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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Vintage Fashion, Food, Music and Fun in Ouseburn opening 14th March

The Small Change Warehouse:
A Big Change in Ouseburn

The Ouseburn area is fast becoming the centre of musical and artistic industry and leisure in Newcastle. Printworks, art galleries, recording studios and  practice rooms all mean work and creativity for a great number of people.
Jeans and shirts galore.

The newest addition to the art and music community of Ouseburn is the The Small Change Warehouse at the top of Stepney Bank next door to the Star and Shadow Cinema. The converted warehouse is home to a number of small businesses where you can while away a happy afternoon, or have a great time at a gig. Coffee and Cigarettes is a comfortable bohemian coffee house with a kitchen serving vegan food from a Texan-style trailer called Starving in the Belly of a Whale and a large, heated outdoor smoking area. You can enjoy free pool, mini golf (crazy, recycled and nautical) and darts, browse in the Knowing Flame comic book shop and look around Small Change , the large vintage clothing warehouse and get yourself something really individual for your night out. The lovely range of furry hats at around £10 are very tempting in this weather.

The clothes really are inexpensive and you could walk away with a whole new wardrobe for the price of a new coat. If you want something bespoke, there's an in-house dressmaker: Ebb And Sew, and enough shoes to placate Mrs Marcos's ghost. The building also houses the successful online vintage clothes retailer Thrifty Beatnik.

Bands can benefit from a demo-recording service from Oli Heffernan of Ack Ack Records and get their own guitar effects pedals made to order. Band T-Shirts can be printed, any colour you want as long as it's black on white. The Heart Attack and Vine venue is back but at this new location and multiplied by two. The venues will run on a "bring your own beer" basis for the time being and promises to a be a new exciting live music location.
Everyone needs at least one feather boa!

Artists can display, free of charge, their work around the building. There is to be a cinema especially for the screening of the work of independent film makers. This complex will truly cover a large part of the arts spectrum. There are also chickens, and an allotment, to bring a bit of nature into the venture.

The opening night is going to be a big one with something happening all over the complex. On the 14th March music, provided by Year of Birds and support,will be in the Heart Attack and Vine. The venue will be decorated, or defaced, depending on your point of view, by Roberta Louise Green. More bands will be playing in Coffee and Cigarettes on opening night and the Starving in the Belly of A Whale trailer will be challenging you to consume the World's Hottest Chilli Burger or help yourself to some free vegan food. The The Ocean Doesn't Want Me recycled mini golf  course will have its grand opening and the Small Change vintage warehouse will be playing vinyl-only jazz. Ebb and Sew will have their launch and there will be a comic book auction in Knowing Flame

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