Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mister Q Live Score "Man With a Camera" at Whitley Bay Film Festival

Calling all cinema fans!
On Saturday 17th August new improvising quartet Mister Q (Mariam Rezaei, Hapsburg Braganza, John Hails and Posset) will improvise/live score Dziga Vertov's 1929 dada classic Man with a Movie Camera as part of Whitley Bay Film Festival.
This frantic, thought provoking, stream of consciousness experimental film features brain-scraping visual jump-cuts that make your third eye water bitter tears.
Mister Q bring heavy sub bass, music box echoes, greasy tape squall and electrical doo-hickery to the table for your listening delight to compliment Vertov's genius sepia spew.
Music starts at 8pm with special cinematic-themed pieces from all of the above.  The main event kicks off with Mister Q playing with/against/above and below Man with a Movie Camera at 9pm.
This sensory cinematic experience takes place in Whitley Bay's historic Spanish City Dome.  Tickets £10 available here:
Full Bar for thirsty listeners...

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