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Monday, 18 June 2018

WeatheredMan presents a "beautiful car crash of style and influences" in his upcoming release of C-30 Duets

About the new artist on the Jowheretogo roster:

WeatheredMan has been Nominated for “Best UK Solo Act 2018” by Pure M Magazine alongside luminaries such as Zayn Malik, Kate Tempest, Adam Ant and Gaz Coombes.

Band/Artist: WeatheredMan - C-30 Duets Vol. 1
Location: Leeds, UK
Styles: Indie, Alternative
Similar to: Jack White and Alicia Keys, Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue, Bing Crosby and David Bowie, Frank and Nancy Sinatra
Release date: July 2018
Accolades: SXSW 2017, UK tour completed in autumn 2017 supporting Half Man Half Biscuit 


WeatheredMan is a new project from the man who brought you modern mariachi masters Roja. All the tracks are duets with people who are from the other musical side of the tracks. Think Nick Cave and Kylie, Jack White and Alicia Keys or even Bing Crosby and David Bowie. A beautiful car crash of style and influences…

There are not many projects in the history of popular music that bring together a primary school teacher from Leeds and globally recognisable singers and celebrities. How Aaron Paul and several other proper pop stars ended up as the vocalists on the debut EP from WeatheredMan is a story that warrants telling as both inspiration to all those who strive to make music in adversity and the rare dreamers who dare to think big.

Simon Bradshaw, who is WeatheredMan, is happy to recognise he has been around the musical block – hence the project’s name. A series of bands and projects that saw him garner critical appreciation but, in his own words, only really added to ‘a pile of CDs cluttering up my garage’ failed to dim his enthusiasm for making music. Possessed of that unique ability to continue to see positives that is the hallmark of those who do make it, he hatched the idea for this new project whilst holding down a real job, leading to a dual life that got more bizarre as things progressed. 

Weathered Man would travel across the landscape of popular music, matching the talents of its vocalists to a clutch of songs inspired, at heart, by soul in its purest sense. The dream cast list, a collection of global Top 10 singers and up and coming UK voices, would contribute to a project that would match Simon’s dream duets; the panache of McAlmont and Butler, the style of Nick Cave and Kylie, the soul of Jack White and Alicia Keys. Sat in a bedroom studio in Yorkshire, the call outs were made through a network of contacts collected over the years augmented by some, frankly, arm chancing phone calls. Weeks later an EP was a reality and Simon was sat with 300 vocal takes sent down the wires from New York City, Atlanta, Manchester and Berlin. A series of 3am weekday finishes that would punish anyone, let alone someone confronted by a room full of pre-teens mere hours later, delivered both the completed tracks and the accompanying videos - films which makes both the visual disparity of this collaboration and its artistic closeness apparent.
Quotes about WeatheredMan:

"That was fantastic - it was wonderful, melodic and uplifting. He is actually a songwriter that can move people a lot...and what he has written there is quite rare..."- Peter Hook about Simon Bradshaw on BBC TV’s UK’s Best Part- Time Band

“The song is so darn excellent…my advice is: check it out. You’ll like it. Simply because they’re so good…” Randall Radic, The Huffington Post

“Their sound is like none I’ve ever heard, yet one I want to hear more of…really there is nothing even similar to it out there.” Eileen Shapiro, Louder than War

“Full of charisma and stylistic polish.” - Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

“This is a powerhouse alternative rocker that just oozes cool. I am absolutely in love with this cut and hope to hear more from this act.” - G.W. Hill, Music Street Journal

“Pulls from diverse influences to create a universe of genre-blending magic.” - Jessica Golich,

“If you’re familiar with Mariachi El Bronx (or) Mariachi music in general, Roja won’t be completely foreign to your ears, but the band really does bring more indie rock, alternative, and even theatrical elements to the formula that essentially sets it apart from any of the aforementioned references.” - Substream Magazine

This project features: 

WeatheredMan - Frontman and singer/songwriter with mariachi legends Roja. Festivals included South by Southwest (Austin, Texas) with Franz Ferdinand, The Great Escape (UK) with Graham Coxon, Liverpool International Music Festival (UK), UK/European tours including supporting Half Man Half Biscuit at London Shepherds Bush Empire. Finalists in the BBC TV series UK’s Best Part-Time Band and mentored by Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order). Nominated for Best UK Solo Act by Pure M Magazine 2018.

Aaron Paul is a pop-dance solo artist who was previously a part of the teen boy pop group Worlds Apart who had a chart run of over 5 top 30 UK singles, including "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel," "Everlasting Love," "Wonderful World," and their biggest hit "Could it be I'm Falling in Love.” Simon Cowell was so impressed by his pure voice and natural performance skills, he positioned him as the front man for Worlds Apart. Aaron is now living and rocking the celebrity lifestyle in NYC.

Hailing from the cityscapes of Atlanta, R&B/Jazz and Soul/Pop Recording Artist, Danii Roundtree, has acquired a devoted fan base and made a name for herself throughout the jazz scene. She graced the stage at the 40th Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival. She will also be performing at many lucrative shows this year, in support of "Memoirs" (her debut album) official release.

Best known for her hot singles with superstar DJ Paul Van Dyke, Trisha McTeague has worked with a huge range of amazing people as session vocalist, songwriting collaborator and support act, including Neil Finn, Ronan Keating, Natalie Imbruglia, Ricky Ross, Narada Michael Walden, Nile Rodgers, Lionel Richie and many more.
Her song ‘One of These Days’ (‘Onaji Te’) is featured on the Number One selling album in Japan by Yuki, ‘Ureshikutte Dakiau Yo’.

LeeSun is a indie songstress based in Leeds. Born in Seoul. Grew up in Canada. Now in the UK. Absolutely bonkers (but in a good way). Bonkers in a not-so-good way if deprived of regular times of solitude in beautiful and peaceful spaces.

Kim Jennett - also known as The Voodoo Woman - is the lead singer of Manchester metal band Voodoo Blood. Fresh from playing at Bloodstock, her and the band are due to release their debut single this year.

Band - Robert Hough (drums), Aidan McFall (bass), Jack Chandler (sax), Jon Scully (trumpet)


Production: Simon Bradshaw and Mark Walker

Tracklisting for C-30 Duets: 

1. Hand in my pocket (+ Aaron Paul), 2. Too much to say I love you (+ Danii Roundtree), 3. Salty Dish (+ LeeSun), 4. Party (+ Kim Jennett), 5. Rock Karaoke (+ Trisha McTeague)


Artist contact:
Press contact:

Music videos:

Hand in my Pocket


Salty Dish

Rock Karaoke

Link to the trailer for the Roja’s appearance on the BBC TV show:

Link to Simon’s writing (published in The Sabotage Times) about some of the most influential Mariachi singers of all time:

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