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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Review: Emergency Door Release return to the stage @EDRband at @O2Academynewc

Emergency Door Release
Please the Twang Crowd

I could review the whole gig, but in truth I was at the O2 to see EDR in their support slot for returning indie rockers The Twang and 90's baggy revivalists the Towns. To be fair, 3 great bands on the bill. But, as I say my reason for attending this gig was to see just how good is this band? After all I've taken them on as a PR client, and heard only a couple of songs. They are good tunes, but I wanted to see them play a full set and watch how they interact with a crowd, and each other. I was not disappointed.

James Rooney is a confident and likeable frontman. He didn't allow the audience to be passive and encouraged the requisite amount of dancing and bouncing about. It was clear that a good portion of the audience were Emergency Door Release fans and as the band went through their repertoire, it was met with a positive response from the crowd. The band have been working hard to prepare for this gig and it showed in their performance. They work really well together on stage with a pleasant chemistry which is great to see. New drummer Adam Pizey..only 18, the "baby" of the band was apparently slightly "bricking it" before the gig. This did not show in his superb rendering of rhythm for every song. 
With Tom Backhouse providing some very tasty guitar and the perspicacious pickings of the bass from David Lloyd, this is a great band.
I'm really glad to have them as a client and I'm looking forward to sharing all their new music. If you like the rythmic style of The Jam, there's a bit of that. But there's something else. The Wedding Present have been mentioned in reviews, but I'm not sure. I just like the energy of both the songs and the band, and with a pack of great tunes up their sleeve and a whole lot of ambition, they'll go far. 
New releases and and a UK tour is planned. As Tom Robinson said of EDR, "Watch this space". I bought their pre-release single Watch Out on CD..yeah I know, but it was only a quid and the young 'un wanted it to play incessantly in his bedroom. And it really is a good song, so look out for the official release.

You can see Emergency Door Release strutting their stuff again, headlining the Head of Steam on Friday 7th March. No excuse, not a school night, great beer and cracking tunes guaranteed. See you there!

Jo Oliver
Jowheretogo PR

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