call progress” Their Chemical Brothers meets singer songwriter setup had me intrigued, it wasn’t just button pushing techno-nonsense, it was clever, melodic, unique and quite beautiful. These guys wouldn’t be out of place in some kind of post clubbing chillout backroom. I’d like to see more of them. 

Next up was mint Yorkshire lass Meghann Clancy. I’m massively biased as I’ve always loved her music plus accompanying cellist Katie Hall is also in my band 3 at Sea. I was expecting the full band, but instead I was completely blown away by the power of just 2. Meghan’s voice was the strongest I’d heard, complemented perfectly by Katie’s lush vocals & cello, both effortlessly producing songs ranging from quirky to outright beautiful and moving. It’s so great to see bands getting stronger over time and the next band were another fine example of taking something good and making it even better. 

Peculiar Disco Moves delivered a thoroughly entertaining, slightly mental set of quirky piano led madness that had me totally hooked. Their songs are very intricate, intelligent and must be a right ball ache in rehearsals! Their hard work produced jaw dropping moments when 4 part harmonies kicked in, with tempo changes, full band hand clap percussion and man, that crazy bassist…lots of stuff to like. I was gutted when their set ended! Oh and Meghann did a fantastic job moonlighting on synth and vocals. 

Another ale down the neck and all that was left was to watch the mighty So What Robot. This band are relative veterans of the scene, super tight, melodic, punchy, charismatic catchy bastards (in the nicest possibly way!) This was the 2nd time I’d witnessed this band live and found myself singing along to the hooks, whilst slightly mesmerised by the bass players skills. This band have a sound and a groove that’s their own, and they stick to that and they do it very well. I remember one song where they didn’t even play chords as such, rather there were 2 guitars and a bass all playing this same riff in perfect unison whilst singing a counter melody. Totally class act. It was great to see many familiar muso mates turning out to support this event and can’t help feel that those not in attendance had missed out on a cracking night. I wish NE:MM all the success for the future and hope that Russell can still find time to put on the occasional night like this again

Very sorry to have missed the acts on before 9, so a special mention and a recommendation to please check out The Unreliable NarratorPaige Temperley Music & Allan James Hyslop and Gem Andrews 

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