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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Review: Alphabetti Spaghetti Unplugged 12/05/2013

Sweet Music at the D&P

Alphabetti Spaghetti Theatre are about comedy, music and performance in the perfectly bijoux surroundings of the Dog and Parrot. Tonight was about music, some astoundingly high quality music.

Meghann Clancy’s performance prompted a tweet to Tom Robinson, a beautiful voice and confident stage presence of a maturity well beyond her actual age. I live her song “Touch Ground” inspired by a bullied friend, and her rendition of Miranda Lambert’s country masterpiece  “Gunpowder and Lead” a song about a jailbird’s getting ready for his return, with a shotgun, is spot-on. She started with her recent single, "Neck of the Woods", and quickly brought a fairly party-minded audience into her worlds of teenage romantic longing, nostalgia for one's childhood and everyday struggles and triumphs. "Give Me Everything" , quite suggestive for a young lady with a guitar, but still lovely!

Sinead Livingston played a combination of folk and modern hits with a great range of vocal skills and confidence. Sinead handled the material and the audience with striking amounts of backbone. I  (gets crystal ball out)  see a great future for Sinead. A voice like this won’t go unnoticed.

Ali and George , the headliners of the night and resident entertainers of Alphabetti Spaghetti were accomplished crowd-pleasers with their covers and own songs providing great fun for the small crowd. A  highly entertaining duo with a canny voice in Ali and a song writing knack in George that makes for a great package. There's something in this act that suggests Ali and George will not be limited to the pubs and small theatres of Newcastle.  A pleasant night had by all. I will definitely return.
Check out their Open Stage night the second and last Sunday of every month. 
and their "3 Shorts" original comedy plays:

Jo Oliver

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