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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Review: Burning Condors: Double A Side "Knockout" and "Riot in the Streets"

Blues Punk Noir

When Burning Condors sent me these songs, I had no idea what to expect. I hadn't heard of the band, I hadn't heard their music. Some shocking musical oversight by me.

    Their debut album "Round Our Way" was recorded in Nashville  in the Shack Shakers's  double bassist, Mark Robertson's studio. He was highly impressed with the Condors when they supported the Shakers on a run of gigs last year. Injury (a collapsed lung) for Marcus "Tommy" Thompson the vocalist threatened the completion of the album. The incident happened at a gig at the legendary 12 Bar Club and necessitated surgery immediately after the gig. I must see them intense must that gig have been? But, stuff staying in the UK and recuperating, there was an album to record in Nashville Tennessee. So off they went, the mad buggers! And it's fortunate they did as the album features performances by session legend Dave Roe (double bassist for Johnny Cash’s band Tennessee Three) and Col JD Wilkes (Dirt Daubers) who guests on debut single ‘Honey Trap’.

     "Knockout" transported me right into a David Lynchian dark dreamscape. The blues progression and the tremolo of the guitar joined with Tommy's passionate vocals to create what I can only describe as "blues noir". Fantastic.

     "Riot in the Streets" brings out the Condors' punk sensibilities without losing touch with their wonderful feeling for the blues. It shook me out of my reverie after the rather sexy "Knockout" and made me hanker for a live gig from this band. A bit rockabilly, a bit glam rock, a bit punk, but all blues. Every now and again a band comes along and renews my faith in humanity to come up with something that makes people move, and moves their souls, I'm so glad I got to hear this. I'm looking forward to seeing Burning Condors rocking a northeast stage...again. They were at the Cluny last year, hopefully we can lure them back soon!

The Burning Condors: Smouldering
Find out about the band on their website, their Facebook and their Twitter. And get their music.

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