Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Review: Cruxshadows, Cygnosic and Momento Mori at Legends, Newcastle

Cruxshadows: worthy of much greater things,
but always a big night of entertainment.


Legends as always, looks its best in the dark and so suited this gothic gig which was attended by a crowd which  filled the dancefloor with appreciative movement.

The show started with Momento Mori, a band of 3 with a Numanesque sound bolstered by a bass and a guitar.  In fact, the frontman looks as though his mum may have met up with Gary back in the day, something about the eyes....They sounded good, I will have to revisit the CD I got of theirs a couple of years ago. Momento Mori put on a good show with good songs and an impression that they enjoy the music and their time on stage. I do recommend seeing this band.

Cygnosic took the stage with synths, sequencing and an accomplished guttural roar. They provided the desired electronic beats to get a section of the dancefloor happily gyrating in the style usually reserved for the more alternative electronic and industrial festivals…it really is unique, and quite specialised! Very danceable music with a hard edge.

The Cruxshadows filled the stage – there were eight members: Rogue on vocals, 2 violinists, a synth player, a drummer, and two dancers. The dancers are pretty hypnotic to watch and add to the spectacle. Rogue cares not a jot about the border between stage and audience and spent a lot of the show in the audience area, on a stool (standing) or walking along the table along the side of the dance floor.

Their music has emotional, life-affirming and inspirational lyrics as well as singalong choruses and melodies. This is perfect pop painted black. Their newest album As The Dark Against My Halo is full of great tunes, whether or not you consider yourself “goth”. I recommend you open your mind and have a listen to this band, and if you can catch them live you are in for a great night of entertainment.

All photos ©Jowheretogo ©Joanne Oliver

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